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Last updated: April 24, 2024
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Land a data entry job!
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As a job seeker who is currently looking for a side hustle or a work-from-home job, you may have stumbled across data entry roles on various job boards.

You might see these roles listed as data entry clerks, data entry operators, or data entry specialists.

But what exactly does the job entail? What are the key skills or qualifications that you need?

To help you decide if data entry is the right career for you, we’ll walk you through a data entry job description. We’ll also show you the main data entry duties and responsibilities and give you some resume tips to help you land an interview.

What is data entry?

Data entry is the process of typing, updating, or uploading data into an electronic system or database.

For instance, data entry for a market research company could involve typing or uploading survey results. If it's a financial services firm, you might be responsible for updating and maintaining customer contact and bank detail information.

What does a data entry operator do?

Many companies have a database that needs to be regularly updated. So, typically, a data operator will be responsible for organizing and managing an electronic database so that it's kept accessible and secure.

This can be a full-time or part-time position.

In addition to the key duty of data entry, they may also assist with administrative tasks, such as scanning documents, filing reports, and helping with other duties.

What are remote data entry jobs like?

As opposed to office-based data entry roles, a remote data entry job allows you to work from home as long as you have access to a laptop or computer and a fast internet connection.

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Remote data entry roles are a great opportunity if you want to earn extra money at your own schedule and convenience.

What does a data entry job description look like?

A quick search for data entry roles will display commonly listed job titles, such as data entry operator and data entry clerk. In fact, there’s a significant overlap between these roles as both share the same duties.

However, a data entry clerk is generally regarded as an entry-level role or a junior position, compared to a data entry operator who can have years of experience behind them.

A data entry clerk may also be expected to perform additional administrative duties compared to a data entry operator.

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A data entry clerk and data entry operator's job descriptions include many of the same duties. They may vary depending on the size and business needs of the company.

To help you understand what the role looks like, here’s a list of common data entry responsibilities and duties:

  • Typing in or inputting data from source documents manually

  • Transferring files from paper formats to an electronic database

  • Working across multiple platforms to upload data

  • Updating and organizing the existing database with new customer account information

  • Comparing data to original documents for verification

  • Checking the database regularly to make sure there are no duplicate or incorrect entries

  • Following data entry procedures and techniques to verify database entries

  • Organizing and storing paperwork safely once data entry is complete

  • Creating and filing reports as requested

  • Managing multiple spreadsheets and making sure they’re stored safely and securely

  • Performing scheduled backups to guarantee the security of data

  • Regularly identifying errors in data and rectifying them quickly

  • Informing the relevant person if major errors are encountered

  • Keeping all data confidential and secure at all times

  • Handling additional duties, such as scanning documents, filing reports, and maintaining records, as needed

There is often a list of skills and qualifications a company will want you to have when you apply for a job in data entry.

Here are common ones you can expect to see in a data entry job description:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent

  • Computer knowledge and technical skills

  • Knowledge of MS Office and spreadsheet software

  • Fast typing skills

  • Previous experience as a typist

  • Accuracy and attention to detail

  • Ability to multitask

  • Strong communication skills

  • Organized and timely

  • Administrative skills

  • Customer service skills

How do you prepare a data entry resume?

Now that you know some of the responsibilities and qualifications required to succeed in a data entry role, let’s take a look at how you can stand out as a credible candidate when applying.

Since it is often an entry-level role, you’ll typically face a lot of competition.

However, if you understand what skills are needed to succeed in the role, you’ll be able to create a strong resume that showcases those skills you possess.

Here's a resume example:

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Here’s are three ways you can stand out from the competition on your resume:

1. Demonstrate basic computer skills

A core component of a data entry job involves working on a computer system, handling spreadsheets, and using digital databases.

So, you’ll want to illustrate that you’re proficient with using technology and various software and that you have good computer skills overall.

2. Show you are accurate and efficient

A core competency required in a data entry position is being able to quickly and efficiently complete a large amount of work on time.

Mention your time management and organization skills, and use examples to illustrate how you excel in this area.

3. Quantify your achievements

Employers want to see what value you can bring to the role, so you should try and quantify your accomplishments by being as specific as possible.

For example, instead of a general statement such as, ‘Entered and updated customer records accurately,’ quantify your achievement by instead saying something like, ‘Entered 100+ records per day and boosted data efficiency by 40%.’

Ready to apply for data entry jobs?

Now that you know what a data entry job entails, you should be in a better position to see if your skills are a good match for the job requirements of the role.

You can begin your data entry job search by browsing by searching for jobs in your area as well as for remote data entry jobs.

For more guidance and advice, head to our resources section or connect with like-minded members in the Jobcase community.

Would you consider a career in data entry?

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