7 highest-paying jobs for introverts

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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7 highest-paying jobs for introverts
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It can be challenging to find a fulfilling job as an introvert.

So many careers require you to engage in teamwork and collaboration for several hours on end every day.

But not all high-paying jobs are explicitly designed for extroverts. Let’s look at seven of the highest-paying jobs for introverts and what it takes to get hired.

What is an introvert?

Introverts are people who get energized by spending time alone. This doesn’t mean that introverts are always shy or dislike being around others. It just means that they need some time alone to recharge after spending time with people because social interactions drain them.

Extroverts, on the other hand, get energized by spending time with people.

Introverts can be social, but they usually prefer to work alone in a calm work environment. Working in a large group regularly can feel overwhelming.

By working on their own in quiet spaces, they’re able to focus deeply and generate much better results than when they work with others.

This doesn’t mean introverts aren’t capable of working in teams. They do their best on their own or in a small group.

Introverts are typically introspective and curious, which makes them a good fit for several careers. Anything that involves research is a natural fit for the curious and analytical skills of an introvert.

Most introverts will also prefer writing instead of speaking.

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7 of the highest-paying jobs for introverts

To get the most out of a job, introverts need time to work on their own. They can still have a job that involves collaboration and interpersonal skills, but working independently is vital to their productivity.

They should also be able to focus on one task at a time instead of being expected to multitask.

Here are seven of the best jobs for introverts that are also high-paying.

1. Biochemist

Biochemists spend a lot of time working on their own in a lab. They study the chemical processes in living organisms, help create drugs and artificial tissue, and solve biological problems. This requires a lot of independent work.

You can get an entry-level position as a biochemist with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. But to work in your own research setting, you’ll need a Ph.D.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, biochemists make a median pay of $94,270 per year or $45.32 per hour.

2. Software developer

Software developers create computer programs and applications. While they may collaborate with others during software development, the bulk of their job involves writing or verifying code independently.

Software developers and programmers need to be able to focus intensely to do their work. They get little human interaction while working.

The median annual salary for software developers is $110,140 per year or $52.95 per hour.

You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field, but some companies will also hire self-taught software developers.

3. Accountant

If you have an introverted personality and like working with numbers, accounting could be a promising career for you.

Accountants keep and interpret financial records. They can work for an accounting firm or in an accounting department, but they can also become freelancers and work for various clients.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to become an accountant. This career has a median pay of $75,560 per year or $35.37 per hour.

4. Technical writer

Technical writers develop in-depth documentation and fact-based articles. Their writing needs to be clear, analytical, and fact-based.

Technical writers will spend some time in meetings or discussing feedback, but most of their time is spent in solitude while researching, writing, and editing their work.

Like accounting, technical writers can work for a company or on a freelance basis for multiple clients. Technical writers make a median wage of $74,650 per year or $35.89 per hour.

Many companies will require a bachelor’s degree, but if you work on a freelance basis, you only need to prove your skill.

It’s also important to have some technical knowledge in the field you work in, like science, engineering, or computers.

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5. Actuary

Like accountants, actuaries work with math and numbers, making it perfect for introverts who enjoy that kind of work. They’re in charge of analyzing the financial costs of risks and uncertainties by using math and statistics. As a result, they get a lot of alone time to focus.

You need a bachelor’s degree to become an actuary, but you also have to pass several exams to become certified in the field.

Actuaries make a median salary of $110,030 per year or $53.38 per hour.

6. Editor

If you have high attention to detail and are proficient in written communication, becoming an editor could be great for you as an introvert.

Editors revise content before publication and may also plan content calendars. They usually need a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or English.

As an editor, you’ll make a median wage of $63,400 per year or $30.48 per hour.

7. IT manager

IT managers are in charge of planning and leading the information technology activities for a company.

Although they’re managers, lots of their responsibilities involve managing the IT needs of an organization instead of only managing other people.

This career is highly lucrative. IT managers make a median salary of $151,150 per year or $72.67 per hour. Usually, you’ll start your career path as an IT technician.

High-paying jobs for introverts hiring right now

Did some of these career ideas pique your interest? If so, you can find several of these job opportunities on Jobcase.

Some examples of high-paying jobs for introverts hiring right now include:

You can also do a manual search to look for other types of jobs for introverts.

Plus, if you prefer a work-from-home role, you can choose to filter for remote jobs only. When you do this, only remote opportunities will show up in your job search.

Find a fulfilling and high-paying career as an introvert

Even if working with other people drains you, it’s still possible to land a high-paying career in any of the above fields, plus many others.

Want to jumpstart your job search? Use Jobcase to search for job openings near you.



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Darrin, way to go, this is personal growth, you have gained some maturity. Now you will have experience in 2 fields. Most things are temporary in life, enjoy the experience. Great timing for you to become a technical writer, and increase your earning power. Congratulations Mr. Drader.

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Those jobs need degrees which I don't have. What I do have is a need for a job now. This article does not help.

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