The 12 McDonald's benefits you should know about

Last updated: May 20, 2024
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The 12 McDonald's benefits you should know about
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If you're considering working in fast food McDonald's is a big, nation-wide name in the quick service industry. Here are some of the perks and benefits you can expect once the job starts.

Employee perks at McDonald's

  • Performance bonus - Performance bonuses are offered for efficient and hardworking staff . Bonuses and compensation offerings will vary by location and restaurant.

  • Free lunch and snacks - Free food for full-time staff; free meal for hourly staff

  • **Employee discount ** - 50% discounts for all employees

  • McDonald’s 401(k) Plan - McDonald’s matches 100% of employee’s contribution

  • Job training - One-day orientation and training of 2 weeks

Scheduling and leave benefits at McDonald's

Reduced/flexible hours

McDonald's primarily employs people on a part-time basis, but considers a 30 hour/week schedule 'full time'. The company strives to fix schedules according to the employees availability.

Vacation and paid time off

Workers start to accrue paid time off, up to 5 days, once they’ve been with the company for a year.

Parental leave is offered at McDonald's

  • Maternity leave of 4 weeks before birth plus 3 months after birth
  • Paternity leave of 1 week after birth
  • 2 months of unpaid leave is also available

Family Medical Leave

Two weeks off for medical emergencies.

There are 39,198 McDonald’s fast-food restaurants around the world. It’s one of the top ten leading global brands and is famous for its hamburgers, fries, and shakes.

As a fast-food giant open for business since 1955, McDonald’s hires and trains thousands of employees.

Both McDonald’s franchised restaurants and company-owned restaurants can be a great place to work, especially for those seeking an entry-level position.

If you’re thinking about applying, there's a range of perks for eligible employees, including health benefits, vacation leave, and rewards.

Let's take a look at some of these employee benefits and the minimum eligibility requirements:

Why should you work at McDonald’s?

Each day, McDonald’s serves 70 million people in its stores worldwide. Working at one of these fast-food restaurants can help you kickstart your career.

McDonald's provides all the training and resources you need to be successful, whether it’s a job as a crew member, maintenance worker, or corporate team member.

It’s a busy team environment, and you’ll learn cash handling and food service skills. Those who work at McDonald’s gain valuable customer service and hospitality experience.

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There are opportunities for promotion, and fast-food workers get employee discounts. McDonald’s is a proud equal opportunity employer that prides itself on a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Crew members can work flexible hours to fit around studies and other commitments.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there's been a labor shortage, and McDonald's has now raised its minimum wage. There's never been a better time to apply for a job at the Golden Arches.

How do you qualify for McDonald’s benefits?

The McDonald’s benefits you can expect depend on your job title, hours worked, and time spent at the company.

Most corporate positions will come with a benefits package for part-time and full-time workers.

Benefits eligibility for crew members can vary between franchises, but full-time employees and some part-time workers will be eligible. For some perks, you’ll need to work for at least 60 days before you’re eligible.

The top 12 McDonald’s benefits

Here's a list of the top 12 McDonald's employee benefits:

1. Salary

The average salary for a McDonald’s fast-food worker is $10.68 per hour. However, in company-owned restaurants, wages are increasing each year. By 2024, the average wage in these stores is expected to be $15 per hour.

The average hourly wage for a restaurant manager is $12 an hour, but it can be as high as $16 per hour in some locations. A crew leader can expect to make between $8 and $13 per hour.

McDonald's generally pays its workers every two weeks, but managers can expect to be paid once a month.

2. Paid leave

Eligible employees are entitled to paid sick leave and personal leave. The average entitlement is five paid days off per year. You may be entitled to a leave of absence, such as family, medical, or funeral leave.

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Sick leave isn’t available to all workers and can be different between states.

During your shift, you’ll get a paid 30-minute break.

3. Vacation leave

Eligible McDonald’s employees can get three weeks of vacation leave per year, which can increase over time. You’ll usually need to be a full-time employee or manager to have access to paid vacation leave.

If you work in a corporate role, you’ll get a “splash week” during years of service that end in the number five. And, in the summertime, you’ll finish work early each Friday to enjoy the sunshine.

4. Health benefits

If you work at McDonald’s, you may be eligible for medical insurance. There is a range of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health insurance programs to choose from, so you can select the best fit for your situation.

