5 Northrop Grumman Careers to Look Into
Last updated: February 6, 2023
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5 Northrop Grumman Careers to Look Into
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Have you ever considered starting a career in science, technology, or engineering? If so, Northrop Grumman and its subsidiaries could be an interesting choice to look into.

This company has several career options for entry-level candidates, as well as older workers returning to work after a break in their careers.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about working at this company and learn more about potential Northrop Grumman careers.

What is Northrop Grumman?

Northrop Grumman is an American multinational company specializing in developing aerospace and defense technology. In total, they employ just over 90,000 people and generate an annual revenue of over $30 billion. This makes Northrop Grumman one of the world’s largest providers of military technology.

This company was created when several companies founded by Jack Northrop and Leroy Grumman merged. Today, over 20 pioneering companies in the defense, technology, and aerospace industries make up the company.

Some technologies Northrop Grumman has developed include:

  • Grumman’s Lunar Module

  • SpaceShipOne

  • Spirit of St. Louis

It all began with Northrop Aircraft Incorporated, which was founded in 1939. Grumman Corporation merged with this company in 1994, and since then, they’ve acquired several more companies.

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When you have a career at Northrop Grumman, you’ll work in one or multiple of the following spheres:

  • Air

  • Cyber

  • Land

  • Sea

  • Space

Even if you’re not actively developing new technologies in those spheres, you’ll still contribute to making it all run smoothly.

Northrop Grumman has several locations across multiple states from which you can work. Additionally, they have locations around the world, which presents a great opportunity for those who would like to travel and work abroad.

What to know about Northrop Grumman careers

Before you consider a career at Northrop Grumman, here are some frequently asked questions about what it’s like to work there:

Does Northrop Grumman pay well?

Your salary at Northrop Grumman will depend on your position at the company. But if you want to get an idea of how well you’ll be compensated compared to other companies, here’s how the business describes its compensation model:

“Our total compensation programs support our overall goals and culture and provide the guiding principles by which all employees are paid. Our base pay and bonus programs are designed to support our pay-for-performance culture and company values.”

While this doesn’t explain exactly how much you can expect, it tells you that performance at Northrop Grumman is important. If you want to get paid more, you’ll have to put in more effort to increase your chances of getting bonuses.

How much PTO does Northrop Grumman offer?

Will you get paid time off when you work at Northrop Grumman? This company works to provide a healthy work-life balance for its employees, which means you can expect to receive paid time off and other similar benefits.

For instance, Northrop Grumman offers paid parental leave to support new parents. They also offer flexible work arrangements if parents need to balance their careers and childcare.

If you already have childcare available, you know things can go wrong from time to time, especially when a center closes down due to sickness or other issues. That’s why Northrop Grumman offers subsidized backup child and elder care to its staff. You won’t be stuck without a backup plan and unable to work.

However, if you don’t have childcare yet, the company is dedicated to helping employees find quality childcare so they can go to work knowing their children are in good hands.

Plus, Northrop Grumman offers childcare center priority placement and discounts.

Does Northrop give bonuses?

Some employees may be eligible for bonuses in addition to their base pay. That’s because Northrop Grumman values performance and wants to reward employees who put in the effort. But it’s not clear who’s eligible and who isn’t.

Bonuses depend on individual contributions and company results. For instance, while the company may do well one year, the size of your bonus will depend on how your individual contribution affected the company’s performance.

However, bonuses aren’t guaranteed. If the company does poorly one year, even those who perform well in their roles may not receive a bonus. That’s why everyone has an incentive to do their best to make sure the company performs well.

What type of insurance does Northrop Grumman offer?

Northrop Grumman offers a comprehensive insurance plan for eligible workers. There isn’t one set plan — you can customize your healthcare plan depending on your needs and the needs of your family.

