Delivery jobs are booming! Learn more

Last updated: April 12, 2024
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Delivery jobs are booming! Learn more
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With many people still avoiding shopping in brick and mortar stores to buy their daily essentials, delivery jobs across the country are booming! Delivery workers of all types are needed to deliver food and products to consumer homes. Are you looking for a job in an industry that’s growing, instead of shrinking? Take a look at some of these offerings and see what best suits your needs!

So what types of delivery jobs are out there?

“Delivery” doesn’t describe just one job. In essence, all delivery jobs are about the same thing, getting a product from the seller to the consumer, but there are different ways that this occurs, according to the type of product, where it’s coming from, and the system used to facilitate the delivery process.

So what type of jobs in delivery can you select from, and what will you have to do in your day-to-day if you choose to work them. Great question! Here’s a quick break-down of some of the delivery jobs you have to choose from…

Restaurant food delivery jobs

Restaurant delivery drivers use an app on their phone to receive notices from restaurants about orders they’ll need delivered. Delivery drivers use their own cars to drive to the restaurant, confirm pickup on their phone, and drive the food to the customer’s house where they ensure the customer receives their food.

Since these jobs are often offered through gig services, drivers can choose to work as much or as little as they want to. Pay may be variable for these positions for this reason, however a tipping system customers can apply in their apps helps drivers supplement their income with a little extra cash. Many of these jobs, also allow drivers to schedule their pay, or cash out earnings, whenever they need them. So if you’re looking for some extra cash quickly, this may be a good option for you!

Interested? UberEats is hiring!

Same-day grocery delivery jobs

Grocery delivery drivers do more than just pick up and deliver food! In some positions, delivery drivers do the in-store shopping as well. A driver will get their customer’s order, shop for all of the items the customer has added, and drive the completed order to the customer’s house. These orders usually will take one to two hours to complete, and may require you to communicate with a customer on your phone if one of their items is out of stock in the store. Because orders generally cost more, you can expect larger tips as well! This job is a bi like Supermarket Sweeps, but with more reliable pay!

Delivery drivers/shoppers for this job can also choose to work whenever is most convenient for them, so this should work for you if you really need something quick to get you some more income!

Interested? Instacart and Postmates are hiring!

Package carrier delivery jobs

Out of all of these jobs, this delivery job type is the most structured. You will be held to a schedule, determined by a manager, and may be required to wear a company uniform while working. You may also be required to complete additional training in order to to fully qualified for this type of position, including additional licensing in order to operate a large delivery truck, or fitness certification to determine if you are physically capable of performing your duties.

What you will get in a delivery job like this, however, that you won’t get as much of in other delivery jobs, is a higher salary and a standard benefits package. You will also have the additional support of a management structure, rather than being a partner or contract worker. If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, with a great salary and growth opportunities, this may be the position for you!

Interested? UPS is hiring!

Contract package delivery

Contracted package delivery associates work with a larger company to deliver packages, much like normal delivery drivers, however, some of the requirements are different for these positions. Eligibility requirements may be less stringent for contract delivery workers, so this job is a great way to get your foot in the door if you’d like to transition into delivering packages without having CDL licensing or DOT verification.

These jobs may provide less benefits to their workers, however they offer up to $15 or more to applicants, which is a great starting hourly wage for an entry level job! Here are some things you may be required to do, if you choose to apply to one of these jobs:

  • Drive a delivery van
  • Work up to 10 hours per day, for between 4 and 5 days per week
  • Use provided tech to track package deliveries as you make them
  • Be able to lift packages that are up to 70 pounds
  • Communicate with customers pleasantly

Interested? Amazon Delivery Service Partners is hiring!

How can I deliver safely?

You may be asking yourself how safe jobs like this may be, while COVID-19 is still active in our communities. Working a delivery job means putting yourself into potential contact with many people in a day, so it's important that you follow the World Health Organization's guidance on COVID-19 safety to the letter. If you're interested in learning more about what WHO recommends click HERE.

Companies are also stepping up to support their drivers. Want to learn how? Check out these statements from well known delivery service providers.

"Over the last several weeks, we’ve been working with several third-party manufacturers and consulting with medical and infectious disease experts to source and develop new health and safety kits for full-service shoppers that include face masks, hand sanitizer, and a thermometer."
- Instacart

"Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and we expect to invest approximately $4 billion through June on COVID-related initiatives getting products to customers and keeping employees safe. This includes investments related to COVID-19 safety measures."

"At UPS, our employees are the most valuable resource we have, so we are doing everything we can to make sure they are safe and healthy on the job during this unprecedented time."

"We are working to provide drivers with disinfectants to help you keep your car clean. Supplies are very limited, but we’re partnering with manufacturers and distributors to source as much as possible. We’ll be prioritizing distribution to drivers in cities with the greatest need."

"We launched the Postmates Fleet Relief Fund to help our fleet cover medical expenses related to COVID-19, regardless of diagnosis. Additionally, active members of the fleet who receive a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 or who are required to self-quarantine based on infection may be eligible to access additional funds to offset up to 2-weeks of lost income while they recover."

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