Big Lots needs you! They still have opportunities for seasonal employment as a Store Associate and Stocker as well as other openings. Search for openings in your area and apply here:

Great seasonal opportunity! Thank you for sharing Lois Martin

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You are in a room with the owner of a company that you want to work for. What would you say to him or her that could better help job seekers like yourself?

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A good leader will know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Know what questions you should ask and... see more

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Staying to long and upper management taking advantage of employees

The customer base we established

When I first started it really was a good company. They expressed working with fun in mind

What was your favorite thing Olivia Starling ?

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While working in retail I always got the bottom of the barrel jobs like moving pallets and stocking in the early morning or working the second or third shift which was the straighten the store shelves. But did not get the change to use my other skills like price unit scanning, price changes. It was always the heavy jobs that no one would do even to the point of unloading the trucks in Big Lots for 3 months and a couple of times at Walmart. and at... see more

Life is hard and will be until you die..As long as you're saved that's the main question. Don't complain, thank God... see more

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Truck days. Unloading and handling multiple trucks. Not enough people and not enough space for items to go. A VERY dangerous place to work.

I loved working Big Lots because of the way they treated me with respect and treated like any other employee and never let my disability get in the way of my work I did the same thing as everybody else there was no special treatment for me I really appreciated the way I was treated

Big lots suck

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Because I liked the majority on the other associates. but on the other hand There were things that i did not like which are. Not being able to do the job I was hired in to do and not allowing me to use my experience in other areas of the store. Trying to cover other jobs that i was not trained to do. Not enough hours and low wages, finishing projects for managers. Not being pro active on store related issues.

I wold tell someone looking to work there that it's a great place to work because you are treated with respect and trust and I know that you can learn how to respect yourself

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