12 Harbor Freight employee benefits

Last updated: April 12, 2024
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12 Harbor Freight employee benefits
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Harbor Freight sells quality tools and equipment at low prices. The national tool retailer has around 25,000 employees.

There are more than 1,300 Harbor Freight Tools locations in the US. The company also operates an ecommerce website where customers can shop online.

If you want to work in retail sales and have an interest in DIY, building, and construction, apply for a job at Harbor Freight Tools.

There's a positive company culture, and the employer offers a range of benefits to employees. Categories include health insurance, lifestyle, financial, and retirement benefits.

Want to know more? You've come to the right place. Keep reading because we've put together a comprehensive guide to Harbor Freight employee benefits.

What is Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight Tools started in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Today, the headquarters are in Calabasas, California, and the chairperson and CEO is Eric Smidt.

The goal of the company has always been to sell high-quality, reliable tools at affordable prices. There's a diverse workforce, and Harbor Freight is an equal opportunity employer.

It's the leading discount national tool retailer, and there are more than 40 million happy shoppers. Each year, the company makes more than $6.5 billion in sales.

The stores sell a range of products, including power tools, hand tools, painting supplies, automotive accessories, and lighting. Customers can join the Inside Track Rewards program to get discounts and other perks.

It's a growing company, and its closest competitors include Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Northern Tool, and Lowes.

Harbor Freight has a mix of part-time and full-time employees. There are career opportunities available in different departments, including retail, distribution center, remote, and corporate.

Why should you work at Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight Tools has a collaborative culture. Team members get training on the job, and there are employee recognition programs.

The company's core values include:

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If you want a long-term career, there are opportunities for promotion. Associates often become store leaders or managers. Alternatively, a job at Harbor Freight could be a temporary role while you study.

When you work at this company, you’ll get valuable experience that you can add to your resume. For example, you could gain customer service, cash handling, and technical skills.

Roles can be flexible with options to choose a work schedule that fits around your other commitments. Remote roles are also available depending on the job title.

The dress code is casual, and you can wear jeans to work. You’ll be given a company shirt, hat, and apron.

What employee benefits do Harbor Freight employees get?

You'll get a range of benefits if you work at Harbor Freight Tools.

Your eligibility will depend on your employment type, time at the company, and job title. As an example, full-time associates will get more perks than part-time associates.

Here are some of the top benefits you may be entitled to if you get hired.

1. Medical insurance

Your health insurance plan will cover most medical expenses. You can use your coverage for general healthcare services, including appointments with your primary care physician.

Your policy may also include tests, x-rays, medical devices, and specialist visits.

Plus, if there's an emergency or you need to spend time in the hospital, the cost will be reduced.

There are different coverage choices depending on your circumstances. For example, someone with a family will need coverage for their dependents.

Medical insurance is available to full-time associates

2. Vision insurance

It's important to take care of your eyesight. Annual eye exams will flag any issues before they get worse.

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The good news is that Harbor Freight workers can get standard vision insurance. It'll cover your eye exams, making it easy for you to access this service. New eyeglasses or contact lenses would also be covered.

For those who need advanced services such as laser eye surgery, there'll be limits on what you can claim.

All associates are eligible for the vision insurance benefit.

3. Dental insurance

Harbor Freight Tools employees get a dental insurance plan that covers them and their dependents. Dental insurance can be used for a range of standard services, including checkups, fillings, and root canals.

Your plan can also come with more advanced treatments. For example, your package can include coverage for orthodontics and dentures.

Preventative dental care can save you money over time. Tooth decay and poor oral hygiene can lead to long-term issues, so regular checkups are beneficial.

All associates can access this benefit.

4. Flexible savings accounts

Sometimes unexpected health expenses can pop up. If you don't have money in your savings, these expenses can cause you stress. You may even end up in debt.

If you work at Harbor Freight, you can take advantage of flexible savings accounts. Health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) are available.

These options are similar. You can set aside some of your pre-tax income, and the money will be there if you need it for eligible health costs.

An HSA needs to be linked to a high-deductible health plan, while an FSA can't be taken with you if you change employers.

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5. Prescription coverage

Whether you need long-term medication or the occasional prescription, you can save with this benefit.

Prescription drug coverage reduces the cost of common drugs for you and your family. If you're a full-time associate, this will be included in your medical insurance plan.

For part-time associates, there's a free telemedicine and prescription discount plan.

6. Disability insurance

All associates can take advantage of short-term and long-term disability insurance. If you're injured and can't work, you'll still receive a portion of your income. This money can be used to pay your bills while you focus on recovery.

In addition, there's a life insurance policy. When you have this option, your loved ones will be taken care of no matter what happens. In a worst-case scenario, they won't have to worry about finances.

Your insurance package will depend on your job type and your personal circumstances.

7. Retirement benefits

One day, you'll retire and need money to live on. Harbor Freight employees can take advantage of the 401(k) retirement plan with a company match.

You can set aside pre-tax dollars each time you get paid. This money will build up, and when it's time to retire, you can withdraw it.

Even if your retirement is years away, you'll have a much more comfortable future if you start saving now.

8. Employee assistance program

Harbor Freight values its employees. There's short-term financial support available if you ever need it.

The Employee Emergency Relief Fund helps those who are facing financial hardship. It’s a nonprofit charity organization, and it can help you with a range of unexpected expenses.

For example, you may need to leave home due to domestic violence. There could be a natural disaster, or you may have unexpected medical expenses that aren't covered by insurance.

It's a confidential application process, and you'll need to meet the minimum eligibility requirements to qualify.

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9. Paid time off

Harbor Freight has generous time off benefits for eligible employees. You may get paid holidays, sick days, and vacation time.

Full-time employees can expect up to 30 days off each year. Paid time off can accrue up to a set limit.

Getting approved for time off is usually a simple process. In most circumstances, you'll only need to give two weeks' notice.

10. Parental leave

Employees can get maternity and parental leave benefits. The length of time can vary depending on your hours worked and state laws.

When it's time to return to work, you'll be given flexible options. The employer will be understanding of your new family commitments, and you can work reduced hours.

11. Wellness programs

All Harbor Freight employees get complimentary access to the Gympass Wellness program.

It's an online platform with a range of health-related services. For example, you can stream on-demand fitness training and get nutrition advice.

There are also programs to support your mental health and financial well-being. This app will be beneficial if you want to kickstart your workout routine or get general wellness assistance.

12. Employee discounts

Associates who want to shop at Harbor Freight Tools will get an employee discount. This is usually 20% and can be used on most full-priced and reduced items.

Both associates and their family members can use the employee discount.

Where to find a Harbor Freight job?

If you want to work somewhere with a positive company culture and a suite of benefits, Harbor Freight could be for you.

To see what positions are available in your area, search for Harbor Freight positions on our job board.

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Alternatively, you can visit the careers section on the company's website.

Get access to Harbor Freight’s top benefits

Harbor Freight is a leading discount tool retailer with stores all over the US. If you’re looking for a new job, there are positions open right now.

If you get hired, there will be a range of benefits to look forward to. What's included? There are health insurance options such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. Plus, you’ll get prescription coverage and flexible savings accounts.

The benefits package includes a 401(k) plan, employee assistance, parental leave, paid time off, and wellness programs.

All employees get a store discount.

Looking for a job at a Harbor Freight store near you? Visit our job board. Before you go, head over to our resource center for more informative articles.



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