DoorDash careers: everything you need to know

Last updated: September 22, 2023
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DoorDash careers: everything you need to know
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DoorDash is a popular platform for on-demand food delivery services. Customers can get meals, groceries, and other goods from local businesses delivered to their door.

In the United States, there are more than 500,000 DoorDash merchant partners.

Worldwide, the company relies on over 6.3 million delivery drivers, also known as Dashers.

If you're looking for work, DoorDash has a range of job opportunities. Whether you want to make extra cash as an independent contractor or secure a full-time senior-level role, DoorDash could be the employer for you.

We're here to give you some insights. In this guide, we'll tell you about the most common DoorDash job types. We'll give you a rundown of the application process, potential benefits, and average salary.

Plus, you'll learn about DoorDash's background check process and tips for getting hired.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash, which first launched on January 12, 2013, is an online food delivery service that started in the United States and has now gone global.

DoorDash operates in 7,000 cities in a range of countries, including Canada, Japan, and Australia.

With DoorDash, customers can use an app to order food, groceries, alcohol, and other items from local businesses. Dashers collect these orders and deliver them to the customers' doors. Dashers get paid per job and can choose their own hours.

Each time a delivery is made, the customer can rate the Dasher. For example, they can say the service was poor, good, or great.

Dashers are independent contractors and part of the gig economy. There are opportunities for Dashers to join DoorDash Drive and deliver higher-value items.

As a tech-savvy company, DoorDash has other innovations, such as DoorDash Labs. This project focuses on automation and robotics.

Why should you work at DoorDash?

People start working for DoorDash for different reasons. If you're looking for a side gig, a Dasher role could be right for you.

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Delivery drivers can choose their own hours and work around family or study commitments. You can get a good work-life balance and give your income a boost.

You'll also get to be part of a team and connect with different people. However, you'll still have the benefit of working independently.

Besides driving, there are other hourly and salaried roles available. Some positions are entry-level, so they're a good way to get into the job market.

DoorDash is a company that prides itself on true innovation, so you'll get experience using the latest technology. DoorDash offers an inclusive work environment and a friendly company culture.

Whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or whenever you feel like it, DoorDash has an option to suit your lifestyle.

If you're interested in a work-from-home role, you can look for a DoorDash remote career.

What do you need to work at DoorDash?

If you want to work as a delivery driver, you'll need a reliable vehicle. Gas prices are high, so having a fuel-efficient car would be beneficial. You should be a confident driver and able to safely navigate busy roads.

To work as a Dasher in the United States, you need to be at least 18 years old. You'll need a smartphone with an Android or iOS platform.

You should be self-motivated, organized, and have good time management skills.

Other roles can require specific skills. For example, if you want to work in customer service, you'll need good communication skills and a positive attitude. Those who want a job in finance should have experience in bookkeeping or accounting.

If you want to work as a software engineer, you'll typically need a college degree, problem-solving skills, and technical skills.

If you've previously worked at a tech or logistics company, that'll be an advantage.

What are the top DoorDash careers?

Want to know more about careers at DoorDash? Here's a look at some of the most popular positions.

1. Dasher

If you're interested in working as a delivery driver, you can apply to work as a Dasher. When a customer orders something from a DoorDash merchant partner, Dashers deliver the item or items to their door.

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You'll be an independent contractor and responsible for getting food delivered on time. This is an entry-level position, and the hours are flexible.

Dashers often work around other commitments, and you will have the flexibility to make deliveries when it suits you.

Experienced drivers can sign up for DoorDash Drive and deliver large or fragile packages.

To work as a Dasher, you'll need a driver's license, a reliable vehicle, and a clean driving record. In some areas, you can make deliveries by bike or scooter.

2. Dasher Experience associate

DoorDash is continuing to expand into different markets. Dasher Experience associates make sure everything continues running smoothly as the company grows.

They make sure drivers feel supported and find solutions to common problems. They work on behalf of Dashers and help them get the most out of the platform.

Dasher Experience associates talk to customers to find out what's working and what's not. They set goals and try to make the experience better for drivers, customers, and partners.

