THE 10 commandments of trucking

Saw this post on Facebook or somewhere and saved it because it's SO true and sharing it with this group.

1- Cover your ass. Take pictures, get it in writing, scale everything, get a dashcam and run it all the time.

2- NEVER trust a dispatcher.

3- Never enter any place you don't know how to get out of. Throw the brake, set the 4 ways and walk yourself in. always make sure you can get out.

4-. Don't screw over the next guy. Leave the truck…

Number 6 ...

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Own it positiveness is a great tool for your gainful employment opportunities will soon come good luck to all of you.

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I give up!!!

I have applied for almost 4,000 jobs in the last year and a half. I got my masters degree in Psychology with hopes of getting a good paying job. I’m lucky to work at a gas station making minimum wage!!! It’s pathetic how companies are hiring only for looks. I can’t get a job to save my life! For those who don’t believe me just ask around. I’m not drop dead gorgeous but I’m not that bad. I have 2 kids that are starving because their mother can’t…

Lol I can’t help from financial aid even though I made less than 30k in 2017. I finally made a 3.0. It’s amazing I get passed over…

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5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

This video will share with you five things you should never say in a job interview. You must be careful in a job interview to make sure you know what to say and what to avoid saying. Most people screw up their interviews by blurting out things they never should say and ruin their chances for moving farther in the interview process.

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That's very true brother, thank you so much I have learned something here

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ghosted after a position was offered.

Opinons or suggestions: I was recently awarded an offer for a position with Parks and wildlife department in IT, after about a month of waiting for a decision, they finally made me an offer for the job based on stating I was their #1 choice. Then I was instructed to get my background check done at a 3rd party fingerprinting company. after getting a clear background check I was then waiting on my start date which should have been immediately, but…

Print all of the documentation that you received from the recruiter and Park and Wildlife department. Then contact a lawyer…

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i literally give up!!

I've been jobless since November 2018, been trying to look for jobs since January 2019, been jobless for almost a damn year which sucks beyond hell!! On top of that, dealing with constant family issues which doesn't help me at all to look for damn jobs!! I GIVE THE HELL UP!! there's NO jobs at all that interest me!! I've been applying to jobs since January 2019, NOTHING!! I GIVE UP!!! No matter what i do to look for jobs online and trying to…


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I am Ready to quit at Life

Everything that could possibly go wrong or be wrong is. I have no one to turn to for anything. I was already struggling with severe pain then when I had an amazing job... I was hurt very badly and unable to move for 6 days. I had recently been trying to get a job again but right when I was feeling like I could do it everyone turned on me and now I am about to be homeless with my 2 sons. I feel like a complete failure and I just dont know what to…

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call for help: 800/273-8255.

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5 things I seen other truckers doing WRONG

I drive safe and when I see people on the road doing these things it just pisses me off. Let's ALL be safe out there and use our heads.

1- Driving under bridges that are too low
Just because you THINK you can make it doesn’t mean you can! Read the clearance signs people! I have seen guys take out the tops of their trucks before. What a mess.

2- Skipping your walk around
Don’t get lazy! Check your damn tire pressure and your lines. PERIOD.


Yes sir every day I am out on the road

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Qualified, or NOT?

I have been in the Gem and Jewelry business since I was introduced to it in 1974. I served my APPRENTICESHIP for cutting in the #1 country at the time. Idar-Oberstein, Germany As well as cutting factory on 47th Street in NYC,. I have been involved in the selling and cutting in the finest Houses of the world. I am considered an EXPERT in my field in numerous countries and hired as a consultant accordingly. All of sudden after applying for the…

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They dont want experience and knowledge any more all they want is a cheaper employee

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I'm baffled

I recently went through two job interviews. On one went through two interviews and a job shadow and didn't get hired. The second one I went through 3 interviews and didn't get hired. I don't understand

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It happens nothing personal. Move on and continue to job hunt. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Have car? Deliver newspapers, pizza or apply…

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He went through my personal belongings!!

Last week after passing the scale I was pulled over for a DOT inspection. Figured it was routine when the officer asked if could see the inside of my truck. I got nothing to hide so I said sure. I was not carrying anything I shouldn't, but all of a sudden he starts rifling through my stuff and finds a large plastic cooking knife that was next to a spatula and some seasonings under my seat. I have a microwave in the back and sometimes I cook stuff…

Next time say I don't consent to searches and that's it. If the cop has no probable cause and no reasonable suspicion, they have…

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