7 benefits for full-time Veyo employees

Last updated: April 22, 2024
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7 benefits for full-time Veyo employees
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Veyo offers non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) for eligible people who can't get to their medical appointments.

The company has contracts with private and government health plans. If someone is covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare Advantage, they may receive this benefit.

Independent driver-providers transport passengers to healthcare facilities. The company is responsible for over 34,000 trips per day. Veyo operates in several locations, including Orange County, Detroit, and Houston.

There are jobs available in a range of areas, including management, customer service, transportation, and technology.

Thinking of applying at Veyo? Depending on your employment type, you may be eligible for a range of benefits. Here's a rundown of the types of perks that may be available if you get hired.

What is Veyo?

Sometimes patients have difficulty accessing their health care appointments. There can be medical reasons why people can't drive, and public transportation may be unavailable.

Veyo helps individuals make it to their appointment time, with an on-time rate of 97.1%. Independent contractors transport these patients to and from their appointments. These workers can choose their own hours and work as much or as little as they like.

The company relies on cutting-edge technologies for its high-quality, reliable service. For example, drivers can be tracked in real-time using GPS, and members can be sent automated appointment reminders.

Veyo has partnerships with health insurance providers and government agencies. Passengers who have coverage can access the service at no cost.

The headquarters is based in San Diego, but they operate in eight states, with more to be added soon. Current locations include Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Veyo has completed over 37,578,691 trips.

Why should you apply for a job at Veyo?

Want to work in the healthcare industry? Veyo has a range of career opportunities, and many of the positions come with a sign-on bonus.

The company has a positive job culture and vacancies in different departments across the US.

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Veyo is an equal opportunity employer. The company doesn't discriminate, and they look for team members with positive attitudes.

There are part-time and full-time jobs available. Alternatively, you can work as an independent contractor driving passengers to appointments.

If you're interested in technology and want to work in a team environment, consider applying for a role at Veyo.

The top Veyo employee benefits

Veyo offers a variety of benefits to eligible employees. The list includes a health plan option, retirement benefits, and time off. Your eligibility will depend on your location, hours worked, and job title.

As independent contractors, drivers will miss out on some of these benefits.

1. Medical benefits

Most job seekers are looking for comprehensive health insurance options. If you get a full-time job at Veyo, you may be eligible for a medical benefits package.

You can save when you visit your favorite healthcare providers, including your primary care physician. Most tests, preventative treatments, and prescription drugs will also be covered.

Your medical insurance will reduce the cost of hospital stays and emergency services. Depending on your circumstances, this insurance may cover both you and your dependents. Having this insurance will give you peace of mind that you won’t be hit with any unexpected healthcare expenses.

To support your general health and well-being, Veyo has wellness events. These are held quarterly, and employees have the chance to win prizes. These events are friendly, and people of all fitness levels can participate.

2. Vision benefits

Another worthwhile benefit is vision insurance. Full-time Veyo employees have access to vision coverage.

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Yearly eye exams are recommended for everyone. These regular checkups can flag any issues and help you protect your eyes. Vision insurance covers these routine eye exams.

If you need new eyeglasses or contact lenses, these will also be covered. Laser eye surgery may be included if you meet the eligibility criteria.

3. Dental benefits

Next on the list is dental insurance. You can get cover for yourself and your dependents.

What does it include? The Veyo benefits package covers you for preventative treatments and general services. For example, you can go to your dentist for a checkup. You can also get a filling, root canal, or x-ray.

Some specialist dental services may be included. Orthodontics and dentures are two examples of services that may be covered depending on your individual policy.

Remember, when you maintain your oral health, it'll reduce the risk of complications in the future.

4. Retirement benefits

One day, you'll want to retire. Your role at Veyo may be a long-term career path or a stepping stone to something else. Either way, you can start planning for your senior years right now.

The company offers a 401(k) retirement plan. You can set aside some of your pre-tax dollars every time you get paid. This money will be put into a special account, ready for your retirement.

Once you sign up, the money will be paid automatically. The employer will even match some of your contributions up to a certain threshold. If you do ever change jobs, you can take your savings with you.

When you do decide to give up work, the money will be there to fund your retirement. The sooner you sign up for a 401(k), the more cash you'll have when you need it the most.

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5. Time off

If you work at Veyo, you'll have a good work-life balance. The company offers flextime, so you can ask to leave work to attend a medical appointment or a family commitment.

Plus, there's a sick leave policy and a competitive vacation package. The amount of time off you get will depend on your role and hours worked. There are remote and hybrid positions for those who need even more flexibility.

If you decide to apply for a job as a driver, you'll get as much flexibility as you need. You can choose when you work and balance the role with other commitments. For example, if you have children, you can choose to work during school hours.

6. Technology

Veyo uses advanced technology and innovative tools for its services. If you work here, you'll gain valuable computer skills that can be used in other industries.

For example, all drivers have electronic devices in their vehicles. They can be tracked using GPS, and drivers can be matched to passengers in real-time. The aim is to provide efficient and safe transportation while keeping passengers up to date.

Whether you're a driver using an app, or someone in customer service, using the latest technology will make your job easier. It'll also look good on your resume.

7. Competitive salary

If you work at Veyo, you'll get a competitive salary. Of course, your wage will depend on your location, job type, and your experience.

Here are some examples. Do you enjoy building customer relationships? You may want to work in the Veyo contact center. The average salary for a contact center agent is $16 an hour. Some jobs also have a $1,000 sign-on bonus.

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Remote contact center agents make the same, at $16 an hour. These positions require customer service experience, but you won't need a college degree. The company is committed to your professional development, and there are opportunities for career growth.

Those working in senior positions or roles that require a bachelor's degree can make much more. The salary isn't always advertised, and you can ask for the details during the interview process.

Would you rather work as an independent contractor? If you want to transport patients to their preferred healthcare providers, you'll be a good fit for a driver role. The rate for driving from location to location varies depending on where you live.

For example, in Arizona, you'll get a $1.00 pick-up fee and make $1.00 per mile. The minimum rate is $5.20.

In California, the pickup fee is $1.00, and the rate per mile is $1.15. The minimum rate is $4.80.

There's no pickup fee in Connecticut, but the rate per mile is $1.25. The minimum rate is $6.50.

In Wisconsin, the pickup fee is $1.00, and you'll get $1.15 per mile. The minimum rate is $7.00

Where to find a Veyo job

If you want to work for Veyo, it's time to start your job search. You can look for vacant Veyo positions and sign up for alerts on our job board.

Those looking for a flexible role may prefer a driver position. You can fill out the simple driver application on the Veyo website.

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Alternatively, you can see what other positions are available on the Veyo careers page.

The perks and benefits you’ll get working at Veyo

By now, you’ll know Veyo is a company that transports passengers to different medical facilities. It’s an innovative company that uses the latest technology to manage a fleet of drivers.

There are roles in all departments, and full-time positions come with a suite of benefits. For example, there are health benefits that cover medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Plus, there’s a 401(k) retirement plan so you can save for your future and time off to give you a good work-life balance.

You’ll gain experience using technology and be offered a competitive salary. There are even sign-on bonuses for some of the advertised vacancies.

Want to find a new job? Check out our job board. Need help with the application or interview process? Head over to our resource center.



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