Electrician resume templates and tips

Last updated: April 23, 2024
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Electrician resume templates and tips
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Becoming an electrician can be a great career move! It pays well and has a promising job outlook with around 82,200 job openings each year.

But to take advantage of those opportunities, you need a strong resume that impresses potential employers. If you’re like a lot of electricians, you would rather be working with your hands than writing up a resume.

So how do you prove that you’re the electrician for the job?

This article has you covered. Follow the simple tips below to create a resume that will get you hired!

What does an electrician do?

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring and electrical components. Some are self-employed, while others work for electrician businesses or in maintenance positions.

Electricians start their careers with apprenticeships. An apprentice electrician works closely with a master electrician, assisting with tasks and learning on the job. After completing the apprenticeship and taking an exam, they can become a journeyman electrician.

After about two years as a journeyman, electricians can take another exam (and, in some states, complete more training) to become a master electrician. Master electricians take on more advanced work and can hire and train other electricians.

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Electricians often specialize in a specific area of electrical work. For example:

  • Residential electrician: Works on electrical systems in people’s homes

  • Commercial electrician: Does electrical work on commercial buildings, such as offices

  • Auto electrician: Maintains and repairs electrical systems in vehicles

  • Marine electrician: Installs and repairs electrical systems in ships and shipyards

  • Oil rig electrician: Works on oil rigs

  • Substation electrician: Works with circuit breakers, transformers, and voltage regulators associated with an electrical substation

  • Highway electrician: Installs and maintains the electrical infrastructure on roadways

What skills do employers look for on electrician resumes?

Electricians need to have a lot of technical skills, also known as hard skills. These are the kinds of things you’ll learn in a training program or during your apprenticeship.

Some important electrician hard skills include:

  • Working with electrical equipment like cables, conduits, transformers, switches, and circuit breakers

  • Installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems

  • Using power tools and hand tools

  • Testing equipment and systems

  • Reading blueprints and schematics

  • Knowledge of safety standards and procedures

  • Quality assurance

  • Knowledge of local regulations

But a great electrician also has soft skills, and hiring managers will want to see evidence of those skills in your resume, cover letter, and interview. Here are a few examples of electrician soft skills.

1. Communication skills

A good electrician communicates well with customers and team members.

Communication is essential for understanding the work that needs to be done or the problem that needs to be solved. It also helps the electrician provide a good customer experience and build up repeat business.

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2. Problem-solving

A big part of an electrician’s work is diagnosing, troubleshooting, and solving issues. Without creativity and problem-solving skills, you won’t be able to help the customer effectively.

3. Time management

An electrician might work on many projects in a day. Time management skills are necessary for getting through a busy schedule.

Electrician resume templates

You can use these electrician resume examples as templates to help you write your own.

Entry-level electrician resume

Jamie Wang
100 Jobcase Ave
New York, NY
(555)555-5555 [email protected]

Professional summary

Certified journeyman electrician with excellent people skills. Focused on residential wiring, repair, and maintenance. Known for providing top-notch customer service.

Professional experience

Apprentice Electrician
Reynolds Electric

  • Worked on a three-person team supervised by a master electrician to install electrical components and systems in residences

  • Serviced 70+ homes per year

  • Communicated with customers about problems and concerns

  • Inspected and diagnosed issues with electrical installations

  • Interpreted schematics and wiring diagrams for each project


  • PLC wiring

  • Knowledge of OSHA guidelines and safety procedures

  • HVAC experience

  • Power generation/distribution systems

  • Communication

  • Organization

  • Time management

Education and Licenses

Journeyman Electrician License
St. Mary’s Technical College, 2021

High School Diploma
Hancock High School, 2017

Why it works
This electrician resume sample emphasizes interpersonal skills alongside technical skills. The candidate points out their communication skills in three places: the resume summary, the work experience section, and the skills section.

Experienced electrician resume

Pat Jordan
50 Jobcase Way
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

Professional summary

Master Electrician with 12 years of experience working on residential and commercial new construction projects. A proven leader and skilled problem-solver.

Professional experience

Master Electrician
Sunshine Electric

  • Managed installation crews

  • Ensured work followed local and national electric codes

  • Trained new workers to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems

  • Provided time and cost estimates

  • Verified time spent and materials used

Journeyman Electrician
DeMott Corporation

  • Installed wires, conduits, and cables

  • Tested electrical systems to ensure proper installation

  • Read and interpreted blueprints

  • Calculated circuit requirements

  • Submitted applications for electrical permits

Apprentice Electrician
Smith Electricians 2008–2010


Master electrician, 2013
Journeyman electrician, 2011


BA, Griffin College, 2007


  • New construction

  • Low and high-voltage systems

  • Blueprint reading

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

Why it works
As your electrician career progresses, you’ll probably take on more advanced work and leadership roles. Emphasizing those capabilities becomes more important than listing the basics. This resume showcases the electrician’s ability to lead a team.

Electrician resume writing tips

Now that you know what an electrician resume looks like, let’s go over four tips you should keep in mind while writing your own resume.

1. Customize your resume

Your professional resume should be customized for each position. You don’t have to totally rewrite it — you can just make some quick changes each time you send it out.

A good way to do this is to use keywords from the job description. For example, if the job ad is looking for an electrician with “knowledge of the construction trades,” use that exact phrase in your resume (assuming it’s true, of course).

2. Include training and certification

If relevant, add a section to your resume for training and certificates. You can include any trade school courses you’ve completed and certifications you’ve received.

Your apprenticeship can go in the work experience section.

3. Emphasize hard and soft skills

Mention both hard and soft skills. You can list these in your skills section or put them in the resume summary.

For example, your summary could say that you’re a “skilled problem-solver” or have “excellent communication skills.”

4. Use a simple resume format

Don’t get too creative with the resume layout. A simple reverse chronological format in an easy-to-read font is best.

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Get your dream electrician job

All that’s standing between you and your ideal electrician position is the perfect resume. Writing it isn’t as hard as it sounds — just follow these tips and use the templates in this article.

Once you’ve written your resume, you can start your job search by finding electrician jobs on Jobcase!



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