Benefits of working at Shipt
Last updated: February 6, 2023
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Benefits of working at Shipt
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Below is an overview of the different benefits and perks employees receive while working at Shipt.

Shipt Shoppers are classified as gig workers or independent contractors, and full medical and health benefits are not guaranteed. But, there are still options in place that help provide peace of mind, security, and resources while working as a Shopper.

Shipt has a detailed Shipt Shopper Hub that offers support to Shoppers on an array of topics including medical, health, and financial-related questions and concerns, COVID-19 assistance, 24/7 immediate assistance, and places to give feedback. Click here to explore more of the Hub.

Medical and health benefits at Shipt

  • Shipt partners with Benefitplace, a platform that connects individuals with health plans they may be eligible for in their local area.

    • Medical Insurance
      Benefitplace provides Affordable Care Act (ACA) recommendations, and other short-term medical options as well as year-round customer support.

    • Dental
      Comprehensive offerings for annual dental visits and exams, check-ups, and unexpected dental needs.

    • Vision
      Provides options for coverage of annual eye exams and discounts on contact lenses or eyeglasses with prescription lenses.

    • Other benefits offered and available through Benefitplace include pet insurance, renters insurance, and auto insurance options. A huge advantage of Benefitplace is that should your job or employment status change, your benefits will not. They are not exclusively tied to Shipt and you will have continued access to them. Also, almost 80% of their benefit options can be changed at any time so you do not have to wait for a potential open enrollment period.

Tax benefits for Shipt employees

Shipt partners with TaxSlayer, an online tax preparation technology, and provides a 50% off discount on federal tax return filings to all Shipt Shoppers.

Free Shipt membership

All Shipt Shoppers receive access to a free membership during their employment. To access your free membership benefits, simply sign up using the same email login information on the Shipt App that’s associated with your Shopper account. If you already had a membership prior to becoming a Shopper, reach out to Shipt Support to receive a prorated refund at [email protected]

Financial assistance program

Shipt offers financial support to help gig workers as they understand how essential and valued they are during this time. As a Shopper, you may qualify for a one-time payment that's equivalent to your average earnings of two weeks.

In the wake of COVID-19, Shipt has launched a Financial Assistance Program (FAP) for eligible Shoppers in the United States as well as other aid to assist their essential workers.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You are infected and tested positive for COVID-19 and provide necessary medical documentation
  • You are required to quarantine based on a pre-existing condition that puts you at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19
  • You are placed in quarantine by a public health official

Free Flu Shots

To help protect your health, Shipt is offering all active shoppers free flu shots from CVS from now until 12/31. For your best chance at avoiding the flu, the CDC recommends getting a flu shot no later than the end of October.



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