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Welcome to the community. We don’t see the world as jobseeker and employer; we see it person by person. Sometimes you are looking for a job or information to develop your career, sometimes you are hiring. Here’s how we make it easier when you’re hiring:

Free for Jobcasers who are recruiting:

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Jobcase StreetSmarts

Take control of the narration of your talent brand for every location of your organization. This includes the following:

  • Learn About Section
    • Customize the content Jobcasers see on your page
    • Note: cannot fully eliminate categories so that editorial integrity is intact
  • Talk About Section
    • Assign an 'official' voice for Jobcaser questions and comments
  • Apply Section
    • Post unlimited job listings
    • Guaranteed clicks and applications because the Jobcase big data team is on the case for you!
  • Bonus Advertisement
    • People who want to work for you also shop with you. Jobcase StreetSmarts participants can put a coupon or special offer for Jobcasers

Today, Jobcase StreetSmarts is available to inaugural clientele and will roll out nationwide on December 1st. Our pricing model is a simple per-location monthly subscription fee. If you’d like more information, contact us below.

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License and/or incorporate Jobcase technology with the following options:

  • Job search feeds with Jobcase matching technology
  • Jobcase profile technology to power your site
  • Jobcase apply integrations
  • Jobcase traffic management technology


  1. Any site wishing to be powered by or affiliated with our operations or technology MUST be a real service with real jobs and business model that is respectful of any person joining the Jobcase profile platform
  2. We require adherence to a code of conduct with regard to interacting with Jobcasers that is essentially the golden rule. Treat them as you would like to be treated! (No spamming, make it easy for them to opt-out, and other details to be provided in the Tech & Ops license)

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General onsite and targeted advertising

  • No general ads are allowed on at the present time
    • Note: One exception is for Jobcase StreetSmarts participants – see Recruiting Products for details
  • Targeted advertisements available on the Jobcase Network
    • Jobcase technology assists over 100 online properties nationally. Many of these are advertising based models in order to keep it free access for their visitors. Jobcase can assist at proper placement into this network

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