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Last updated: February 26, 2024
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Cybercoder benefits
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Cybercoders is a nationwide recruiting firm. The company matches quality candidates to permanent positions.

The team specializes in a range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, finance, construction, engineering, and healthcare.

Cybercoders has over 250 efficient recruiters and is currently on the lookout for more team members.

If you get a job at Cybercoders, your role will come with a comprehensive benefits plan. If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, your plan will come with health, financial, lifestyle, and retirement benefits. Plus, there are plenty of career growth opportunities for those who want long-term success.

Here's a breakdown of some of the key perks you can expect if you get hired at Cybercoders.

What is Cybercoders?

Cybercoders is a permanent placement recruiting firm. It's based in the United States and uses innovative technology to match candidates to employers.

It all began in 1999, and since the launch of Cybercoders, tens of thousands of jobs have been filled. The company has won multiple awards, including America's Best Professional Recruiting Firm by Forbes and the Top Workplace Cultural Excellence Awards in numerous categories.

Cybercoders is an equal opportunity employer. It has a positive company culture and promotes diversity and inclusion. Team members are expected to work independently without the need for micromanagement.

Most people who work for Cybercoders are recruiters. These workers use their networking skills to set up job interviews between job seekers and companies that are looking to hire. Recruiters can receive bonuses for meeting targets.

Positions are flexible, with remote options for those looking for a good work-life balance. Employees get all the tools they need to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

What skills do you need to work at Cybercoders?

The skills you'll need depend on the job title. For example, if you're applying for an executive recruiter role, sales or recruiting experience is preferred.

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If you have a college degree, it'll be an advantage. Technical recruiters are similar, with less experience required.

Recruiters need excellent communication skills. They should feel confident talking on the phone and sending professional emails. The role involves networking, so you should be comfortable meeting new people and building a database of clients.

You should be tech savvy and willing to use a range of company tools. If you're working remotely, you should have a quiet workspace.

To work at Cybercoders, you'll need a positive attitude and self-motivation.

What benefits do you get at Cybercoders?

Think you'd be a good fit for Cybercoders? The benefits package includes a pension plan, health insurance, workplace flexibility, and more.

Not all benefits are company-wide. Your job title, hours worked, and experience can all have an impact on your benefit eligibility.

Not sure what to expect? Here are some of the top perks you may get at Cybercoders.

1. Health and wellness benefits

Interested in health benefits? You'll get a customizable health plan with options for your whole family.

If you're eligible, your package will come with medical coverage. This will reduce the cost of hospital visits and some surgeries. You can also use it for doctor's appointments, preventative medicine, and tests.

Another healthcare perk is prescription drug coverage. When you purchase common medications, the cost will be significantly reduced.

Your package may come with dental insurance. You'll be covered when you go to the dentist for standard procedures, including checkups, fillings, and root canals. You can build on your package and add advanced treatments such as orthodontics and dentures.

Plus, you'll get vision insurance. The coverage can be used for routine eye exams, new eyeglasses and contact lenses, and laser eye surgery.

You could be eligible for life insurance and short-term and long-term disability insurance.

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2. Workplace flexibility

One of the best perks you'll get at Cybercoders is a flexible schedule. As long as you get your work done to a high standard, you can juggle your role with your other commitments.

Many of the roles are remote, so you can say goodbye to the long daily commute. Even though you're encouraged to work independently, you'll still feel like part of the team. For example, there may be company social outings that you'll be invited to.

Your work attire will be relaxed. When meeting clients, you should wear business casual, but you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in when working from home.

Need time off to attend a medical appointment? Or do you need to change your schedule to suit your family? This company gives you the flexibility you need.

3. Time off benefits

Your time off benefits will depend on where you live and how many hours you work. For example, employees in Colorado will be eligible for paid sick leave.

If you get paid sick leave, there'll be a set amount of allocated days off each year.

Your role may come with other time off benefits, including vacation days and mental health days.

4. Retirement benefits

When it's time to retire, you’ll need money in your savings to live comfortably. You can prepare for your senior years now with a retirement plan.

Cybercoders offers a 401(k) retirement plan. If you want to participate, you can set aside some of your pre-tax income. Over time your savings will grow, and the company will match some of your contributions.

When you're ready to give up your day job, you can use the money from your 401(k) plan. If you change jobs, you won't lose your savings.


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In addition to the retirement plan, Cybercoders offers an employee stock option.

5. Financial benefits

Cybercoders employees get a competitive salary. For recruiter jobs, you'll get a base rate with unlimited commissions.

For example, if you work as a recruiter, the advertised full-time salary range is between $40,000 and $500,000. Your final salary will depend on how hard you work, your sales skills, and the types of connections you make.

A remote inside sales representative can make between $80,000 and $150,000 per year.

There are a few other job types available. Someone working as a recruiting admin in California can make between $45,000 and $55,000 per year, depending on experience.

If you have computer skills, you can apply for a job as an IT support technician. The average salary is between $55,000 and $65,000 per year.

There are opportunities to improve your income. For example, management training programs are available for those looking for a long-term career path.

6. Parenting benefits

Hitting the pause button on your career to start a family is possible. Some Cybercoders workers get paid parental leave.

Because it’s a flexible workplace, there are options to get extra time off. Once your paid parental leave ends, you can request unpaid leave. You can ask about your eligibility during your job interview.

If you have a remote position, you can create a schedule that suits your family.

Cybercoders application tips

Thinking about applying for a job at Cybercoders? Whether you want to work as a recruiter or in another department, we’re here to help.

Take a look at these top tips to help you get hired.

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  • Create a professional, one-page resume. You can use our free resume builder.

  • Focus on your sales experience and customer service skills.

  • Check out these common interview questions before you meet the hiring manager.

  • Think about your lifestyle and the hours you’d be prepared to work.

  • Start growing your professional network. Use social media to make new connections.

  • Set up a remote workspace in your home. You’ll also need a reliable internet connection.

  • Research the company, and visit the brand’s website and social media pages.

  • Check your resume for spelling and grammatical errors

  • Make sure your contact details are up to date.

  • Sign up for a free account on the Cybercoders careers page.

Where to find a job at Cybercoders

Visit our job board and search for Cybercoders, and you’ll find current vacancies in your area. If you want to work from home, select “remote work only” to narrow down your search.

While you’re there, set up email job alerts, so you never miss a vacancy.

There are other companies looking for recruiters. If this is a career that suits your skills, you can browse all recruiter positions in your area.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the Cybercoders careers page. You’ll find more information about the company and a list of job descriptions. When you find something, you like, hit apply.

The top Cybercoders benefits

Cybercoders could be the company for you. Your next career opportunity could be just around the corner.

If you get a job at this recruitment agency, you may be eligible for a range of benefits. There are health insurance benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

It’s a flexible work environment with remote options. You’ll get time off, vacation leave, and parental leave for a good work-life balance.

Plus, there’s a retirement plan, stock options, and a competitive salary. If you’re outgoing and enjoy working independently, Cybercoders could be right for you.

Start your career search by visiting our job board. Want more articles? Go to our resource center for interview and application tips.

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