Your earning potential on Handy

Last updated: April 25, 2024
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Your earning potential on Handy
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What type of income can you expect to make while working with Handy? This question isn’t an easy one to answer, because there are a wide variety of factors that go into determining how much you’ll earn.

Factors that determine your earnings

  • Where you work
    A housecleaning job in San Francisco will pay more than a housecleaning job in Bismark, North Dakota. Where you work makes all the difference.

  • What type of work you do.
    The jobs you do play a major factor in how much you can earn. For example, those who do housekeeping on a regular basis report earning an average of $15-$18 per hour. Handymen tend to make closer to $29 per hour, and electricians report even higher earnings of about $35 per hour. But again, it all depends on where you live.

    Before you claim a job, you’ll see a fixed rate for the project. That is the amount you will earn. So you can increase earnings by doing many small jobs or a select number of larger jobs that pay more.

  • How often you work
    How frequently you work and how many jobs you complete each week determine how much you can make. One of the most significant benefits of working for Handy is having the flexibility to work when and where you want. So the more jobs you claim and complete successfully, the more money you’ll earn. You have the option to work for Handy once or twice a week to have some extra income, or you can work every day and treat it as a full-time job.

  • How many tips you earn
    Customers have the option to reward Handy pros with tips. Tips are not required, but you’re more likely to earn one if you go above and beyond expectations. The more tips you make each week, the more money you’ll put in your pocket.

  • How you get paid
    Each week, the Handy system tallies up the jobs you’ve completed from the previous Monday through Sunday, deducts any relevant fees, adds any tips you’ve been given, and issues a payment to the bank account you’ve set up. Payments are issued weekly after a week is completed and will usually reach your bank by the following Monday.

  • Your rating
    After each job, Handy prompts your customer to give you a rating on a scale from one to five stars. The strongest indicator of your success on the Handy platform is the percent of customers who give a five-star rating after each job. Each time you receive five stars, you're receiving a signal that what you're doing is working well. These ratings are important because the higher your score is, the more likely you are to get hired for other higher-paying jobs in the future.

    Customers are able to tag specific areas of improvement, and if the platform detects that you’ve been consistently underperforming on, say, floors, we’ll alert you that you might want to improve that element of your service.



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