Family Dollar Careers: 12 Popular Positions, Salaries, and More

Last updated: May 27, 2023
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Family Dollar Careers: 12 Popular Positions, Salaries, and More
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Are you thinking of applying for a job at Family Dollar?

Whether you’re looking for a permanent position that’ll help you climb the corporate ladder or a temporary position to provide you with adequate income during your studies, Family Dollar has plenty of positions to choose from.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 12 most popular Family Dollar careers, what your responsibilities will be, the salary and benefits you can expect, and more, so that you can decide if this ever-growing company is the right employer for you.

More about Family Dollar

Founded in 1959, Family Dollar is a leading national operator of consumer goods stores. It provides customers with valuable yet competitively priced merchandise and has a highly customer-focused approach.

The company has come a long way — having over 7,800 stores in 46 states today.

The company’s revenue reached over $12 billion in 2021, so it’s clear that this company isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Because of Family Dollar’s ongoing success and growth, the company is always looking for people with drive and ambition to help continue its success.

Some of the most popular locations for Family Dollar include:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Jacksonville, Florida

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Memphis, Tennessee

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Houston, Texas

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Aside from the locations mentioned above, the company can also be found in hundreds of other locations. So, no matter where you’re located in the U.S., chances are, you’ll be able to apply for a job at Family Dollar.

See if Family Dollar is available in your location.

The company has entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level positions available for employees in different stages of their lives.

Thus, people with all levels of experience, qualifications, and skill sets can find a career that suits their needs.

How much does Family Dollar pay?

The average wage of Family Dollar employees is close to $11 per hour.

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However, salaries will differ based on several factors, including the specific job position, location, an employee’s years of experience, skill set, and more.

For example, for many positions, employees with 5–9 years of experience can earn several dollars more per hour than an employee with less than a year of experience.

Similarly, managerial positions tend to get a higher salary than other positions.

Here’s a list of the 12 most popular positions at Family Dollar, their responsibilities, and expected salary.

1. Cashier

Cashiers are responsible for managing customer transactions at the cash register.

They need to:

  • Collect both cash and credit transactions.

  • Help customers redeem stamps and coupons.

  • Issue receipts, refunds, or tickets.

As part of their job, they also need to make sure that the prices of goods are accurate when scanning them and should try to cross-sell products or introduce new items to customers whenever possible.

The average salary of cashiers at Family Dollar is between $8–$12 per hour. Salaries of cashiers don’t really increase based on years of experience. Thus, this kind of position is best suited for students or people in the early stages of their careers.

2. Retail store manager

Retail store managers’ main responsibility is to oversee a store's day-to-day operations and ensure that processes run effectively.

In addition to making sure that processes run without a hitch, they also need to:

  • Recruit, train, and supervise new employees

  • Appraise and motivate staff members to guarantee higher employee satisfaction rates

  • Manage store budgets

  • Develop strategies to achieve higher customer satisfaction

  • Maintain financial and statistical records

  • Oversee stock control and pricing

  • Deal with customer complaints

To qualify for this position, applicants must have a high school diploma and a great deal of practical retail experience. A bachelor’s degree is also highly desirable.

The average salary of retail store managers at Family Dollar is around $15 an hour or $44,500 per year.

This position has great salary growth opportunities as retail store managers with 5–19 years of experience can earn up to $5,000 more per year than those with less than a year of experience.

Furthermore, managers with training management and team leadership skills can earn 12% more than average, and those with customer relationship management skills can earn up to 11% more.

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3. Stocker

Stockers are responsible for organizing, stocking, and restocking store shelves with merchandise and goods for sale.

The primary job of a stocker is to stock and rotate shelf items and make sure that items are stocked according to the store’s procedures and system.

They have to look at sales and inventory reports to effectively replace items and often also need to help with receiving and inspecting deliveries.

After inspection, they need to categorize and store the goods — either for immediate placement on the store’s floor or in the warehouse or backroom.

The average salary of stockers at Family Dollar is $8–$9 per hour. Employees in this position often advance to merchandiser or sales associate positions.

4. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives can either work in-office or remotely, and they’re responsible for listening to customer concerns, answering queries, and providing information about the company’s products and services.

They also often need to make outbound calls to customers when bigger issues need to be resolved.

These individuals are usually really good at multitasking and need to have good computer, communication, and typing skills.

Sometimes, applicants for this position will need to take and pass the minimum typing speed word per minute test.

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The average salary for customer service reps at Family Dollar is $9 an hour. However, reps with cash handling skills can earn up to 16% more than average, and those with above-average verbal communication skills can earn around 8% more.

Therefore, remember to include both your soft and hard skills on your resume.

With hard work and dedication, employees in this position can advance to other positions, including administrative assistant, customer service manager, and even office manager.

5. Security officer

Security officers are responsible for keeping the premises, staff, and customers safe by staying on patrol, guarding entry points, monitoring surveillance cameras, and performing area inspections. They also need to authorize the entry of people and vehicles and report suspicious behavior.

It’s highly beneficial for these individuals to have surveillance skills, knowledge of security procedures and operations, and the ability to follow complex instructions.

The median salary for a security officer at Family Dollar is $13 per hour.

This is an excellent starting security job that offers employees the opportunity to gain experience and either be promoted to higher-paid senior security positions at Family Dollar or other companies.

6. Forklift operator

Forklift operators are tasked with transporting, distributing, and accounting for company goods, merchandise, materials, and equipment. Generally, forklift operators can work in a wide variety of industries, including retail, construction, general storage, manufacturing, and more.