To get a job as a Dasher Experience associate, you'll need customer service, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Experience in a similar role may be required.

3. Fulfillment associate

DoorDash fulfillment associates work in a warehouse setting. This is an entry-level position, but you'll need manual dexterity and the ability to lift heavy objects.

A DoorDash fulfillment associate's top two job duties are receiving inventory from trucks and stocking warehouse shelves.

Fulfillment associates keep the warehouse neat and tidy, sorting goods into batches as orders come in. They may also need to help with other general warehouse duties.

If you want to work as a fulfillment associate, you'll need to be a team player. You should be comfortable using machinery such as pallet jacks and flex conveyors. You'll spend most of your shift on your feet.

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Shifts can be during the day or on evenings and weekends. There are part-time and full-time opportunities available.

4. City specialist

DashMart is a service that can have groceries delivered within 15 minutes. City specialists are salaried employees who work in the marketing department.

These team members work with local communities, businesses, and influencers to promote this new service in each city.

They use their excellent communication skills to find out what customers are looking for. They take this information and make informed decisions about how to market to their audience.

To work in this role, you'll need to be a problem-solver. You should be self-motivated and a team player.

City specialists have a positive attitude and are confident attending events on behalf of DoorDash.

You'll need at least one year of sales or related experience.

5. Front of house associate

​​DoorDash has shared commercial kitchens that restaurant operators can use. The idea is to have a more efficient, quality service for pick-up and delivery.

Front of house associates work in these kitchens. They make sure the orders are prepared and packed correctly and get to the drivers on time.

Front of house associates support senior operations associates and make sure food is handled safely. They may open and close the restaurant, order inventory, and unload deliveries.

They work with merchants and make sure both the restaurant operators and customers have a positive experience.

To work in this role, you'll need to be a good communicator. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and time management are essential.

If you have experience in food services, that'll be an advantage.

6. Warehouse associate

DashMart is a retail warehouse powered by DoorDash. These warehouses are packed with different goods, including pantry items and hard-to-find food products.

DashMart locations stock local produce and well-known brands. Customers can place orders via the DoorDash app, and warehouse associates pick and pack them to ready them for delivery.

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Warehouse associates make sure the warehouse is organized and manage the inventory. They also check stock for signs of damage.

When the Dasher arrives, the associate meets them for the order collection.

You can get a job as a full-time or part-time associate. Shifts can be in the morning or on evenings or weekends.

If you want to work as a warehouse associate, retail experience is beneficial. Customer service, organizational skills, and cash handling skills will also be an advantage.

How to apply for a DoorDash position

If you want to work as a DoorDash driver, you'll need to fill out an online application. To start, head over to the Dasher section on the company's website.

When you sign up for an account, you'll need to provide your contact details and the areas you want to work in. For example, you may be local to San Bernardino, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, or Colorado Springs.

If you'd like to deliver by car, DoorDash will ask for your driver's license number. Before you can start work, you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions. You'll be an independent contractor, so make sure you're aware of your legal commitments.

You'll need to pass a background check and go through an online orientation process. Next, you'll be mailed an activation pack that comes with a hat and prepaid card. You can use this card to pay for customer orders.

View our DoorDash application guide for more Dasher hints and tips.

If you'd prefer a corporate position, DoorDash is hiring in a number of departments, including sales, product and design, and engineering. Browse the careers section to find a job that suits your experience. Read the job advertisements carefully to try to match your skills.

When you hit apply, you'll be directed to an online application form. You'll need to upload a resume and cover letter and share your education details and experience.

Tips to make money as a DoorDash delivery driver

If you get a job as a Dasher, here are our top tips to help you boost your earnings.

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  • Try to be available during peak periods when the pay is higher

  • Increase your rating by grabbing freebies for the customer, such as sauces and napkins

  • Check each order carefully before leaving the restaurant

  • Separate hot and cold food items

  • Choose your jobs carefully, and look for multiple orders in the same location

  • Focus on providing good customer service

  • Get to know your local area

  • Keep your app updated, and check for communication from customers

What are the most common DoorDash benefits?

