So this is the ad that Jobcase ran yesterday in local papers in major cities. Delta Air Lines shared $1.6bln with employees (other firms would have just done another shareholder buyback - not Delta). They are walking the walk in valuing their workers so Jobcase will move to reward that. Our Jobcase Team suggested that all of us Jobcasers not just consider working at delta but that we all fly delta. And Jobcase ran ads highlighting Delta In some... see more


I haven't flown any where since 2004 but I will keep Delta in mind for any future flying.

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My best piece of advice for any interview is: research the company or even agency that you will be interviewing with. Make memory points about how your past experiences can relate to the position at hand. Be honest about your strengths and humble about your shortcomings. But always have integrity.

Thanks for sharing Esther Jimenez !

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I have four more days until I begin my new role, and I am starting to feel like that time will fly by and I won't have used it to my advantage. One thing I know about myself is that I need to feel productive and always keep myself moving and doing things that will be good for me and my friends and family.

One way I continue to accomplish my goals; whether or not they be small or large; is to make lists.

I set up realistic lists of tasks, and... see more


I think that #3 is surprisingly important--seeing what you've already gotten done can often be a great motivator in... see more

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So you refreshed your Resume, searched for a job, filled out application(s) now waiting for a response? Why not take a minute to socialize and meet new people? Meeting new people can lead to a rewarding experience. Who knows what it can lead too? Today is a perfect opportunity to do it being it’s National Drink Wine Day!


While February 18 is observed annually as National Drink Wine... see more


I had no idea there was a national day of observance for wine drinking Michael Carvalho . Now it's important to... see more

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I hope everyone had a delightful long weekend!

Lately, I've been trying to start my day off with a few minutes of journaling to:
a) help clear my head
b) establish goals for the day/week
c) get the creative juices flowing

Today I woke up feeling a bit discouraged. Life has been hectic lately! So, I decided to focus on the positives to try and spin my negative thoughts around. I wrote about some successes I've had over the... see more


I write stories that make people choose the life they want to be. But examples are: gender change, straight to... see more

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I hope everyone is having a good Monday morning!

Off to a Great start today Charmaine Artis . Make it a Fantastic Day!

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My advice is give yourself one night of feeling sorry for yourself and complain and maybe even have a couple drinks. But when you wake up the following morning that is it! You get up no matter what the situation is and PUSH FWD! Many of my friends didn't get it or understand my philosophy on that concept but it was that my dad taught me growing up. No matter what happened the night before you still have to find a to get and push fwd. He used to... see more

Enrique, that is a good advice. It sounds like you have a lot of good self discipline.

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Terminated after 18+ years of dedicated service by an employers top management rep who ruled with fear rather than motivation.
Too many details to go into however it’s taken about 2 years to fully recover from the loss.
Loyal coworkers were devastated and to this day still post how things aren’t the same without my area leadership and motivation.
When a leader of an organization contacts company lawyers to find out how to legally get rid of an... see more

I know this feeling of loss all to well. My heart is mending from it still. 16 years and was fired this Jan but I... see more

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Roselin Mcwilliams That is devastating. You can take all your experience from that job & put it in your resume... see more

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This quote is for anyone who is feeling hopeless or stressed because things are just not falling into place. Keep going, you are STRONG!


Thank you.

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Sending positive vibes to all those hardworking job seekers out there. Keep your head up, don't stop believing yourself, and know that it will all pay off in the long run!

thanks for the motivation Quincy!!...that means a lot!!!...PROMOTE POSITIVITY!!!

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