How to land part-time holiday jobs

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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How to land part-time holiday jobs
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What kinds of part-time holiday jobs are there?

Every year in the fall and winter, several industries find themselves desperately needing short-term seasonal workers. Whether you’re interested in exploring new jobs or need the extra cash, the holidays offer you plenty of opportunities.

Landing a part-time holiday job is much like finding regular work, but there are a few extra things to think about.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best industries for part-time work this holiday season and give some advice on landing one of these short-term roles during your job search.

What is a holiday job?

A holiday job is a type of temporary position that usually comes up during the last few months of the year — the holiday season. Many industries need to boost their workforces to meet increased holiday demand for shopping, dining, travel, and other things.

Holiday jobs tend to open up toward the end of September, although you might see job ads a bit earlier. The job itself often runs through the first month or two of the new year — especially customer service jobs, since these process returns and refunds of holiday gifts.

Industries that offer part-time holiday and seasonal jobs

Here are some industries and job types to consider when looking for seasonal jobs.


When people hear “holiday jobs,” they often think of retail, and for a good reason. This industry is one of the biggest holiday hirers. Retailers from big-box stores like Walmart to mom and pop shops need extra staff to keep up with the mass of holiday shoppers visiting stores.

Plenty of positions become available during this time of year. The most common will be sales associates, cashiers, and management positions — all of which involve plenty of customer interaction and being on your feet.

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With the growth of curbside pickup and increasing safety concerns post-pandemic, retail stores hire for curbside roles as well.

Warehouse, stocking, and packaging

The holiday surge in shopping also brings about a need for warehouse, stocking, and packaging workers. These jobs tend to offer odd hours but can still be flexible.

Some holiday jobs in this industry include:

  • Stock clerk

  • Order processor

  • Package handler

Many big businesses hire part-time warehouse workers for their distribution centers around the holidays.

Delivery services

Today’s record levels of online shopping mean delivery companies need drivers more than ever. Employers like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon ramp up their hiring around the holidays in preparation for all the shopping.

Similarly, companies like Doordash, Shipt, and Uber will also have more room for drivers to join, although drivers for these companies generally aren’t considered employees.

Customer service

As people give and receive gifts during the holidays, they’re bound to run into issues using their gifts or getting returns and refunds. Plus, gift-givers will have plenty of questions to ensure they get the right items for family and friends.

As a result, tons of companies hire customer service workers around the holidays.

If you land one of these gigs, you might work directly for a company on the phone or in person, or you might work for an outsourced call center. Phone and live-chat customer service workers continue to be in high demand as more people are shopping online.

Speaking of which, you may be able to get a remote customer service job and work from home during the holidays. If you need a flexible schedule at your seasonal job, a customer service representative job might be for you.

Hospitality and travel

If you live in a vacation destination, the hospitality industry will have plenty of part-time jobs during the winter months. These companies need extra seasonal employees to meet increased demand as people travel for vacation or to spend time with families.

That means seasonal jobs in hotels, restaurants, and more tend to open up during the holidays.

Warm vacation spots especially need help accommodating travelers from cold climates escaping the winter weather.

Tips to land part-time positions during the holidays

There’s plenty of holiday work available, but you have to compete with other job seekers. Follow these three tips to maximize your chances of getting some seasonal work this holiday season.

1. Don’t wait — start early

Employers try their best to determine workforce needs ahead of time. That means they start hiring months ahead of the holiday boom.

Holiday shopping is beginning earlier in the year as more consumers shop online. For example, some companies have put on “Black Friday in July” sales in the past couple of years.

Applying early when the competition is thinner could get you more replies and interviews from employers.

2. Prepare for a slightly different interview style

Hiring managers look for the same general qualities for seasonal jobs as they do for regular full-time and part-time positions.

However, there may be some differences in the interview process itself.

Mainly, they’ll want to know why you’re looking for a seasonal or holiday job.

In the interview, you can emphasize reasons like the flexible hours a part-time holiday job can provide. Also, consider discussing how you'd like to learn new skills or why you find this specific type of job interesting.

3. Look professional, regardless of the position you’re applying for

Even though you’re looking for something short-term, you don’t want to skimp on the professional image.

Show up looking your best with copies of your resume and cover letter in hand.

This will set you apart from other candidates who might not take a part-time holiday job interview as seriously.

Treat the interview like it’s for a long-term gig, too. Highlight your experience, qualifications, and character traits that make you the right candidate for a job. Make sure to study the job post so you can link your skills to what they’re looking for.

Companies still want qualified and driven employees, even for short-term seasonal positions. Impressing them starts with your resume. Check out our article on resume tips to help you customize yours.

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Where to find a part-time holiday job

The best place to look for part-time holiday work is an online job board like Jobcase.

We collect job listings from across the web, so there’s no need to jump from site to site to find the holiday work you want.


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Land a seasonal job this holiday season

Plenty of industries, from retail to hospitality to customer service and more, need a large number of part-time holiday workers. You have plenty of options for holiday work, making it easier to find something you enjoy that matches your skills and schedule.

Make sure to treat part-time holiday applications and interviews as you would long-term opportunities, and don’t limit yourself to one industry.

Ready to start applying? Visit our Getting Hired Resource Center for resume and interview tips.

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