Learn about the in-demand positions on Handy

Last updated: February 27, 2024
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Learn about the in-demand positions on Handy
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When you pick up jobs on Handy, you work entirely through the smartphone app.

  1. During the signup process, check off the boxes for jobs that you’re best qualified for.
  2. Then, you can check the app to see if there are any jobs available in those categories.
  3. When you find a job that interests you, claim it as your own, and it will be added to your schedule.
    Note: Jobs are usually scheduled several days in advance.

Before you claim any job, make sure it fits into your schedule!

  • Don’t overbook jobs
  • Don’t book jobs that you aren’t sure you can do
  • Don’t book back-to-back projects that are miles apart

It’s essential to be on time for each assignment. Arriving on time and doing your job thoroughly will result in getting good ratings from customers. And the better your ratings are, the easier it will be to get additional jobs in the future.

Working as a Handy Professional

Handy offers a variety of different services, most of which involve household tasks. There are 12 main services that they provide, some of which involve skilled knowledge and some of which almost anyone can do.

  1. Cleaning
    If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, cleaning services are quite sought after on Handy. This service is very popular among those who have rental properties or rent their homes on Airbnb. Professional home cleaners are also hired to clean offices and commercial properties. You will need to supply your own cleaning products for each job.

  2. TV and Electronics
    There are lots of people who don’t know the difference between an HDMI cable and a USB plug. Handy is always looking for people that can install TVs, set up surround sound systems, hide wires, and mount TVs.

  3. Assembly
    Believe it or not, some people don’t enjoy building furniture from Ikea or Target. If you do, Handy is a great way to use your furniture-assembly expertise.

  4. General Handyman
    Handyman services are always needed to do things like change locks, hang pictures, hang shelves, and install air conditioners.

  5. Plumbing

This one is best left for a plumbing expert. But if you can unclog drains, fix toilets, stop leaks, assess garbage disposals, and repair faucets, you can be sure to get some work on Handy. You’ll need to provide proof of your license and credentials as well as have your own liability insurance.
  1. Electrical
    Electrical projects are the one thing that no homeowner wants to tackle. Handy can always use your services if you know how to install light fixtures, install security cameras, or fix thermostats. You’ll need to provide proof of your license and credentials as well as have your own liability insurance.

  2. Painting
    Anyone can paint – but if you want to take on painting tasks through Handy, you better be neat. Customers are always looking for people to do interior painting or touch-up work on baseboards and molding. You’ll need to provide proof of your license and credentials as well as have your own liability insurance.

  3. Moving
    Moving is stressful. Packing up an entire house or apartment is even more grueling. Handy can always use people to pack, move, and secure items in storage.

  4. Smart Home
    If you know what you’re doing when it comes to technology, you can find Handy work as a smart home expert. You need to be able to set up various forms of technology, smart light bulbs, or digital locks and doorbells.

  5. Window Treatments
    You don’t have to be an expert to hang window treatments. As long as you can properly install hardware and hang blinds, curtains, and shades, you’re sure to be able to find work on Handy.

  6. Outdoor
    Outdoor jobs are often available on Handy – you need to be willing to mow lawns, rake leaves, and clean up yards.

  7. Storage
    If you’re an organizational expert, you’ll love Handy. There are lots of customers looking for “experts” that can declutter, pack, and organize household items.

Additional important notes

Your success with using Handy is dependent on you and how dedicated you are to the jobs you accept.

  • Be on time for your jobs. Handy charges you a fee if you’re late.

  • Stick to your schedule. If you cancel a job within 24 hours of the scheduled time, Handy will charge you a $15 cancellation fee. That fee will be deducted from your next job.

  • Build a client base. If you’ve got good clients that you think will want to hire you again, make sure you check the messages in your app! By building up your client base with customers that want to work specifically with you, you’ll start to feel like you are your own boss.

  • The price and the neighborhood of the job are disclosed up front. That makes it easy to plan your schedule accordingly and know precisely how much you’ll earn before you agree to do the work.

Be prepared

Customers expect you to come equipped with all of the supplies you’ll need to get the job done. You’re expected to provide the basics that might be needed on any job, so come prepared with tools, nails, and small items of that sort. If you are unsure which supplies your customer expects you to bring, be sure to reach out and ask them.

Customers expect Handy Pros to arrive prepared

While you don’t typically need to worry about bringing large-scale materials like lumber or drywall, you should have everything you’d need to accomplish a small-scale job.

  • For Handymen: This includes a toolkit, nails, screws, and other small items.

  • For Cleaning Professionals: Multi-purpose cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, a vacuum, rags and/or towels

Please coordinate with the customer before the job starts to make sure you arrive with everything you’ll need to complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction. If the customer requests that you purchase supplies on their behalf, please keep receipts so that afterwards you can submit them to Handy.

  • Optional - Purchasing a Handy Bag. This is optional for Cleaning Professionals. The bag costs $150, and it’s full of home cleaning supplies for all sorts of dirty tasks. (This seems convenient, but professionals are probably better off spending half that amount at a local store or bringing supplies from home.)

Reimbursement for materials

When a customer makes a booking for a handyman service, they’re given the option to provide their own materials, or ask the professional to purchase them on their behalf. If they choose the latter option, you’ll be directly reimbursed by the customer for whatever materials you need to purchase (this is for all jobs)

Please make sure to save your itemized receipts. Note that not all stores will offer an itemized receipt, so be certain to ask for one.



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