Save up to $800 this holiday season with these gift giving ideas!

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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Ashley Wilson
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Save up to $800 this holiday season with these gift giving ideas!
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Last year on average in the United States, the typical American spent over $800 on gifts. That is a lot of money! As we all know 2020 has been rough and the last thing we want to worry about is the holidays and the pressure we sometimes feel to spend, spend, spend.

So here are a few ways to cut down those costs if you’re without a job but still want to give your family or friends some holiday cheer this December.

Send a virtual card

Holiday cards are a great and thoughtful way to remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them. The good news is that they don’t need to cost you a dime. You won't need to purchase cards or stamps! Consider sending a virtual card instead this year. No computer? No problem! Send a card for free by using your local library’s computer. You will need to make sure you sign up for a library card if you don’t presently have one.

Try these free services out!

DIY and make your own gifts

When I was unemployed one year around the holidays I made peppermint sugar scrubs for my family and my cousin STILL talks about it. The best part was showing up with something to give that I was proud of. The joy and the look on their faces were priceless and it only cost me about $1 to make.

Check out what some of our members are doing this holiday season for DIY gifts.

Lisa Mitchell said,

"Maybe I will send ”helper” coupons. Free babysitting, 1 home-cooked dinner, coffee at the beach, etc.”

Tony Fonte said,

“This year I came up with washing and vacuuming a car. Help with yard work./ raking leaves. Help with cleaning a house or helping to organize a garage.”

Jessica Sund reminding us,

"I wonder if people realize how welcoming a homemade gift can be."

Looking for more ideas? Check out these affordable options:

Remember what is truly important

Sometimes as we look for work or maybe even that perfect toy for our child the pressure can feel immense, but it doesn't need to. Take a deep breath and remember that each day is a new beginning and to take it one step at a time.

Patricia Stuart reminds us of the importance of the holidays.

"True Christmas isn't about gifts that cost money. It's about love n doing that the best way we can right now. Play games with your kids, share in their interests. Cook together. Make dough ornaments. Get creative with things you can find in nature. Share the wonderful memories and the real reason for the season."

What are YOUR gift giving plans for the holidays this year?



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These are AMAZING ideas!! Thank you for sharing, @Ashley Wilson !

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