Summer hiring is still sizzling

Last updated: May 24, 2024
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Summer hiring is still sizzling
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Looking for work that doesn't kill your summer vibe? Time and opportunity are on your side this year.

Many resorts, casinos, seasonal shops and restaurants in vacation towns and major cities are still looking to hire – and we’ve got the skinny on how to find these jobs, many of which include benefits like housing.

While normally most hiring for seasonal jobs takes place in the months leading up to the summer season, this year has been unusual, and businesses that were closed due to the pandemic are slowly reopening. And, they’re looking for workers to help them expand their hours and grow their business.

Seasonal work and part-time positions offer flexibility to accommodate your schedule and work life. Of course, the more availability you have, the easier it'll be to find seasonal work. And, as you’ve probably heard, many businesses are hard up for workers, which gives job seekers the space to ask for a higher hourly rate and benefits like housing, especially if you have experience.

Start your seasonal job search here

Resort, hotel and casino jobs

Many resorts and hotels were forced to close or scale back the amount of guests they were serving during the pandemic, and they also scaled back staff. With lifted capacity restrictions and summer travel ramping back up, many are hiring front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, spa and childcare employees for the season.

Use key words like "hotel", "casino", or "resort" in your job search

Some of these roles even offer free or low priced housing, so if you’re willing to live on site for a few months, you can not only make a lot of money, but save a lot.

Try searching your area (or where you’d like to be) for “resort jobs with housing” for an idea of what roles are available. There are also sites specifically for resort hiring that make job searching a breeze. From housekeeping in Michigan to manager roles in New Jersey, job listings are a few clicks away.

If you’re targeting a specific area, look up those resorts by name and check their social media or websites. Resorts in Cape Cod and Yellowstone National Park offering housing for the season are just a couple of examples.

Tour guide jobs

If you’re familiar with the history of your area, have great interpersonal skills and are detail oriented, you'll have an edge in finding a job for the summer giving tours of historic sites, parks or even walking tours of local breweries or art galleries.

These jobs are often flexible with peaks on the weekend – the perfect way to make some cash. Search your are with keywords like “travel guide” or “lead local tours.” Don’t forget, happy customers on tours tip well – leading a foodie tour for a few hours in Boston could net you $200 or more.

Find your tour guide job here

Restaurant and hospitality jobs

Just like hotels and resorts, restaurants have been forced to open and close several times in the past year, and many of their longtime staff have moved on. But with restrictions lifting, full bars and restaurants mean the return of customers on vacation who are happy to spend money – and tip well.

The kind of job you can land depends on your experience. But food services experience isn't mandatory. If you’ve worked in retail or in any customer facing role, you may have the skills to step into a host or server job relatively easily. Try searching bigger restaurants affiliated with hotels near you.

Kick off your restaurant job search here

Retail jobs

Shops and stores across the U.S. are hiring for many different positions, including cashiers, customer service, stocking shelves, merchandising, ordering and fulfillment, and even positions like sales associate or manager.

Use these roles as key words in your job search. Many seasonal jobs in retail don’t require a degree either - so it's a great summer opportunity for most job seekers.

Start your retail job search here

Take advantage of lifting restrictions and warmer weather by visiting employers in person (with your resume). This personalized introduction can make a great impression and get you hired – just be sure to do it during a quiet time of the day for the business.

For more advice on your job search, visit the Getting Hired Resource Center.

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