According to the supervisor’s instructions, they need to locate and move items from one location to another. They can also be asked to perform quality-assurance checks during their daily tasks.

Forklift operators must be able to properly drive and use the forklift to ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times.

The average salary of a forklift operator at Family Dollar is close to $14 per hour.

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Employees in this position have the opportunity to advance their career to superior positions, such as warehouse supervisor and heavy equipment operator. With these higher positions, they have the chance to earn higher levels of responsibility and income.

7. Maintenance technician

Maintenance technicians are responsible for inspecting buildings, equipment, and systems for any problems. If they find any issues, such as faulty equipment or damaged structures, they need to schedule repairs with the appropriate personnel — while staying within budget.

They also need to perform general maintenance of the facility and grounds, such as painting, carpentry, groundskeeping, and more.

Maintenance technicians with electrical, landscaping, or carpentry skills may be considered over those who don’t have these skills.

The median salary for maintenance technicians at Family Dollar is just over $16 per hour. However, they can get paid up to $19 per hour, depending on their experience and skill level.

Furthermore, maintenance technicians with equipment maintenance skills can earn up to 6% more than average.

8. Sales associate

Sales associates’ main responsibility is to make sure that the company makes more sales.

They achieve this by welcoming customers, answering their questions, maintaining a good floor appearance, directing customers to goods that suit their needs, and even sometimes working the cash register.

Sales associates are often required to enter sales data into computers. Therefore, it’s important for them to have good computer skills. Since they work directly with customers, they need to have great communication and customer service skills as well.

People in this position can work part-time or full-time, and their hours can vary. They usually need a high school diploma or equivalent.

The average salary of sales associates at Family Dollar is between $8–$13 per hour, depending on their level of experience and skill set.

This position comes with excellent room for advancement as sales associates can climb the corporate ladder to several managerial positions if they work hard.

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9. Retail general manager

Retail general managers (GMs) are responsible for overseeing all parts of the company’s operations. They need to check inventory, discipline and train employees, decide which products need to be sold and stocked, and more.

Overall, they make sure that the store is performing well, customers are happy, and employees stay productive.

These employees can be asked to work in various environments, including the office, warehouse, in-store, etc.

To become a general manager, applicants must usually have management experience, and a bachelor’s degree is beneficial or even necessary in some instances.

On average, general managers at Family Dollar earn around $52,000 per year. However, their salary greatly depends on their level of experience, knowledge, and skill set.

For example, computer skills and data entry skills can be of great use in this profession. Thus, applicants with these skills may have higher income potential.

10. Assistant store manager

Assistant store managers help with the daily operations of the store. They’re responsible for:

  • Scheduling, ordering, and processing merchandise

  • Helping customers with more complicated or advanced queries

  • Keeping the store organized and presentable

  • Handling store cash

  • Opening and closing the store

They also need to assign tasks to employees and ensure that all tasks are completed properly and on time. If employees aren’t performing well, they need to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

Generally, assistant store managers need to have prior retail experience to be considered for the position.

On average, assistant store managers at Family Dollar earn around $12 per hour. However, they can earn up to $14 per hour, depending on their experience.

Also, employees with cash handling skills can earn up to 15% more than average, and those with operations management skills can earn up to 3% more.

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11. District manager

District managers are responsible for tracking the sales and operations of all retail stores in a specific region to make sure that sales targets are met.

They have to hire, train, and supervise store managers within the region and also need to manage inventory based on market trends and overall performance.

These individuals need several years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance, business administration, or a related field.

The district manager position is one of the highest paying positions at Family Dollar, as the average salary of these employees is around $71,200 per year.

District managers with 20+ years of experience earn around $4,000 more per year than those with 10–19 years of experience.

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12. Order filler

Order fillers are responsible for handling orders or merchandise and making sure that customers get their goods.

They need to:

  • Go to the product area and remove ordered items from the shelf to the checking station (they can either do this by hand or with equipment)

  • Reorder stock so that the newest arrivals and deliveries are in the back

  • Pack, weigh, and label products

  • Make sure that orders are accurate (check for expiry dates, completeness, etc.)

These employees need to be able to work quickly and be highly detail-oriented. Depending on the employer, they may also be required to work during the evenings or overnight shifts.

On average, order fillers at Family Dollar earn just over $12 per hour. However, this career has great advancement opportunities as employees in this position can advance to positions such as warehouse supervisor, warehouse manager, operations supervisor, and more.

Benefits of working at Family Dollar

Some of the main benefits of working at Family Dollar include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision plans

  • Life insurance

  • Profit sharing

  • 401(k)

  • Retirement plan

  • Employee stock purchase plan

  • And more

Learn more about the benefits you can expect when working at Family Dollar.

How to apply for a job at Family Dollar

To apply for a job at Family Dollar, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and need to be able to work flexible or full-time hours, depending on the company’s needs and job position.

They’ll also need different skill sets for different job positions (such as math skills for a cash register job).

Check out Jobcase’s job board to find open job positions at Family Dollar.

If you don’t manage to find a position that you like or qualify for at Family Dollar, you can also find similar positions at different companies on Jobcase’s job board. Simply head to the job board and type in the position and location you’re looking for.

You can filter your search by distance to work and can even choose to only look at remote options by ticking the box next to “remote work only.”

Learn more about employment requirements and how you can apply for a job at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

Ready to work at Family Dollar?

With many great job positions to choose from, Family Dollar is an excellent choice for employees who want to grow in their careers and those who want a temporary solution.

Already have an interview lined up? Discover the top job interview questions and how to answer them so you can land the job.

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