When you create your plan, you can choose from several features, including:

  • Medical

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Health Savings Account

  • Short-term disability

  • Long-term disability

  • Life insurance

  • AD&D insurance

  • Business travel accident insurance

  • Healthcare flexible spending account

  • Dependent day care flexible spending account

  • NG Care

But some features come with a basic plan. You’ll get the following benefits and perks at no cost to you:

  • Basic life and accidental death and dismemberment

  • NG Care employee assistance program

  • Business travel accident

  • Short-term disability

  • Basic long-term disability

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In addition to insurance, Northrop Grumman offers well-being programs to improve the overall health of its workforce. There’s a program for everything from emotional well-being to social, financial, and physical well-being.

Does Northrop Grumman have a pension plan?

Northrop Grumman offers an impressive pension plan for eligible employees. You can contribute a varying amount from your paycheck depending on what you’re eligible for and what you’d like to contribute.

Contribution amounts vary between 1% and 75% of your eligible compensation. For example, employees with higher compensation can contribute up to 35% of their paycheck before taxes.

The company will automatically start deducting 4% of your eligible compensation to contribute to your savings plan 45 days after you get hired. This rate increases automatically by 1% after one year.

However, you can decide to change this rate if it’s too much for you. You’re always in control of how much you want to contribute.

If you’re under the age of 50, you can contribute a maximum of $20,500 from your pre-tax pay. But if you’re over 50, you can contribute an additional $6,500 to catch up on your contributions. This is useful for older workers returning to work who want to start saving more quickly for retirement.

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The company offers two approaches to retirement accounts: self-monitored and managed. With the self-monitored approach, you’ll have full responsibility for how your account is handled.

How much does Northrop match 401(k)?

How much Northrop Grumman matches on your pension plan depends on your sub-plan.

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But it starts with 100% of the first 4% and 50% of the next 4%. Here’s what this means: For every dollar you contribute to your 401(k) plan, Northrop Grumman will also contribute a dollar. Once you exceed the 4% limit, they’ll contribute 50 cents for every dollar instead.

Matching contributions increase after five years of employment, which encourages you to build a long-term career at this company.

Northrop Grumman candidate profile

Wondering what Northrop Grumman looks for in their ideal candidate? If you want to work at this company, you’ll have to carefully study the ideal candidate profile and work to improve the right skills.

According to the company’s interview prep tips, they want to see good communication skills from applicants. They also want to understand how you behave in certain scenarios. In short, they don’t just want to get to know you — they want to fully understand how you’ll behave if you land your role.

The hiring managers at this company also expect you to have technical knowledge related to the career you’re applying for before your interview. This applies even to entry-level roles.

Here’s an example: If you want to apply for an entry-level role such as administrative assistant, you’ll need to brush up on the technical skills required to perform at a high level at this job. These include but are not limited to:

  • Managing spreadsheets

  • Running reports

  • Updating databases

  • Using and updating filing systems

  • Fast typing skills

  • Managing digital calendars

The company also wants to hire people who are able to research current trends and have interesting opinions about their specialty. Not only do you need to have the right hard skills, but you also need to have critical thinking skills and the ability to form your own opinions. You should know the latest trends in your industry and have something to say about them.

Additionally, recruiters look for candidates who can clearly explain their long-term and short-term career goals. Before you interview for a career at Northrop Grumman, set time aside to clarify your goals.

The better you’re able to communicate your vision of the future, the more a hiring manager will be able to see how and where you fit into the picture at Northrop Grumman.

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Finally, they want candidates who have questions ready for the interviewer. They understand that hiring a new employee is a two-way street. They want to get to know you, but they also want you to go out of your way to get to know them.

During your interview, you’ll need to show interest in the role. It’s important to do your research ahead of time and be ready to ask relevant, well-thought-out questions. This will help you stand out from other applicants who may have a more passive approach to the interview process.

Entry-level and iReturn careers at Northrop Grumman

Now that you understand what working at Northrop Grumman entails, let’s explore some career options for you.

The company has regular jobs available. However, Northrop Grumman also has a program called iReturn. This program is designed for employees returning to work after a career break of at least two years.