DoorDash delivery drivers are gig workers. As an independent contractor, you won't be eligible for traditional benefits.

However, you do have options. DoorDash is connected with an insurance company called Stride Health. Dashers can take advantage of low-cost individual health insurance plans that are covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Your plan can include medical insurance, prescription drug coverage, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

DoorDash offers benefits to hard-working Dashers. You can opt-in to the rewards program to get extra perks, such as bonus pay and gas cards.

Check out our DoorDash Dasher benefit guide for more information about driver perks and how to qualify.

Alternatively, salaried and hourly employees in the United States can access a range of comprehensive benefits. This package can include health insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan. You can set pre-tax money aside each pay period and access it when you retire.

There are also wellness benefits that may include a gym membership and supportive health programs.

Furthermore, DoorDash has a generous time-off policy. Depending on your hours, role, and location, you may be eligible for sick days and flexible vacation days.

If you want to know more about your entitlements, you can ask the hiring manager during your interview.

How much can you make at DoorDash?

In the United States, the average salary for someone working at DoorDash is $16.02 per hour.

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The rate for delivery drivers can vary, but you can expect between $9.00 and $23.00 per hour. Customer service representatives make around $19.00 per hour, while customer sales associates make $14.00 per hour.

If you're looking for a DoorDash corporate career, the wages are much higher. For example, a strategy associate makes an average of $94,126 per year, and an operations manager makes around $79,506 per year. Recruiting coordinators make an average of $67,605 per year.

Are you a tech expert? A software engineer can make $155,447 a year. Or, if you're interested in a social media manager position, the average salary is $85,611 a year.

Your experience, education, and location can all have an impact on your wage.

Does DoorDash do a background check?

Yes — if you want to work for DoorDash, you'll need to pass a background check. This is done via Checkr, a third-party background check agency. You'll usually need to supply your Social Security number and address.

Like most companies, DoorDash runs these background checks to keep its employees and customers safe.

There are different types of checks. You can expect a criminal background check that looks at your misdemeanors and felonies. Conviction records can be found in local, state, and national databases.

If you want to work as a Dasher, you'll need to pass a driving background check. They'll check your driving history for any incidents, including DUIs and reckless driving.

If you pass the initial background check, it doesn't end there. Throughout your time working at DoorDash, the company will keep an eye out for any inappropriate behavior on the roads.

It's important that you're a safe, responsible driver, as you'll be representing the DoorDash brand.

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The company doesn't usually do a credit check unless it's relevant to the position.

You can expect your background check to go back at least seven years.

Want to know more? We've put together this DoorDash background check guide.

Does DoorDash do a drug screening check?

No. You won't have to take a drug test for a Dasher delivery driver position.

However, if there are any drug-related offenses on your background check, that could reduce your chances of getting accepted.

If you have any drunk driving offenses on your driving record, they can also prevent you from working as a Dasher.

Depending on your location and the job type, you may need to pass a drug test to get a salaried position.

Where to apply for a DoorDash job

Want to work for DoorDash? You can start your job search by browsing DoorDash positions on our job board. Here, you can create a free account, set up job alerts, and chat with fellow job seekers.

You can even use our free resume builder to create a professional resume.

If you want to apply for a delivery driver position, you can go to the Dasher application page.

Alternatively, you can browse all DoorDash vacancies on the company's website.

Starting your DoorDash career

DoorDash is an innovative company that offers on-demand food delivery for customers.

The company is tech-savvy and has a range of opportunities for job seekers. Dashers are delivery drivers and work as independent contractors.

Plus, there are other salaried and hourly roles, including dasher experience associates, fulfillment associates, city specialists, front of house associates, and warehouse associates.

There's an online application process followed by a background check. DoorDash doesn't do a drug screening test.

There is a range of benefits available depending on your employment type, such as health insurance, competitive salary, and bonuses.

DoorDash is an employer worth considering.

Looking for a new role? Head over to our job board. Before you leave, check out our resource center for more articles.



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