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Welcome to the Social Work remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! Social Work Jobs are a subcategory of human services jobs and professionals interested in these jobs specialize in helping those in need, including individuals, families, and children. If you're interested in Social Work Jobs, you'll find them in industries like nonprofits... see more

Yes thank you. I will keep yhis just in case i intent to enter this area again. Sad, its the largest employer in... see more

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The proprietor is very strict with regards to the care of the residents. Do your job right from the beginning and she'll go to bat for you. Being neglectful or lazy and you will not last long.

I’d tell them it is a lot of work with a lot of frustrations. But if you love to work with people and are a problem solver, it’s very rewarding.

I went a client’s previous address. I was unable to get the correct address or phone number from the office. The client thought I was a no show with no phone call. I wasn’t able to reach her until the next morning. She was rightfully upset.

I wanted to post this message here to offer encouragement to individuals who are struggling to find a job especially for those that relocated to the US...
I relocated to the US a year ago and started actively looking for a job six months ago once I got all my employment papers sorted. I have a Masters in Social Work (MSW) in my home country, and when I started applying for social work positions over here, I had no issues getting called in for... see more

Excellent example for every one who is searching job .

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Always look for possibilities You’ll be glad you did

And always plan for the future

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if you have a LCSW they walk on water and have preferential treatment in working with veterans programs. You can clinical with parolees and drug addicts coming out of rehab or do therapy with the children of people in these situations. You can make good money

Hmmm...thats funny because social workers out in LA ca can retire at $5,000 a month! I'm within the field of human... see more

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I'm not private either!

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I have a Bachelor's degree in Rehabilitation Services and a Master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in mental health therapy. I have experience in medical office management, case management, and supportive services in several different settings: Pediatric rehabilitation services, Behavioral and mental health services setting, and an Eligibility Specialist/ Crisis Interventionist.

Social services. Com

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there has had a good experience with a online college for social work- Bachelor degree program? I would like to find one that is the same price as a normal college and does not have you to go out of state for a portion of the time as a requirement to graduate.

Capella university will have you go out of state for your internship so check out national university.

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