Helping customers solve their problems.

This guy thought we stole his money card but we didn't

That sounds stressful, Mary! I'm glad it worked out.

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Some of my colleagues and customers I did like what I liked the challenge it gave me some days that was the thing I loved best

That's great, thanks for sharing this!

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Being able to go out and deliver parts

Don't they don't pay enough to work there to change batteries and wiper blades in the weather they tell you have to and I was told I was going to get a good ride to be a retail parts pro and I didn't there were guys there that got paid more than I and I sometimes believe its because I was a woman

Wow I guess I was lucky. My boss managed the commercial parts desk.I didn't even need to check my order. He pulled... see more

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Ordering the wrong part when o thought I ordered the right one

Houseman i don't think so much for helping me with a god bless you all Looking for me Lessortdelvoix63 good job

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Go somewhere else! Corporate does not care about the employees. You are just a number.

The people I work with

I enjoyed working with my fellow teammates! The customers were my friends.

My co workeds in panama city area

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