Working as a Shipt Shopper

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Working as a Shipt Shopper
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Working as a Shipt Shopper provides an exciting opportunity to those looking to add extra or supplemental income to their pockets. Some of the biggest draws as a Shipt Shopper include:

  • Be your own boss
    Work part-time or full time and any time at all. Set your own hours for a completely flexible schedule.

  • Take home 100% of your earnings
    You keep 100% of your tips and earnings every single time you complete a delivery.

  • Join the Shipt Community
    Shipt Shoppers join a robust group of employees where they receive tips from other Shoppers, attend launch parties, and receive a free Shipt membership.

Shipt attracts applicants and employees from all backgrounds and skill levels and prides itself on “bringing the magic” of everyday essentials and using a keen eye for detail to make sure that every customer is satisfied. At Shipt, no request is too small and providing individual, up-to-the-minute changes is key at Shipt.

After you are approved to become a Shipt Shopper, there are a few first steps you can take to help guarantee you are successful.

  1. New Shopper Welcome Course
    This course, called Shipt Passport, provides an introduction to the basics that every Shipt shopper should know before completing their first shop. Other fundamentals covered in the course include information about creating and maintaining a schedule, best practices for shopping, communication tips and skills, Shopper Stats, and how you’ll be paid.

  2. Shopper App Walkthrough Course
    Once you’ve completed the Welcome Course, the next phase is the Walkthrough Course where you’ll get step-by-step guidance on using the Shipt Shopper app, including building your schedule, navigating shopping lists, sending messages to members, and how to complete orders.

  3. Virtual Orientation Live Webinar
    This virtual welcome session aims to answer any questions that you have by connecting you directly with representatives from Shipt HQ. There are multiple sessions offered each week so you can find a time that works best for your schedule. This is mandatory to attend before you can complete your first shop.

  4. New Shopper Checklists
    We’ve made it as easy as possible to make shopping as a Shipt a breeze. Click here for additional resources to make sure you’re completing every checkbox at each step with retailers, shopping, checkout, and others.

  5. Stay updated
    All important updates are available through the Shipt Shopper app using the email address you provided during your application process. These updates often include information about retailer launches, app updates, service changes. Shipt’s data shows that shoppers who review these updates have the most success in growing their business as a Shipt Shopper, so it’s important to make sure you’re constantly staying engaged with your Shopper app.

How Is The Pay Structure Organized?

Shipt recently updated their pay structure model in July 2020 to provide more consistent pay across every market. The updated pay model takes into account many factors including:

  • Estimated drive time. A payout based on the time spent traveling between each pick-up and drop-off. This rate does not include the time spent shopping for items while at each store or retailer.
  • The number of items in each order.
  • Peak shopping windows & location. Each order has a delivery fee based on how long it will take to complete, how busy the selected store is, and if it is in a high-traffic or populated area.
  • The effort required to shop & deliver an order.
    • Example: Two shoppers each will shop a $100 order and drive 10 minutes from the store to the member’s location. Order A contains 35 items, while Order B only consists of 3. Pay for Order A will be higher because it takes more effort to shop a 35-item order than a 3-item order.

This means that some orders may pay out differently than before since payment is based on effort and not on the value of the order. Click here to learn more details on how the pay structure has changed as a result of the new model and how it can affect your take-home earnings.

According to Glassdoor, Shipt Shoppers earn anywhere from $7 to $26 per hour. However, the average hourly pay for Shipt Shoppers is between $12 and $15 per hour, with many high-demand markets giving Shoppers nearer to $22 per hour. As with most on-demand delivery jobs, the hourly pay is largely dependent on the volume of orders and speed at which you can successfully complete deliveries.

Additionally, your speed and performance also impact your hourly rate and how much, if anything, you earn in tips. Because Shipt doesn’t require members to tip, tip amounts can vary greatly. While Shipt makes no recommendations about how much customers should tip, a 2019 U.S. Foods survey shows that grocery delivery drivers make an average of $4 in tips per order.

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That is a pathetic job when you get $4 average tip. burn up your gas and car and make zero if you have ONE minor repair or a blown tire.