How to maximize your profile on Jobcase

Last updated: July 14, 2024
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How to maximize your profile on Jobcase
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Job searching is no longer only about walking into a business and handing someone a paper resume. Today, many companies rely on online channels for suitable candidates instead of ‌traditional ones.

In fact, one survey indicates that out of all job applications received worldwide, 49% came from job boards, and 35% came through career websites.

Candidates are more incentivized than ever to build solid online profiles in job marketplaces and on platforms that recruiters are looking at. One of those places is Jobcase, a platform with over 130 million registered members that connects employers and potential employees.

Signing up is only part of the process, judging from the number of jobseekers on this platform. For employers to find you, you need to stand out and prove that you’re a valuable job candidate.

This article will explain how to maximize your Jobcase profile and make sure it gets you closer to that job you want.

What is a Jobcase profile?

A Jobcase profile is what identifies you on the platform. Your profile provides basic information about you, shows your past work experiences, skills, and job interests, and displays your activity in the Jobcase community.

On Jobcase, people connect to discuss various topics around employment and careers. Job seekers can also build valuable connections and apply for various opportunities listed on the job board.

You need to have a great profile to attract employers and get the right connections.

First, sign up on the Jobcase home page for free. A confirmation notification will be sent to you, after which you’ll have a blank profile.

The profile has different sections that you should fill out using professional language.

Your Jobcase bio is like an introduction that summarizes who you are and what you are looking for. Remember to update your bio whenever your interests change.

Fill all the different profile sections accurately since Jobcase creates a resume from this information. You can always tailor the information to highlight ‌experience and education qualifications relevant to different jobs.

It’s good practice to create custom resumes for different jobs and not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Check out additional tips to improve your resume here.

List all your work experience and education qualifications in their respective sections. The other bits of information include licenses and certifications, skills, traits, volunteering, and links.

The job interests section allows you to narrow down the types of opportunities that interest you. Filter them by job titles, location, and companies to inform employers of what kind of jobs you’re looking for.

The activity feed lists comments, likes, and posts in the Jobcase community. It’s a good place to revisit resources and individual contributions that were important to you.

Tips to maximize your profile on Jobcase

Do you have your Jobcase profile all set up? Here are some tips you can use to make the most of your presence on the platform.

1. Add connections to your profile

Your network is your net worth.

This phrase implies that your network is valuable and can propel your career to greater heights. Don’t limit your network to only friends and family in this digital age.

Instead, create professional connections on Jobcase and expand your network to include people you may never meet physically. Referrals account for about 69% of offline hires and will open up many opportunities that you won’t see on any job board.

Be proactive when looking for useful connections using your Jobcase profile. For instance, if you are eyeing a job at Grubhub, you’d want to engage with people who work there or have worked there before.

An excellent place to start is by connecting with people you already know. Send connection requests to former colleagues or partners you have worked with before. They can introduce you to other people in their circles that work in companies you are eyeing or are experts in your industry.

Next, look for people you don’t know personally but who interest you, such as niche experts and active members of the Jobcase community. Someone must accept your request for them to be a connection.

Don’t be spammy when seeking connections by sending out random connection requests. If possible, try and connect with people you have already engaged with on posts, forums, or discussions on Jobcase. This way, it becomes easier to pick up the conversation and use it to introduce yourself and establish a personal connection with the person.

Connections on Jobcase expand your network and let you achieve more with your profile.

Finding connections is one thing, but using them to help your job search is another. The whole point of establishing these networks is to get you closer to a position, and you should be intentional about this.

Job openings advertised on public job boards receive numerous applications, and most of them don’t even get to hiring managers for consideration. Connections can get you out of the crowd of applications and move you a step ahead in the hiring process.

The Jobcase People Search tool helps you find specific people and connect with them. Try to forge relationships with connections that can notify you about open positions in their organization.

Some companies ask employees to refer people with specific skills when they have open positions. Even if the posts are advertised on public job boards, employees can aid your research by explaining what the role entails and what the previous holder used to do. This will help you craft a relevant resume and present yourself as a favorable candidate to the hiring manager.

Industry experts who have been in the game for a long time can share valuable insights to help your job search. They can tell you about their experiences in various interviews and what to expect from specific hiring processes. If they don’t have any positions to point you to, their advice can help you navigate the job-seeking hurdles with ease.

3. Get praises on Jobcase

Hiring managers feel confident about a candidate endorsed by people they have worked with — this is why resumes have a reference section. Praises on Jobcase work the same way. They are positive reviews from other community members that show on your Jobcase profile.

You might have been the best worker in your previous workplace, but employers will only know this if the information is readily available. Praises help here, as they make it easy for employers to see who’s endorsed you and why.

Employers who search for people with specific skills will lean toward those with praises, as it is a sort of verification of the information on your profile. Anyone can praise their own abilities and write paragraphs about how good they are, but few can get others to write good stuff about them.

"Did Ya Know?" – You Can Make Praise Permanent on Jobcase!

However, praises don’t come automatically, and you usually have to ask for them. It’s easier to ask for credits if you are connected to the people you worked with before on Jobcase. Note that who the praise comes from matters too.

A single praise from a successful member of your industry that you’ve worked with before is better than two from people who you barely know. Because of that, don’t just go around asking everyone for praise. Consider your working relationship and their credentials first.

To add praises from people, ask them to go on your profile and click the “praise” button under the bio. They could also go to the praise form, search for your profile, and endorse you.

On the form, they’ll be asked how they know you and what makes you great. Praises usually take up to a day to appear on your profile.

4. Stay active on Jobcase

Getting the best job opportunities sometimes comes down to visibility. This particularly applies to Jobcase, a community where professionals engage in a wide variety of work-related conversations.

Don’t just watch these discussions from a distance — instead, try to consistently participate and engage with other community members. Follow topics that interest you and weigh in if you have any ideas to share. You never know who you’ll engage with in such conversations.

For instance, if you actively follow #workfromhome, you’ll come across multiple remote opportunities. People who are hiring remote employees and candidates looking for remote jobs closely follow this hashtag. Being part of the mix can help improve your chances of landing a work-from-home role.

Inactive Jobcase members miss out on many opportunities. They often see notifications and respond to them when it’s too late.

If you are actively looking for a job, make Jobcase your social channel. You’ll always be on top of any upcoming opportunities and be the first to apply for them. Besides, you get a platform to air out ideas and weigh in on topics related to your niche, which can spur the interest of people who can point you to job opportunities.

Make the most of your Jobcase profile

You can create a profile on Jobcase, but that’s only the first step. Millions of other job seekers have profiles as well. Strive to shine and attract potential employers using your profile.

In this article, we covered some of the ways you can maximize your profile, and these tips can help you get the most from this platform. Connections are crucial — but don’t just find them to fill your numbers.

Look for valuable connections that can empower you with industry advice, point you to opportunities, or endorse you with praise. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to networks.

If you are looking for work, start by creating a Jobcase profile today. It’ll take you closer to job opportunities and eventually help you land a good job.

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Superbly written article on building and using one's Profile on Jobcase, Janice.

Such a carefully and professionally written piece demonstrates that Jobcase is a job-seeking forum dedicated to high quality and standards.