Bedrock Protection Agency was bought out by pal American. And apparently pal American will not back up its employees. The last post that I worked, one of the homeowners Flatout made up a lie about me. This homeowner stated that he saw me sleeping while on post and that he had to get out of his vehicle and knock on the door of the security shed to wake me up. he told this line to the homeowners association who in turn told my company they wanted... see more



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They had good opportunities if worked for them...

Employers generally stay away from asking questions that could be perceived as discriminatory or biased; however, there may come a time when you're asked point-blank if you have kids.

Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

It's not that women have an unfair advantage over men during the interview process, yet some federal and state laws prohibit prospective employers from asking certain questions that primarily relate to women.

Examples of... see more

The job was fine

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I am sick of the back door predjudice that I am facing getting a job. I am beyond qualified for the jobs that have applied and interviewed but it seems my age is becoming a factor.

Year of graduation has nothing to do with age. You can stay in school until you're 21 or graduate early. They... see more

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Good company to work for great team players with good communication skills.

I currently live in ohio. I've been doing unarmed sercurity for 4years trying to find an sercurity job in atlanta before I make that move.


Hi Darlene,

While not impossible, finding a job before you make a move is not super easy.

A lot of this has to do... see more

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I wonder about all these computer generated job sites. I think my 6 or 7 year old granddaughter could do a better job. Self employed means I worked for myself.. I do not remember saying I was proud.

Steve Stinson

This man gives 199 meaning no taxes taken out I need to report his behavior to someone
This part of his company is in is Quality Behavioral Health Naveed Syed

Helen Dscott Contact the local office of the Department of Labor.

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