The biggest mistake I ever made was whenI was I was stocking one morning and I dropped a load of vinegar and salad dressing

The most stressful day was when I was trying to stock. the chip aisle and tried to work the register at the same time and the store was very busy that day and I was running around like a chicken witout a head I felt like I was not able to get anything done it was very hard to get anything done but I feel like I kept my cool

The last time a fellow employee is got angry with me I don't stopped I took a moment to think about the situation and I took a step back and thought how to make the situation with him better and calm down I started by treating him with respect and I felt that I was not going to get angry myself and I feel like I handled the situation very well

when we have big sales and customers are annoying and dont read the sign right and say that this is the right price when it say $4.00s and up

I really enjoyed the customers they were supper friendly and the employee were really friendly as well

The customers

The pay...nothing more

2300 E Shawnee Rd, Muskogee, OK 744031423

Worked at Muskogee location as well helping other stores by going on road trips.That was in 2008-2012.

Thats great Travis Bartley ,
Please go to and apply today!

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My interview was good.

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