Top 6 reasons to hire a veteran and the companies that are hiring them now

Last updated: July 13, 2024
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Top 6 reasons to hire a veteran and the companies that are hiring them now
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Anyone who has met or known a veteran knows that, aside from the incredible service and sacrifice they have provided their country, veterans also have some skills and traits that make them a valuable member of the workplace. We break down the top reasons to hire a veteran and the employers that are offering benefits specifically to our highly skilled heroes.

What makes veterans great employees

No matter which branch of the military they were trained in, the majority of US veterans come away from their period of service with crucial skills and traits that stick with them through their lifetime. Here are just a few of those valuable skills and traits…

1. Veterans are tireless workers

Training and serving in the military requires service members to learn how to become tough, not just physically but also mentally, in order to achieve beyond what they thought themselves capable of. Going through this experience not only teaches veterans how to push their boundaries, but shows veterans how gratifying it can be to work up to (and sometimes past) your limits at whatever you commit yourself to.

2. Veterans lead by example

Military service requires not only a commitment to American ideals, but also requires vets to live by those ideals every day. Veterans know that success doesn’t come from a leader who allows their team to do all of the work for them, but from a leader who works alongside their team in order to rally their collective effort. The thoughtfulness they put into their deeds to inspire others to action makes them a boon to any team environment, particularly in the workplace.

3. Veterans are committed to excellence

It’s hard to succeed in a military career if you don’t have great attention to detail. The cost of small mistakes in military service can sometimes be great. As a result, veterans have learned to be careful about the choices they make and the actions they take to avoid negative repercussions down the line. Working in high-stakes, high-pressure situations makes veterans excellent at quickly determining the best course of action and executing on their plans to exacting standards.

4. Veterans are natural team players

Being in the military requires service members to strip away all civilian allegiances but the ones to their country and their fellow service-members. Having a veteran on your team means having an employee who can look beyond all of the superficial differences they may have between themselves and their team members and see the common thread, the commitment to a shared goal.

5. Veterans know how to be a good representative of their employer

Veterans know what it means to be a representative for something larger than yourself. They have represented their specific military branch, many have represented America on tours of duty abroad, and now as veterans they represent another esteemed group of Americans. Veterans understand (through experience) that when you represent something larger than yourself, everything you do or say has greater significance and tailor their actions and words to best represent the groups they belong to.

6. Veterans are highly skilled and trained

Many veterans have undergone a series of steps to train into a specific field or role within their branch--and not all of that training is physical.

During their time spent serving in the military, many veterans learn trade skills that can qualify them to be paramedics, translators, photojournalists, construction specialists, mechanics, engineers, and so on.

Which employers offer the best benefits for veterans?

Veterans bring incredible value to their employers by virtue of the training and experience that they gathered during their career in the military. Here are a few companies that are making it a point to recruit from the military and have special programs for veterans:

1. Comcast NBCUniversal

Since their founding by WWII US Navy veteran Ralph Roberts, Comcast NBCUniversal has sought to provide for the military community. Today, they offer:

  • a military transition training program,
  • differential pay for service-members called for active duty along with
  • medical benefits for employees called to active service
  • transfer service for military spouses who may need to move with their spouse,
  • a veteran’s support network for all veteran and military spouses to connect over their shared background,
  • and much more…


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2. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has committed to offering veterans numerous programs to advance and train into the financial services field. Their programs include:

  • a military transition training program,
  • a military apprenticeship program,
  • a military internship program,
  • a veteran’s support network for employed veterans to connect over their shared background,
  • and much more…


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3. Amazon

In 2016, Amazon pledged to hire up to 25k military service-members and spouses in 5 years. With that goal nearly reached, they’re making good on their pledge to support those workers, not just by offering them a paycheck, but also by providing benefits like:

  • a military transition training program,
  • differential pay for service-members called for active duty along with
  • medical benefits for employees called to active service
  • and more...


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4. U.S. Xpress

U.S. Xpress know just how valuable military workers can be right out of their military service, which is why they offer benefits like:

  • VA Apprenticeship Program housing benefits,
  • tuition reimbursement for CDL training with guaranteed employment,
  • a skills waiver for qualified service-members,
  • higher starting pay than civilian drivers
  • and more...


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How you can thank a veteran today…

Veterans Day is a day to thank those who have served our country for the sacrifices they have made throughout their military service.

So if you know a veteran in need of a great job that will treat them with the respect they deserve, send them this article!

If you know of a hiring manager who wants to hire only the best...send them this article!

How will you thank a Veteran today?

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Love this!!! We absolutely need to support those who have served and it's great to see companies who do the same. : )