Hourly workers may be charged each pay week for an optional health insurance plan. Health insurance programs can include prescription coverage and a flexible spending account (FSA) for unexpected medical expenses.

New mothers may be entitled to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.

5. Dental insurance

Another benefit offered to some McDonald’s employees is dental insurance. Dental insurance includes both preventative care and treatment.

If you have this benefit, you can expect basic dental services such as checkups and fillings, as well as major interventions, including orthodontics. Up to 90% of preventative services and 50% of orthodontic expenses are covered.

The exact list of dental benefits can depend on where you’re employed.

6. Vision coverage

The cost of glasses, contact lenses, and eye examinations can be reduced when you have access to McDonald’s vision coverage.

You may also have access to discounted laser eye surgery.

7. Flexible work arrangements

When you work at McDonald's, you can work around other commitments. For example, you may be a college student, play a weekend sport, or have a second job.

As long as you communicate with your manager and give them notice, you can expect flexible work arrangements. Occasionally, you may be asked to work on your day off if a coworker is unavailable.

8. Life insurance

Eligible McDonald’s team members have basic life insurance, which is paid for by the company.

This life insurance covers you and your dependents for death and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). There's the option to upgrade your life insurance to a more comprehensive plan.

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There’s also coverage for short and long-term disability and travel accident insurance.

9. Retirement

It’s never too early to start planning for the future, and McDonald’s has a competitive 401(k) retirement plan. You can save a percentage of your income each week, and the company will match your contributions.

McDonald’s will match $3 for the first 1% you contribute to your 401(k) plan. After this, the company will pay $1 for the next 4%.

Employees can also take advantage of the McDonald’s stock option plan.

10. Sabbatical

If you make your career with McDonald’s, some benefits kick in over time. Long-term employees are entitled to an eight-week paid sabbatical.

To be eligible, you’ll need to work full-time, continuously, for ten years. Every ten years, you’ll receive another eight-week sabbatical.

11. Employee discount

McDonald’s crew members often get a free meal during their shift. After working for one month, you’ll receive an employee discount card.

The discount card entitles you to savings at participating McDonald’s restaurants. You’ll also get discounts at other participating retailers. Some employees can take advantage of discounted gym memberships.

12. Uniform

When you get a job at McDonald’s, you’ll be given a free uniform package. Crew members get a hat, t-shirt, apron, and name badge, while managers are given a shirt and tie.

The uniform is comfortable, and employees can wear their pants and shoes. However, there are strict guidelines about what you can and can’t wear. For example, you can’t wear jeans or sweatpants.

What are the unique McDonald’s benefits?

McDonald’s has many unique employee benefits.

For example, its recognition programs celebrate workplace success. The fast-food company gives service awards to both teams and individuals who make outstanding contributions.

Corporate workers may get a company car and access to training programs.

And you may get financial assistance to help you adopt a child and reimbursement for educational expenses when you maintain a C-grade average.

McDonald's has a unique training program. New crew members are paired with senior coworkers and taught how to use the equipment, handle cash, cook meals, and serve customers.

What’s ‘Archways to Opportunity’?

The Archways to Opportunity program from McDonald’s supports workers to continue their education. The company offers tuition reimbursement for eligible employees and their family members.

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There are different learning opportunities available. For example, you can enroll in a course to improve your English, finish high school, or complete a college degree.

You’ll also get access to a career advisor. Since 2007, over 65,000 employees have participated in the Archways to Opportunity program.

How to apply for a job at McDonald’s

If you’d like to apply for a McDonald’s job, you can start by browsing open positions on Jobcase’s job board.

You can apply for some positions online, but we recommend visiting your local store to ask about the hiring process. Some stores are company-owned, while others are franchises, and the way they hire can vary.

Working at McDonald's

Working at McDonald’s can be a good way to gain job experience. Eligible employees get a range of benefits depending on how many hours they work.

Perks include paid leave, paid vacation leave, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance. If you stay with the company long-term, you’ll be rewarded with a sabbatical every ten years.

Plus, you can get an employee discount, a free uniform, and flexible work arrangements. McDonald’s fast-food workers get a competitive salary, and the rate is set to rise over the next few years.

Is it time to start your job search? You can browse our job board. If you want job seeker tips and advice, you can visit our resource center.



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