Quest Diagnostics Careers: Top 15 Positions, Duties, Salaries, and More

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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Quest Diagnostics Careers: Top 15 Positions, Duties, Salaries, and More
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Do you want to work in the healthcare industry?

Are you someone who enjoys helping people live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives?

Then Quest Diagnostics might be the ideal employer for you. This company offers numerous positions in different areas, including those that work directly with patients and others that work in the office.

This article will dive deep into Quest Diagnostics as an employer.

Inside it, you’ll find information regarding Quest Diagnostics as a company, the top 15 careers it offers, the types of benefits you can expect, and more so you can decide if this is the right employer for you.

What is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics is an American clinical laboratory and Fortune 500 company that operates in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil. The company is dedicated to the continuous improvement of people’s health through effective, high-quality diagnostic insights.

Quest Diagnostics is the industry leader in diagnostic testing, services, and information, all of which enable doctors and patients to make better health decisions. In fact, tests conducted by Quest Diagnostics influence around 66% of clinical decision-making.

The company performs tests on around 550,000 patients every day.

Popular Quest Diagnostics locations include:

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Teterboro, New Jersey

  • Lenexa, Kansas

  • Houston, Texas

  • Lewisville, Texas

  • Seattle, Washington

  • Secaucus, New Jersey

  • New York, New York

  • Roanoke, Virginia

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In addition to the above-mentioned locations, there are many more across the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Therefore, chances are high that you’ll find a location near you.

Does Quest Diagnostics pay well?

The average hourly rate at Quest Diagnostics is $18.95.

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Some positions, such as M.D. and Ph.D. positions, earn a lot more than this, while other positions, such as drivers and assistants, earn less.

Regardless of the position you’re applying for at Quest Diagnostics, you’ll earn well above the U.S. minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Top 15 Quest Diagnostics careers

Quest Diagnostics has almost 49,000 employees with jobs ranging from customer service to lab work.

The company offers positions for people who are in different stages of their careers and with various levels of experience.

Currently at Quest Diagnostics:

  • 5.9% of employees are entry-level

  • 25% are in their early careers

  • 21% are in their mid careers

  • 18.9% are in their late careers

  • 29.2% are experienced

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This means that, regardless of your level of experience and the number of years you’ve worked in the healthcare or medical diagnostics industry, the company might have an ideal position for you.

Here are some of the most popular jobs that Quest Diagnostics offers.

1. Courier

Couriers, also known as courier drivers, are responsible for physically transporting contracts and documents from one location to another.

These individuals need to be highly organized to make sure they reach all their destinations on time and deliver the correct documents to each recipient.

They also need to be familiar with the local roads, traffic patterns, and highways in their area. Additionally, they need a driver’s license with a clean driving record.

On average, courier drivers at Quest Diagnostics earn around $15.25 per hour. However, this can increase to around $17 per hour based on their skills and efficiency.

2. Specimen processor

Specimen processors primarily work in medical laboratories. They receive and categorize specimens from clients for tests.

While they aren’t usually responsible for the actual testing, some laboratories will assign smaller tests to them and more complex tests to professional laboratory technicians.

Specimen technicians work closely with laboratory technicians. They’re often responsible for preparing and cleaning lab instruments, performing maintenance, preparing samples on slides, and more.

The average specimen processor at Quest Diagnostics earns around $15.42 per hour. Their salaries can increase if they have data processing and data entry skills.

3. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are responsible for handling multiple tasks at the same time. These include answering incoming phone calls, helping customers with their queries, and providing general assistance.

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They’ll also sometimes be required to make outbound calls to clients. To become a customer service rep, candidates must have a high school diploma and experience using computer systems such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The average customer service representative at Quest Diagnostics earns around $15.50 per hour. However, those with problem-solving, customer relations, and customer service skills can earn between 18% and 35% more than that.

4. Laboratory assistant

Laboratory assistants are responsible for helping the lab director with various tasks. These tasks include carrying out experiments, collecting specimens for lab testing, and cleaning equipment.

This position is usually entry-level and requires a high school diploma or similar and some college-level lab experience.

People in this position need good oral and written communication skills, the ability to follow instructions, and basic computer skills.

The average laboratory assistant at Quest Diagnostics earns around $16.61 per hour.

5. Patient service representative

Patient service representatives work directly with clients and are responsible for patient intake and care. They serve as the first point of contact after a patient enters the facility.

Some of their duties include greeting and checking patients in, verifying patient information, answering phone calls, and collecting payments. People in this position are often seated at the front desk for most of the day and generally work during standard business hours.

To get this position, candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent and should have strong customer service and communication skills.

On average, patient service representatives earn around $17.72 per hour. However, they can earn up to $19 an hour based on their skills and experience.

6. General team leader

General team leaders take on supervision roles and often need to work a variety of shifts during the week.

They’re responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the company, and they report to middle and upper management.

Some of their duties include gathering information about employees’ working techniques and habits and discussing them with management. They also include discussing disciplinary actions, terminations, or positive recognition of employees.

Experience and work ethic are often more important than qualifications when applying for this role. Thus, if you have experience working as a team leader at a different company, remember to list it as a hard skill on your resume.

The average salary for general team leaders at Quest Diagnostics is $22.85 per hour.

7. Medical assistant

Medical assistants are responsible for preparing treatment rooms, collecting samples from patients, creating medical records, sterilizing equipment, ordering supplies, and more.

They may also be required to give medications to patients and perform basic laboratory tests.

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To apply for this role, candidates must have a high school diploma or GED certificate. They must also have completed a certificate program at a medical assistant school, and they should have a medical terminology certificate.

