What is the average office manager salary?

Last updated: May 27, 2024
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What is the average office manager salary?
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If you have office experience, you may be considering a career as an office manager. The demand for office managers is increasing, with job growth set to rise by 9% in the next ten years.

But what do office managers do? And what do you need to become one?

We'll give you a rundown of the job and tell you how much you can expect to make in the following article. We'll compare current office manager salaries in different industries to help you decide where to work. Plus, we'll tell you how the office manager's salary can vary depending on where you live.

What is an office manager?

An office manager is in charge of office operations. They work part-time or full-time in various industries, including healthcare, government, education, small business, and trade services.

They make sure that the office runs smoothly and that the staff is achieving the company goals. They plan meetings, schedule appointments, and book accommodation.

Office managers may work on budgets, prepare payroll, and manage rosters. The office manager works closely with senior management and advises their team of any new processes. They help to find staff and may support them with training and supervision.

In a small office, the manager may assist with general administrative duties such as answering phones, filing, and customer complaints.

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What do you need to be an office manager?

To work as an office manager, you'll need a high school diploma or equivalent. Most office managers have a bachelor's degree or certificate in business administration.

Depending on the job description, you may need a few years of experience in an office environment.

As the office manager, you'll need to have excellent organizational skills and strong communication skills. You'll also need leadership skills and analytical skills.

Office managers need to be confident using computer software such as Microsoft Office. Some will even have a certification.

How much does an office manager make?

Let's take a look at the average total compensation for office managers. We'll compare general, medical, government, and assistant positions.

General office manager

The general office manager oversees the day-to-day running of the workplace. They work in a range of industries, including real estate, human resources, finance, and small business. They supervise, hire, and train staff. They also allocate tasks, set budgets, and create policies. Office managers make sure that the workplace is safe and all legal obligations are met.

The national average salary for a general office manager is $98,890 or $47.54 per hour. Those working in finance make an average of $115,470 per year.

Where to find a job as a general office manager

You can browse office manager jobs right here on Jobcase.

Medical office manager

Medical office managers work in healthcare settings. For example, they may work in physician's offices, hospitals, nursing homes, or dental clinics.

Medical office managers oversee budgets and appointments while also helping recruit new team members. They manage rosters and create processes for customer care and satisfaction. Medical office​​ managers make sure any legal requirements are met and that the space is safe and hygienic.

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The average office manager salary in the healthcare industry is $87,920 per year.

Where to find a job as a medical office manager

You can browse medical office manager positions right here on Jobcase.

Government office manager

Government office managers work in the front office of councils, public services, schools, and other government organizations. They hire and train staff and supervise them on the job while also creating rosters, dealing with complaints, and following procedures.

Government office managers make sure that the office runs efficiently and that the correct information is given to visitors. They may work on goals and processes and attend management meetings.

The average operations salary for government managers is $95,220 per year. Office managers working in education can expect to make around $93,510 per year.

Where to find a job as a government office manager

You can browse government office manager positions right here on Jobcase.

Assistant office manager

Assistant off​​ice managers support the office manager. They may do administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, attending meetings, and answering phone calls.

Depending on the size of the office, the assistant manager may help create budgets and order office supplies. They may work with suppliers and follow up on unpaid invoices.

Assistant office managers may start as entry-level administrative assistants and use their experience to progress up the career ladder.

The average yearly salary for an assistant office manager is $40,990 or $19.71 per hour.

Where to find a job as an assistant office manager

You can browse assistant office manager positions right here on Jobcase. You may also like to apply for a job as an administrative assistant.

How does the office manager salary vary between states?

The cost of living can vary between areas, and this can impact your average base salary.

Here's what your office manager salary could look like depending on where you choose to work:

  • New York: $143,760

  • Colorado: $70,608

  • Dallas: $105,480

  • Los Angeles: $113,850

  • Miami: $91,040

  • Portland: $78,956

  • Seattle: $86,375

  • New Jersey: $136,150

  • Houston: $102,390

  • Baltimore: $81,438

  • Atlanta: $117,210

  • San Francisco: $130,880

You can use the filter on our job board to find local office manager positions.

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What other jobs are similar to office manager?

If you're interested in working in an office, consider the following job titles:

  • Executive assistant

  • ​Human resources manager

  • Office clerk

  • Receptionist

  • Call center manager

Working as an office manager

Are you ready to work as an office manager? In this article, we told you what an office manager does and what you need for the job.

We compared standard office manager salaries, including general, medical, government, and assistant positions.

And we told you about the salary range in different states. With this information, you can decide if this career is right for you.

If you're ready to search for a new job, there are openings available on Jobcase. Need tips and advice? Visit our resource center!



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