My mom works so hard to support me and my brothers. I been thinking about ways I can help pay her back and also get myself on my feet after college. I know truckers make good money but I want to learn a little bit more before I make the leap. What do you wish someone had told you before you started trucking? Any advice??? Thanks for all of our help!!

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Hi everyone,

I will be entering college next year and I’m going in undecided as a major, enrolled in the college of arts and sciences. I’m socially smart, creative, collaborative, and I like to take initiative. I value fairness and I’m a good problem solver. I’m also very articulate which makes me a good reader and writer and I'm also pretty detail oriented.

What type of position or job do you think I would do well in? Any advice will be... see more

I am a undergraduate student, junior, and I’ll be home in May until August. I need a job in San Antonio, Texas that will work with my class schedule for the summer & pay more than $8 an hour. An internship is preferred or part time. I worked at Shoe Carnival & as a Assistant Health Director for counseling. Help me out please & thank you!

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Abrisha Spencer Go to .. If you are hired for an internship, many times you can receive college... see more

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Least favorite part: We were not allowed to collect our course material before the first day of class. The book store opened at the same time class started. Our instructors scolded us for being last. When they handed us our course syllabus, we were supposed to have already read the first 10 chapters of our text book prior to the start of class. How is that even possible?

The instructors told us it was not there job to teach us the material that is contained in the text books, but that we were to learn it on our own and they were there in case we have any questions.

Looking forward to engaging customers, keeping the shop spotless, following up on maintenance recalls, and managing an efficient filing system. I was a full time student during my tenure with Heralds Garage , so being able to earn money while being an exceptional student really kept me happy.

Best university in Africa......I advice people to work their

I would tell them about how well everything was for me as a student and if things like that, it is my opinion, it would probably be a great place to work because it already hasthe biggest plus points is the people, together with you are the greatest group of professionals working together for the good of a lot of people"

I'm currently a student studying web design and am looking to get into the field as a UX/UI designer. I'm aware that a strong portfolio could get you far. But how do you get over the fact that you don't have any relevant work experience?

I would assume like in any industry, if you don't have either the experience or a degree, just load up your skills... see more

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