On average, medical assistants at Quest Diagnostics earn $17.41 per hour. However, they can earn up to $19 an hour if they have additional skills and experience.

8. Pharmacy assistant

Pharmacy assistants, otherwise known as pharmacy technicians, provide patients with their medications and assist pharmacists with anything they need.

Some of their most common duties include answering patient questions over the phone or face-to-face, receiving and unloading deliveries, and ordering medicine stock.

On average, pharmacy assistants at Quest Diagnostics make around $14 per hour. However, they can make up to $18 per hour, depending on their experience and skill set.

Learn more about how much pharmacy technicians make on average.

9. Shipping and receiving lead

Shipping and receiving leads are often hourly workers in Quest Diagnostics warehouse and storage facilities. They’re responsible for sending out crates and packages, inspecting deliveries for accuracy, documenting deliveries, and more.

They need to make sure that product counts and quality are correct, and they also have to process paperwork.

The average shipping and receiving lead at Quest Diagnostics earns around $14 per hour, but these workers can earn up to $17 per hour.

10. Medical transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for transcribing conversations (either in person or over recordings) onto documents. They often need to be present at doctor and patient meetings to transcribe.

People applying for this position don’t need a college degree. However, a high school diploma and medical terminology certificate are often required. These individuals also need excellent typing skills.

The average typing speed is 40 words per minute. To be a transcriptionist, you need to aim for a speed of 65 to 70 words per minute.

Take a typing speed test to see if you qualify. You can choose to take timed tests or page tests. Including the results of these tests in your resume will increase your chances of getting the job.

On average, medical transcriptionists at Quest Diagnostics earn $19 per hour.

Learn how to become a medical transcriptionist.

11. Patient care coordinator

Patient care coordinators are responsible for performing exceptional customer and patient service. They do everything in their power to help the patient or prospective client receive the care they need.

Their duties may include scheduling appointments, referring patients to new care providers, teaching patients about their health, and answering any questions patients may have.

People in this position need to have quality service, communication, and listening skills. They should also be able to perform well under pressure.

On average, patient care coordinators at Quest Diagnostics earn around $14 per hour.

12. Data entry clerk

Data entry clerks are responsible for transferring data from paper to electronic files or onto database systems.

They need to transfer this data either manually or by using scanners. Their main duty is typing in patients’ information and creating spreadsheets that they can then verify against source documents at different phases of the process.

Data entry clerks at Quest Diagnostics earn an average of $13 per hour. They can earn up to $17 an hour, however, based on their experience.

Thinking of working from home? Learn how to work from home in data entry.

13. Insurance underwriter

Insurance underwriters are responsible for reviewing insurance applications for compliance and adherence, assessing patients’ background information, and calculating premiums.

People applying for this position often need a relevant qualification, such as an occupational insurance agent certificate or a bachelor’s degree in a related field. They may also need relevant work experience to be a preferred candidate.

The average insurance underwriter at Quest Diagnostics earns around $18 per hour. However, their hourly wage can increase to up to $24 if they have adequate skills and experience.

14. Research associate

Research associates are responsible for planning and conducting clinical studies and research. Some of their duties include organizing clinical trials, assessing these trials’ safety and benefits, and updating study documentation.

Research associates may need a Certified Clinical Research Associate credential, which can only be obtained if the individual has a bachelor’s degree.

On average, research associates at Quest Diagnostics earn around $17 per hour. However, they can earn up to $24 hourly, depending on their qualifications and experience.

15. Medical records clerk

Medical records clerks are responsible for managing patients’ health records and histories. They need to make sure that records remain up to date.

Some of their main duties include conducting audits, processing discharge papers, and updating patient information. Previous experience working with medical records will make applicants stand out.

Strong attention to detail and excellent computer skills are also highly sought after for this position. Medical records clerks at Quest Diagnostics earn around $13 per hour on average.

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Employee benefits at Quest Diagnostics

In addition to excellent pay, Quest Diagnostics offers great benefits to its employees. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Medical, supplemental health, dental, and vision insurance plans

  • Flexible spending accounts

  • A pre-tax 401(k) savings plan

  • An employee stock purchase plan

  • An adoption assistance program

  • Flexible work arrangements

Learn more about employee benefits at Quest Diagnostics.

FAQs about Quest Diagnostics

What is the dress code at Quest Diagnostics?

Employees at Quest Diagnostics are expected to dress in business casual attire. They’re encouraged to wear comfortable attire, such as trousers, pencil skirts, blouses, button-down shirts, polos, sports coats, or sweaters.

They’re not allowed to wear jeans, sweatsuits, tracksuits, clothing with offensive branding or text, or clothes with holes in them.

How long does it take to get hired at Quest Diagnostics?

On average, interviews are performed within one month of applying. The interview process is straightforward. Phone screenings and in-person interviews usually last between 30 and 40 minutes.

If your interview is successful, Quest Diagnostics will get back to you within a week or two to offer you the job.

Is it hard to get hired at Quest Diagnostics?

The ease of getting a job at Quest Diagnostics depends on the specific position and its requirements.

Some positions, such as laboratory specialists, may need multiple qualifications and years of experience, whereas other positions, such as drivers, don’t have many requirements.

The more requirements the position has, the more in-depth the background and qualification checks will be.

Get a job at Quest Diagnostics

Working at Quest Diagnostics can be extremely fulfilling for people in their early or late careers. With many positions to choose from, you’ll find something that works for your needs and career goals.

Can’t find a job at Quest Diagnostics?

Consider looking at a similar employer, such as LabCorp. Alternatively, you can head over to Jobcase’s job board and find a position that suits you. Simply type in the position you’re looking for and the location you want to work in.



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