Not preparing well enough for my first large public speaking event. They had questions I had not even considered. It was a humbling learning experience for sure. It did however lead me to the creation of a successful home warranty class.

Great company with good benefits and very well balanced work/family life

I replied to all on a email but meant only to reply in house. My response was not out of line but the client saw it differently.

I have been out of work for almost 2 months. I don't want to apply for unemployment, because I know I am more than capable to find a job. However, the whole process is extremely hard as some employers make the process even more difficult and frustrating. I know there are many professional like myself with great experience that employers are just passing on without even giving a phone interview. You expend so much time and efforts filling out... see more

Account Executive, Air
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Intersection 14 reviews - Charlotte, NC
The Role:
Intersection is revolutionizing the way information is shared in public spaces to ease and enrich people’s journeys through their cities and connect them to their communities. We connect brands with people where they are via relevant and impactful experiences, and we earn the trust of our partners through our shared mission, working together to build... see more

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