Saw this post on Facebook or somewhere and saved it because it's SO true and sharing it with this group.

1- Cover your ass. Take pictures, get it in writing, scale everything, get a dashcam and run it all the time.

2- NEVER trust a dispatcher.

3- Never enter any place you don't know how to get out of. Throw the brake, set the 4 ways and walk yourself in. always make sure you can get out.

4-. Don't screw over the next guy. Leave the truck... see more

From a former driver, over the road and local I agree with all...I do like # 8, a favor is usually forgotten 10... see more

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


thank for sharing

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I just turned 36 and yes i have been out of work for the past 3 months ..
And yes i have applied to every job application and job sites that there is i know at least more than 100 different apps i have put out and out of all these applications i have put out
Yes i have gotten like maybe 6 calls and when i go to the interview with them
Yes i think that the interview goes well and i still don't get acall back...
And yes im a person who has... see more

Amanda, One of my client needs help with LMS Administration Full Time job. Your ability to learn and desire to help... see more

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So last week I had to change sleep schedules a few times because of the timing of the loads. I ended up having a 10hr break and was able to grab a full nights sleep but then a half hour into my drive I was told to take another 10hr break. Of course I couldn’t sleep again so soon so when that ended and my dispatcher sent me out with a new load I was dead tired a few hours into the route. I pulled into the next stop and called in to let them know I... see more

you always must fallow dot rules. my self , I would have asked dispatch why the extra time down and let them know... see more

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Last week after passing the scale I was pulled over for a DOT inspection. Figured it was routine when the officer asked if could see the inside of my truck. I got nothing to hide so I said sure. I was not carrying anything I shouldn't, but all of a sudden he starts rifling through my stuff and finds a large plastic cooking knife that was next to a spatula and some seasonings under my seat. I have a microwave in the back and sometimes I cook stuff... see more

No ypu didnt but you should have called your boss and let him know what happened so he could have called his boss... see more

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Hey everyone - what's the single best piece of advice you can give to a newbie trucker? I've been asking around and love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!

Never let your gaurd down or get content. Pay attention every where and be thoughtful

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I interviewed with a company I am excited to work with,I met the District Manager first then had phone interviews with Regional manager as well as Regional H.R,the following week the D.M called and we negotiated pay,He welcomed me to the company and even though he was on vacation he would key me into their system for me to watch for the email requesting the drug screen. I have been eagerly checking my email and nothing has come through.It has... see more


As an HR manager, I’ve seen this occur more than once and I thought, why did the applicant ghost us? What changed... see more

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I cry every night wish i had a job i tried everything nothing happend

Believe in yourself!!!!

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so i've gotten in this situation alot where the truck stop is full & i have a loooong break... so i just park in the shopping mall's a good place to hang out get some food whatever but it's not as convenient since i can't shower.

who else does this like me?? where else do you park?

Baby wipes,now there is shampoo that you don t need to rinse off,just dry it off with a towel.

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Hi i am an assistant manager right now but this past few weeks i feel my manager is not communicating with me about some decisions he had made at work. I feel he is not aware that i am his right hand side on anything related to work.. Few days ago i close the store with a few crew leaders and 2 regular employees well he jump me and comand the crew leader to be in charge of the shift. He knew that if he is not working i am in charge. Thats an... see more

If you know that you are doing your job well ,and they have nothing to complain about than let him know how you... see more

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My truck broke down last week and the supervisor shows up and tells me it’s MY fault because I did not do a good enough pre-trip. What happened was my other idiot supervisor strapped down a tire onto the catwalk and the strap broke, wrapped around my driveline and then tore up all my airlines. I told her it wasn’t me that did that. She then FLIPS out on me gets in my face and says that she doesn't need my attitude WHAT?!!!. The whole time I tried... see more

No need to work in them conditions.... there are plenty of jobs

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