“Returnships” with this program last 12 weeks and help employees prepare for a full-time career at the company. They help you seamlessly transition back into the workforce.

Those who complete a returnship become eligible for full-time roles at Northrop Grumman due to the skills they acquire during the program. Consider this program similar to an internship, but for people who took career breaks instead of fresh college graduates.

Below are some examples of entry-level careers and careers for people returning to work.

1. Aircraft systems mechanic

Do you enjoy taking things apart to see how they work? A career in aircraft mechanics could be a good fit for you.

You’ll usually need an A&P certificate program to start an entry-level position as an aircraft systems mechanic. However, you don’t need a college degree, which makes the barrier to entry a bit lower than in other technical careers, like engineering.

In this role, you’ll mostly work with hydraulic systems. You’ll also need to obtain respirator certification to perform your job safely.

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You’ll need excellent attention to detail and people skills to succeed in this role. Some positions require a few years of experience, but this depends on the posting.

As a level one worker in aircraft mechanics, your yearly salary will range between $60,840 and $62,920.

2. Principal supply chain procurement specialist

As a supply chain procurement specialist, you’ll meet with suppliers and other global supply chain functions to keep the supply chain running smoothly. You’ll need strong verbal communication skills and the ability to become a leader.

Some positions require a bachelor’s degree. However, additional work experience can be considered if you don’t have a college degree. Regular jobs are available for this role, but Northrop Grumman also offers returnships from time to time.

Your yearly salary in this role will range between $58,400 and $97,400.

3. Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants manage a variety of tasks to support other staff, including but not limited to:

  • Managing access to operation labs

  • Keeping forms updated

  • Managing food orders and distribution to support lunchtime meetings

  • Keeping group phone lists up to date

  • Managing email lists

To become an administrative assistant, you need a high school diploma and at least four years of related experience or additional education. You also need active SCI access for certain positions.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced and diverse environment. Northrop Grumman also wants to see a positive can-do attitude from their administrative assistants. Punctuality and dependability are additional non-negotiable qualities.

Administrative assistants are paid a salary of $50,200 to $83,600.

4. Administrative assistant to the VP

Have you already worked as an administrative assistant and want to challenge yourself further? Consider applying for the role of administrative assistant to the VP.

While this role is similar to that of a regular administrative assistant, you’ll work directly with a VP. This means you’ll need to be highly motivated, collaborative, and assertive when necessary.

You’ll need a high school diploma or GED with six years of additional education and/or experience. While assisting a VP requires more experience than a regular administrative assistant role, it doesn’t require a college degree. Some positions require active Top Secret or SCI access.

Additionally, you’ll need to be adept at using the entire Microsoft Office suite and other productivity software. People in this role will need to perform with little to no supervision.

If you get hired for this role, you’ll be responsible for tasks such as:

  • Serving as a focal point for the organization

  • Communicating with internal and external customers and executives

  • Arranging meetings and conferences

  • Answering phone calls and making referrals

  • Preparing travel arrangements

  • Providing operational support for all sorts of projects

  • Planning and ensuring follow-through of assigned tasks

You can earn a salary of between $69,300 and $115,500 if you get hired for this position.

5. Administrative/business support professionals

If you want to work as an administrative professional but haven’t worked in a while, consider a returnship for an administrative/business support professional.

You’ll be eligible for this opportunity if you’ve had a career break of at least two years.

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In addition to a career break, you need some form of experience in any of the following roles:

  • Supply chain procurement specialist

  • Subcontract administratrator

  • Configuration management

  • Program/project manager

  • Scheduling and planning analyst

  • Administrative support

During your returnship, you’ll get paid between $32 and $37 per hour. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to seamlessly transition to a full-time role.

Start a career at Northrop Grumman

Many positions at Northrop Grumman require a college degree, but the company’s administrative assistant positions are ideal for those who have professional experience and want to get their foot in the door. Be sure to join Jobcase to get more tips on how to land a fruitful career at Northrop Grumman.



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