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Ugh, that makes me so angry, Michael. I'm really sorry you're going through this right now. What are you doing in... see more

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Chewy is still looking for rockstars like you to join the team! Employees enjoy working in an open-space office full of fellow pet-lovers.

Every employee gets to make an impact on the business... regardless of your role. You'll go home each day knowing you made a difference. Chewy also offers a competitive salary, medical & dental insurance, and a 401k.

Interested in working at Chewy?

Check out the available jobs!

Have a wonderful Halloween... see more


How adorable! Definitely a great position for animal lovers not only for exposure to cuteness but also for the... see more

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Sure, you see a lot of trucking jobs posted with sign-on bonuses, and companies expressing what you could make - but what are the benefits? Good benefits can make or break how successful you are at a company. Looking to learn more? Check out the website here.

Here they are:


Hi my friend. I want to know how to get benefit only especially or in general.thank you

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My wife had cancer. I needed the medical insurance to keep her alive!

I'm sorry to hear about this, Ron Flowers ... Sending positive thoughts and love to you and your family!

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Well im been search for job a month's after becoming jobless and doing online in-person get call for interview trying a job that not train in but it a job after work 3 months work slowed down no benefit tides in school had not pay in so tomorrow interview praying I get hired

Best of Luck Dennis Patrick . Please keep us updated on your progress. Thanks

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What you’ll receive…

  • Training: Six weeks of paid training, as well as, on-going training to help you develop in your role and career.
  • Pay: Competitive base pay plus bi-weekly incentives based on performance.
  • Equipment: We’ll provide you with a phone and the computer equipment needed to work remote.
  • Support: You’re home but not alone! We have an internal support team available in real-time to help you be successful.
  • Work/Life Balance... see more

Thanks for sharing Steven Ransom !

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Join us at MassHire Downtown Boston on Thursday, November 7th for the USPS Recruitment Session.

During this session, you will learn about the new and improved application process as well as about available positions (in the Greater Boston area).

Open Positions Include:
- City Carrier Assistants ($16.78/hour)
- Distribution Associates

Available Benefits:
- Health
- Paid Leave

Key Requirement:
- Must have a valid state driver’s... see more


Thanks for sharing this with the community!

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Don’t want to drive alone?

US Xpress has excellent benefits for drivers that wish to work in a team. Though their Straight Pay system, US Xpress gives you and your teammate both the pay and benefits you need and more

401k Matching
Full Ride College Tuition Program

AND MORE incentives and benefits await you at US Xpress...

So what are you waiting for? Grab a buddy and apply today!

Want to know more about what US XPress... see more

This is an amazing opportunity, thanks for sharing Laila Nashat ! Those benefits sounds great, too!

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I quit life. I quit trying. Give up. Like I'm literally ready to just start walking to no where. and hope that something takes me out. My life has turned to crap and I just literally want to go away. I am alone. Like many here have posted. Kids. Great potential... but my kids and are hungry, my fridge is empty. Life is unfair and it just sucks for people without access. It sucks. I suck.

Are you ok?

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Too old for B S too young to Retire AARP jobs & Goodwill appliances technician


Hi Delroy Dennis ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search... see more

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