Pharmacy technician resume and salary

Last updated: March 2, 2024
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Pharmacy technician resume and salary
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No matter what job you’re applying for, a top-notch resume is essential. All industries expect something different from a resume, so it pays to put in the effort to make the best resume possible.

If you’ve completed your education and certifications, this is the final step to getting your dream job. For those of you looking to get hired as a pharmacy technician, there’s a lot you need to know before you start typing out your resume.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what a pharmacy technician is, show you some sample resumes, and finish off with tips to write your own.

What is a pharmacy technician?

Pharmacy technicians work in hospitals and pharmacies. They help pharmacists by dispensing medications, monitoring inventory levels, labeling, and corresponding with insurance companies.

It involves a lot of customer service, as they collect information from customers over the phone and in person. They also accept customer payments, process insurance claims, and answer questions about medications.

Many pharmacy technicians get started with only a high school diploma. However, postsecondary programs in pharmacy technology will give you a leg up in your career.

These are short, one-year programs at most.

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The average annual salary for a pharmacy tech is around $35,100. The top 10% of earners made more than $50,430, so there is room for growth.

Why you should customize your pharmacy technician resume

While some of customer service and point-of-sale (POS) skills would be similar to a cashier or retail job, you should take the time to customize your resume specifically to the healthcare industry.

Recruiters expect to see a summary of your work history, so do not be tempted to list every job you’ve ever held. They want to see relevant work experience that shows you’re capable of working as a certified pharmacy technician.

Today’s recruiters rarely read every resume thoroughly. According to studies, they only skim resumes for 7.4 seconds before making a decision.

That’s not a lot of time to make an impression. You need to make sure you’re frontloading your resume with relevant experience, certifications, and education if you want to get a callback.

2 pharmacy technician resume examples

Let’s look at two pharmacy technician resume templates for inspiration.

Entry-level pharmacy technician resume sample

Bryan Glover is an entry-level pharmacy technician who’s just graduated. He’s looking to get his foot in the door.

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This is an example of how to build your resume when you have little experience.

He used the summary statement to highlight the experience derived from his education, including externships in retail and hospital settings.

His work experience is written to be as relevant as possible. Pharmacy technicians need excellent customer service skills, and his experience using a cash register and being a server shows that he can handle it.

The soft skills gained from previous customer service jobs are transferable, so don’t discount those.

Pharmacy technician resume sample

César Cabal has five years of experience within retail pharmacies. His resume will look a bit different than the entry-level one.

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Because he has so much experience, he can list his responsibilities and back up his achievements with stats. Look for opportunities like this to show off your accomplishments with data.

His resume communicates that he’s able to provide excellent customer service and that he’s able to handle all aspects of the job.

5 pharmacy technician resume tips

Here are five tips to make your pharmacy technician resume shine.

1. Use a summary statement or resume objective

Beginning your resume with a comprehensive summary of your skills and experience is sure to impress a recruiter.

Instead of talking about what you hope to get out of the job, highlight what you can do for them. This is your chance to make a good impression, so include relevant work experience.

If you don’t have much experience, highlight your education and accomplishments, as well as why you want to be a pharmacy technician.

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2. List your relevant experience and work history

Hiring managers need to be confident that you can handle the job. To do that, you’ll need relevant experience.

If you’ve been in the industry for years, this should be easy. Use action verbs to list your past experiences. Focus on three main skills.

First, you want to highlight your attention to detail. Pharmacy technicians routinely count pills when filling prescriptions, and recruiters need to know that you can do it accurately. They’re also in charge of inventory management and affixing prescription labels.

A large part of the job is customer service. You’ll be engaging with a high volume of customers, answering questions, and helping them find items. Emphasize your customer service skills and ability to make a positive impression as they relate to increasing customer retention.

Lastly, point out your knowledge of billing procedures, insurance paperwork, and spreadsheets like Excel.

If you’re just out of school and applying for your first job, don’t worry. Highlight the attention to detail, customer service, and data entry skills you’ve gained from previous jobs.

3. Highlight your education and certifications

If you’ve earned your Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) credentials, showcase this at the top of your resume.

It’s a surefire way to get a hiring manager’s interest and encourage them to continue reading.

4. Write a cover letter

Unless a job application says otherwise, always include a personalized cover letter with your resume. It’ll help you stand out from the pack and get your application in front of the right eyes.

It’s your chance to go into more detail about your qualifications, experience, and education beyond what’s in your resume.

5. Use keywords

Did you know that 75% of resumes are never seen by a real person?

Many organizations use applicant tracking systems to weed out unqualified candidates. These systems work by scanning documents for keywords.

These keywords are typically included in the job description. When customizing your resume for the job, try to mirror keywords and phrases to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Land a pharmacy technician job today

Once you’ve finalized your professional resume and cover letter, you should have no problems getting a job.

Just highlight your pharmacy technician certifications and work experience while using keywords, and you’ll be interviewing in no time.

You can check out pharmacy technician listings on the Jobcase job search or find more job hunting tips by visiting our Getting Hired Resource Center.



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