H&R Block Benefits, Salaries, Job Positions, and More

Last updated: April 22, 2024
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H&R Block Benefits, Salaries, Job Positions, and More
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If you're interested in a career as a tax professional, associate, or assistant, then you might want to consider working at H&R Block.

With H&R Block being a leading tax service provider with over 10,000 offices worldwide, it offers many job opportunities all over the US and beyond.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about H&R Block, including the company's different positions, employee benefits, salaries, and more so that you can decide if it's the right employer for you.

What type of jobs can you get at H&R Block?

H&R Block Inc. hires both full-time employees year-round and part-time employees for tax season. Aside from the company’s headquarters in the heart of downtown Kansas City, it has offices in other locations, including New York, Houston, Louisville, and many more.

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The company is constantly hiring new people — from tax professionals to office workers, such as marketers and customer service reps. Here’s a list of the eight most popular positions that H&R Block offers.

1. Tax professionals

Tax professionals have expert knowledge in all things tax-related and are responsible for serving clients with diverse tax needs. Additionally, they’re also responsible for building relationships with these clients so that they return each year.

2. Team leaders

Team leaders oversee operations and manage multiple offices to ensure client satisfaction. These individuals are passionate people leaders and have excellent management skills.

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3. Receptionists

Receptionists are responsible for greeting clients that walk through the door and creating a great first impression of the company. As such, they need to have excellent communication, social, and multitasking skills. They also need good computer skills to handle things like scheduling appointments.

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4. Tax office support

These include tax preparer assistants, bookkeeping, and other integral roles. Being a tax office support employee means that you’ll be responsible for balancing accounts, generating and analyzing financial statements, preparing and processing payroll, and more.

5. Information technology

Information technology personnel are responsible for providing superb customer experiences through robust systems, consistent delivery, and innovative computer solutions. They need to have exceptionally strong technical skills.

6. Client and service support

Client and service support employees, otherwise known as customer support representatives, need to offer both H&R Block staff and clients support by helping them with their technical, product, and general service queries. In other words, they’re responsible for keeping staff members and clients happy.

7. Marketing and customer experience personnel

The marketing and customer experience personnel at H&R Block include marketing professionals, designers, market researchers, and more. Though these positions have different responsibilities based on their specific roles, they’re all responsible for growing the business through research, ads, or content creation.

8. Finance personnel

Finance employees are responsible for providing strategic financial planning, the development of accounting policies, and the overall management of in-house finances. They’re also responsible for evaluating the year-over-year performance of new product strategy implementations through data analysis to determine its effectiveness.

Employee benefits at H&R Block

Here are some of the H&R Block employee benefits that both regular associates (full-time employees) and seasonal employees can expect.

Medical plans

The company provides valuable medical and prescription drug benefits. Employees have the option to choose between four medical plans based on their needs:

  • High Deductible (HD) Value Plan

  • High Deductible (HD) Standard Plan

  • PPO Plan

  • Kaiser HMO (only for Hawaii associates)

The HD Value Plan, HD Standard Plan, and PPO Plan all have access to a broad network of providers and have the option to contribute to Pre-Tax savings accounts. When enrolled in a medical plan, employees automatically get prescription drug benefits based on the plan they choose.

Growing family benefits and programs

H&R Block helps eligible associates and their families with adoption, surrogacy, and infertility expenses. The company’s Family Building Benefit will reimburse up to a lifetime maximum of $30,000 in adoption or fertility costs.

Mental health benefits

The company cares about the mental and emotional health of its employees. H&R Block’s Mental Health Hub, powered by Lyra, offers a robust mental healthcare program that supports employees and their families. Employees and their dependents can get access to therapists, receive personalized care options, learn new life skills, and more.

Experts will help employees and/or their dependents through issues, resolve emergencies, and help guide them through challenges so that they can stay on top of their busy lives.

Retirement plan

The company helps its U.S. employees save for the future through the Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) — which is a 401(k) plan administered by Fidelity.

Employees are enrolled at a 5% salary deferral rate after 90 days of employment. It offers a $1 for $1 pre-tax company match, up to 5% of your pre-tax income.

Other benefits

The company also provides other benefits, such as paid vacation, flexible hours, life insurance, a stock purchase plan, and more.

Additionally, if you work at the company’s headquarters in Kansas City, you’ll get to enjoy several perks.

These include work-anywhere days where you get to work remotely on certain days, free parking, an onsite coffee shop and restaurant, an onsite gym to keep your body in shape (even while at work), and event discounts.

Note that the benefits will vary depending on the type of position and whether it’s full-time or seasonal.

What do employees at H&R Block get paid?

The average salary of H&R Block employees is around $13 per hour, meaning the company pays well above the minimum wage.

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However, your salary will depend on the type of position you get, as well as your level of experience and skill set.

Salary by type of position

Here’s a list of the average salaries for the most popular positions at H&R Block.

Salaries by level of experience

The salary that you get can also depend on your years of experience. For example, tax preparers with 10–19 years of experience earn close to $4 more per hour than those with less than a year of experience.

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Salaries by skill set

Your skill set can also affect your salary. For example, tax specialists who have tax compliance skills can earn up to 8% more than those who don’t.

Similarly, receptionists with scheduling skills can earn up to 17% more than the average receptionist at H&R Block.

How to find career opportunities at H&R Block

There are two main ways that job seekers can see what positions are available.

Enrolling in the Talent Community

Enrolling in H&R Block’s Talent Community will notify job seekers of events and company news. They’ll also receive notifications whenever a new job position opens that suits their requirements and qualifications.

Looking for job listings

Job seekers can also search for jobs on H&R Block’s careers page to look at current job openings. They simply need to select their job title (i.e., tax professional, marketing, etc.), after which they’ll be directed to a page with all the job openings for that particular position.

They can choose to create an online profile — which is stored and can be used whenever they apply for a position.

How to find other tax jobs

If you don’t manage to find a job that suits you at H&R Block, there are many other companies out there offering remote, office-based, and hybrid positions in the tax industry.

You can find these jobs by heading over to Jobcase’s Job Board. Simply go to the job board and enter the type of position you’re looking for and the area you want to work in.

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Find your ideal tax job

H&R Block Inc. is a great option for people who love working in the tax industry — whether that be as a tax professional or “regular” office employee. After looking at all the job positions, benefits, and salaries, you now have all the information you need to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

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