Yes I most diffinately would that is if they were still in business. I would still be there if they had not closed down for good this past April. Miss it a lot, Second best job I ever had.

What was the first best job you ever had Nancy Moss ?

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There never was any that I remember. At least not that extreme.

That's probably a good thing! Nancy Moss

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Not going to a supervisor about an employee who said awful things to me and was very disrespectful to me. And this person thought it was funny but I did not. I did not want to see him lose his job because I thought a lot of his wife. So that is why I idid not say any thing at all

Those last 2 sentences are very sweet!! Nancy Moss Thanks for sharing

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Full time work great pay friendly environment

I'm glad you had a good experience Nuke Duke !

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The reason I love working for k-sqaure is happy,challenging.

Nothing if I make mistake they just called me and tell not to do it again but I never make mistakes in my work.

I love my boss and my co-worker because their very nice to me. And I like friendly people. And especially I love my job being cashier and serving people.

That day was when all the team in K. Kansco Construction Ltd. achieved the team goal to meet corporate goal of the company.

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