I enjoy a fine dining and craft cocktail environment far more than an informal speed bar when I make drinks for people. It affords me the opportunity to truly express myself with the artistry, and in many cases, interact with clientele on a more meaningful level. Taking pride in my work is something I will always do, but that customers often appreciate watching a manhattan or an old fashioned being created was something that I certainly... see more

Thank you for sharing Carlos (Dan) Gonzalez ! Love hearing these details about your job and how much you enjoy it... see more

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A strong management team kept the staff focused, and result oriented. The engine of the operation was the production staff, led by the Executive Chef, Sous Chef,Food Supervisor, Lead Cook, and other cooks; in the kitchen, and in the dining room.......Training was adequate, and menus and how-to do's backed by daily production reviews made it easier for cooks to work to specifications, but readily adapt as required.
Utilities and wait staff also... see more

Wow I wish every restaurant was that well put together and operated so smoothly. Thank you so much for sharing and... see more

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I have been active as a chef and as a food service director. This is what makes me different from other candidates.

A graduate student of university of Kassel and Hochschule Fulda majoring in International food business and consumer studies and passionate about the food industry because of the increasing growing population and the need to need to feed the World

Join the Aramark Family! We are currently hiring for Food Service Workers for Plainfield Community Consolidated School District!
Click on the link below to apply:
Food Service Worker - Plainfield Community Consolidated School District #202


Hi linda how could apply for this

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hemant Kumar Hi there! Thank you for reaching out we show the job is no longer active however we still have other... see more

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Going into work knowing I would be doing my part as an individual and as a team member by providing my skills and abilities producing the best customer service as a fry cook to reach our customers' full satisfaction.

The biggest mistake I made, was being a perfectionist while washing dishes, especially when I had a bunch of tubs full of dishes that needed to be washed. That was a lot of long mornings.

I loved my boss Nick. He was patient and he loves his employees, he stuck up for us when customers complained about us. It was also pretty laid back.

Well you either love the madness of hospitality or you should find another career . So dont expect weekends or holidays off we are a 24 hrs a day 365 days a year business and we put up with difficult customers , employees who dont show up for shift and work days off when you had plans but the show must go on thats what we do and my Motto is Food is Love . And I love to create dishes that put smiles on people's faces.

What I loved bout working for subway was the fact I didn’t have to work around all the grease like a fast food restraunt....

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