The 10 best jobs for introverts (and how much they pay)

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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The 10 best jobs for introverts (and how much they pay)
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Do you enjoy working independently? Would you rather have alone time than interact with people all day? If so, you might be an introvert. That puts you in good company — 56.8% of people around the world are introverts.

Being an introvert doesn’t limit your job choices. Introverts work in every industry in the world. But many introverts prefer career paths that aren’t highly social.

For example, no matter how great you are at a sales job, constantly calling and meeting customers is likely to be draining for an introvert.

This article lets you know which jobs will keep your introverted side happy, and provides information on the typical duties and salaries of those careers.

How do you know if you’re an introvert?

The stereotype of introverts is that they’re shy or quiet, but that isn’t always true. Social situations energize extroverts. They love spending lots of time around other people. Introverts can be social and have strong interpersonal skills, too, but they often find social situations draining. They like to spend more time alone or with just a few people rather than a big crowd.

Both introverts and extroverts can have successful careers, but they might not enjoy the same jobs. For example, a job as a customer service representative involves talking to people all day, which isn’t much fun for introverts.

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What are the best jobs for introverts?

Most jobs involve interaction with other people, but some careers are more social than others.

The best jobs for introverts involve plenty of opportunities to work independently. Many introverts also find it more comfortable working with a small group rather than meeting new people constantly.

If you’re looking for an introvert-friendly position, check out the list below for ideas. All of the following jobs include limited socialization and the chance for independent work at least some of the time.

1. Data entry clerk

Data entry clerks enter information into computer systems. For example, a data entry clerk might have to copy numbers from paper documents to a spreadsheet or listen to voice recordings and transcribe the information into a database.

Data entry involves long hours in front of a computer without much human interaction. That turns some people off, but for many introverts, it’s ideal.

Modern companies are constantly receiving and creating new data, so data entry jobs can be long-term. But there are also a lot of short-term opportunities with companies that are digitizing old records.

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Most entry-level data entry jobs require a high school diploma or GED. You should have a strong command of the English language and possess basic computer skills like Microsoft Excel.

The average salary of a data entry clerk is $34,285 per year.

2. Truck driver

If you enjoy time by yourself and seeing new sights, driving a truck might be the perfect career.

There are lots of different types of truck-driving jobs. Some drivers stay within their local area, while others travel the country for weeks at a time. Some drive large tankers filled with hazardous liquid, while others carry small shipments that they load and unload themselves.

Being a truck driver doesn’t require any kind of formal education, but you’ll have to take a driver’s training course to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Most companies will only hire you if you have a clean driving record.

The pay for trucking jobs varies based on the type of truck, the distance you’ll have to travel, and other factors.

The average salary of a heavy truck driver is $50,978.

3. Accountant

Accountants prepare and interpret financial records.

As an accountant, your job might be to keep track of an individual’s finances or manage financial records for an entire company.

Along with many other tasks, your work could include:

  • Preparing tax returns
  • Ensuring that financial statements are accurate and comply with the law
  • Making financial recommendations to management
  • Helping the business become more profitable and efficient with money
  • Conducting audits

You’ll have to work with clients or people at your company, but you’ll also spend plenty of time crunching numbers on your own.

While not every accounting position requires a bachelor's degree, most do. Some jobs require a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification. Becoming a CPA requires a bachelor’s degree along with additional training, experience, and taking the CPA exam.

The average accountant salary is $51,709.

4. Auto mechanic

An auto mechanic is responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicles.

Some auto mechanics work solo, and others are part of a small team. Of course, some social interaction may pop up with the vehicle owners, but it will be mostly limited to discussing mechanical issues.

If you have specific technical skills, you can become an auto mechanic without any degree. However, many employers prefer candidates with a two-year associate’s degree in auto repair.

The average auto mechanic salary is $44,413 per year.

5. Plumber

Plumbers install and repair water and gas pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. They work in both homes and businesses.

As a plumber, you’ll be expected to interact with your clients and have strong communication and listening skills. However, you’ll also spend a lot of time working alone.

The requirements vary by state, but becoming a plumber typically requires a high school diploma or GED followed by a plumbing course at a vocational or trade school. After that, you’ll work as an apprentice alongside an experienced plumber before becoming licensed yourself.

The average salary of a plumber is $54,867 per year.

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6. Software developer

A software developer (sometimes called a software engineer or programmer) is someone who creates computer software.

Software developers usually don’t work completely alone. You might be part of a software development team or collaborate closely with people in other roles at your company. But you’ll be spending a lot of time by yourself in front of a computer, making it a great career choice for introverts.

While most people in this career have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, it’s possible to become a software developer without formal education (or with a degree in a different field).

You’ll have to learn computer programming skills somewhere, though. Some software developers are self-taught, while others take intensive training courses to learn.

The average software developer salary is $72,162 per year.

7. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create visual content that communicates a message. For example, they might design company logos, posters to advertise an event, images for a website, or roadside billboards. Some work for businesses, and others are freelancers.

Graphic design usually requires some collaboration since you’ll be creating designs for clients or a business. You’ll spend most of your time working independently. It can be a great career for introverted personality types who want to spend long hours focusing on an artistic project.

Graphic designers usually have a bachelor’s degree, but the most important thing is to demonstrate your skills with a design portfolio.

The average salary of a graphic designer is $46,162 per year.

8. Landscaper

If you love working with your hands and being outdoors, consider a job as a landscaper.

Landscapers create and maintain gardens, park areas, and other outdoor landscapes. As a landscaper, your work could include planting, mowing, trimming, digging, and generally making outdoor spaces look beautiful.

You might work for a landscaping company or as a municipal employee maintaining public parks.

There’s no educational requirement to be a landscaper. Some landscapers eventually pursue further training to become landscape designers.

The average landscaper salary is $33,536 per year.

9. Housekeeper

Housekeepers clean private homes or commercial establishments.

They can work independently, for a cleaning company, or for a business like a hotel. Some housekeepers work as a group, and others clean solo.

There’s no educational requirement to be a housekeeper, although training programs do exist and might give you a competitive edge.

The average housekeeper salary is $28,031 per year.

10. Warehouse worker

Warehouse workers do various tasks related to receiving, processing, and shipping goods in a warehouse.

Introversion is a good personality trait for a warehouse worker since you need to work independently most of the time.

You might do things like:

  • Accept delivery of inventory
  • Receive returned packages and inspect their contents
  • Collect merchandise from a distribution center and transport it to the shipping bay
  • Take inventory of the merchandise
  • Pack orders for shipping
  • Clean and maintain the work environment

Most warehouse jobs require a high school diploma or GED.

The average salary of a warehouse worker is $34,957 per year.

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Find the perfect job for your personality

There are jobs for every personality type. As an introvert, you can thrive in any career, but you may be happiest in a job like the ones in this article.

The best careers for people with introverted personalities allow you to work independently and minimize social interaction with new people or large groups.

If you're not sure about a particular career option, try to talk to some people with experience in the field — you might even find them in the Jobcase community. You can also ask about the work environment during your job interview.

For more job search advice, visit the Jobcase Getting Hired Resource Center.



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Not sure where they're getting the 28k average salary for a housekeeper. As someone who works in a hotel as a housekeeper I make maybe 16k in a year. My last paycheck for a 2 week period was $450 and that's peak season. This list is pretty much useless to anyone who is looking for a career.

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All the positions are very much underpaid

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