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Last updated: June 22, 2024
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Costco background check
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Looking for a job that pays well and comes with amazing benefits? Costco Wholesale could be a great option for you.

However, you need to know that Costco completes background checks on all applicants who receive an offer of employment. If you have a criminal record, don’t give up just yet — Costco has been known to hire people with misdemeanors and felonies before.

While you can still get hired at Costco if something shows up on your background check, you’ll have a better chance of landing the job if you understand what they’re looking for. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about the Costco background check.

What is a Costco background check?

A Costco background check is a procedure the company uses to vet potential hires during the hiring process. Costco verifies your criminal record and other background information before they make a hiring decision.

If you want to apply to work at Costco, keep in mind that employment at this company is contingent on the background check and its results. However, Costco will always need to ask for your consent first before they run a background report on you.

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What does Costco look for on a background check?

Costco doesn’t just look at your criminal history during a background check. They’ll verify other pertinent information, such as your Social Security number. This check is only to make sure you are who you claim you are — and that you’re eligible to work.

Costco also verifies your driving and motor vehicle records. So, if you have something on your driving record that no longer shows up in your criminal history — like a DUI — they’ll be able to access that information. That’s because driving records always show up, no matter how old they are.

During the background check, Costco will also look at your educational background. Remember that you don’t necessarily need a college degree to work at Costco. However, they verify your educational information for two reasons:

  • To make sure you’re telling the truth about your education background on your resume

  • To validate credentials for hires who need a college degree, like pharmacists

Finally, Costco will do a simple reference check. In this type of check, they’ll verify if the following information is correct and valid:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Any other contact information

However, Costco doesn’t check your credit history or credit score. While some background checks verify this information, Costco doesn’t. So you don’t have to worry if you have a less than ideal credit score.

What if you want to know what came up on your background check? According to Costco’s policies, you’re entitled to that information. If you have any questions about what came up on your background check, you can ask for that information using the Rights Request form.

What is the Costco background check process?

First, know that Costco doesn’t run background checks on applicants early in the process. They only screen applicants who’ve made it to a conditional offer of employment. This means you won’t need to worry about a background check during the application or interview phases.

Costco doesn’t run a background check on all applicants in order to make sure everyone has a fair chance dring recruitment. They won’t discriminate against applicants who have a record before they have a chance to speak to them in person during the interview.

As a result, any worker — no matter the criminal history — has the chance to receive a job offer based solely on their own merits.

What does the process look like when Costco runs a background check after giving you a conditional job offer?

First, they cross-reference the information on your application. Next, you’ll need to confirm you’re eligible to work with E-Verify.

Afterward, Costo runs the remainder of your background check using a third-party company. The check usually looks at the past seven years of history, although older driving records can show up.

There’s no need to do anything while Costco performs your background check. Once you give your consent, you can sit tight and wait.

What can disqualify you on a Costco background check?

Disqualifications from a conditional job offer at Costco are usually on a case-by-case basis. But several red flags have a high likelihood of getting you disqualified.

For instance, Costco doesn’t like application discrepancies or lies. So, if you lied on your resume, it’s best to either be upfront about it before the background check or withdraw your application.

Costco also dislikes discovering a criminal record you weren’t honest about. Additionally, avoid giving false references. If they discover your references were false during your background check, this may disqualify you, too.

Finally, Costco won’t like it if you have past employers who have negative things to say about you. If you have a rocky relationship with a past employer, it’s best to be upfront about it during the interview and explain the reasons behind this friction.

Can you get a job at Costco if you have a felony?

Costco hires applicants with felonies and misdemeanors. They understand many American workers have a criminal record and need a second chance.

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That doesn’t mean they hire all applicants who have felonies. Whether they’ll hire someone with a felony depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of felony conviction

  • Time since release

  • Honesty during the interview process

  • The manager’s personal views

Costco’s biggest concerns are keeping the work environment safe and hiring someone honest who will do good work.

How to run a background check on yourself before applying to Costco

Your best bet if you want to work at Costco is to be proactive and get a full picture of your background before you apply. This will allow you to be honest once you make it to the interview stage.

To run a background check on yourself, you can use third-party companies such as TruthFinder or Instant Checkmate. You’ll need to pay a fee to run the background check.

If you decide to run the check, make sure you’re submitting the correct information. One tiny typo could cause you to perform a check on someone else.

What you can do if something shows up on your background check

If you really want to get a job at Costco, here’s what to do if something shows up on your background check — or if you already know you’ve got something on your record.

1. Consider expunging your record

Did you know that over 100 million Americans have a criminal record?

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So you’re not alone if you have a criminal record, too.

You can get your record expunged in some cases. But not all states treat expunging records the same way.

Expunged records won’t show up on a background check. However, expunging your record can be a lengthy and expensive process, so it’s not accessible to everyone.

2. Look into the store manager for the location you’re applying to

Hiring people who have a criminal record is done on a case-by-case basis at Costco. That’s why it’s important to know who will be interviewing you and who you’ll be working under.

Consider going to your local Costco and introducing yourself to the hiring manager. If you establish a good relationship and make a great first impression, a manager will have a better chance to see your strengths before you speak about your prior record.

3. Continue with the application process despite your record

You won’t know whether you’ll get the job at Costco unless you try and apply. Consider applying even if you can’t get your record expunged.

Be upfront about your record during your interview. Explain your current situation and what you’re doing to remain an honest, hardworking person.

Choose professional attire during the interview. Costo is a casual employer, so business casual attire can work. However, step it up with business formal if you want to emphasize your professionalism.

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4. Consider other employers who hire people with felonies

You’ll have better chances of landing a job if you have a felony when you diversify your opportunities. This means you should also apply to other companies, even if you think you’ve got a good chance at Costco.

Costco isn’t the only company that hires people with a criminal record.

For instance, companies like Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Starbucks have been said to hire workers who have felonies.

No matter which company you apply to, remember to always be honest about your situation and never try to hide your record.

Be ready for the Costco background check

Costco wants to hire honest, hardworking people. In many cases, those people are also the same people who are looking for a second chance after a felony. Be upfront and honest about your past and clarify how you intend to move forward in the future — and you’ll have a much better chance at landing a job at Costco.

Looking for other job opportunities and second chances? Join Jobcase for free to access a network of like-minded workers and get support throughout your journey.



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