Co-workers like family

Last updated: July 20, 2024
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Co-workers like family

At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves spending more time with our colleagues than with our own family members. Yet what happens if they become one and the same?

When the employees at the Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama heard that their co-worker Timothy Harrison had decided not to attend his own high school graduation because he couldn't find a ride they acted** FAST**!

Timothy showed up for his shift just like any other day and didn't even have his cap and gown, or graduation tickets. According to WVTM 13, Harrison had been working at the Waffle House for just over a month and was finishing up his senior year at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham.

Graduating high school is a rite of passage for many, but for Timothy when he couldn't find a ride across town he decided to just head to work like any other day. Timothy's boss and co-workers were stunned that he would miss his graduation and refused to let it happen.

His Waffle House work-family came together and purchased Timothy some dress clothes including slacks, a new shirt, and a tie. They headed over to the high school to make sure he could get his cap and gown. Timothy's manager even went out of his way to drive him the 20 miles across town just in time for graduation!

Timothy's work-family changed his life forever not just by encouraging him to attend his graduation, but soon after his story went viral a local college reached out and offered him a full scholarship.

You truly never know how the people you work with could impact your life!

I am not sure if any of you have watched the Mary Tyler Moore Show, but I have MANY times. I watched it on "late night tv" when such a thing existed. I remember the last episode where Mary was debating if being too close to her co-workers was a bad thing. In the episode, she tells her co-workers,

“I get to thinking my job is too important to me. And I tell myself that the people I work with are just the people I work with and not my family. And last night I thought, ‘What is a family anyway?’ They’re just people who make you feel less alone and really loved. And that’s what you’ve done for me."

I know in the past when I worked with some amazing people my days were just a little bit brighter and I loved my job that much more! Whether it was having lunch together and swapping stories and sharing a few laughs or having some of my work-family members kindly give me rides to and from work for a week when my car suddenly died. Whatever the circumstance it's a great feeling to find co-workers that will support you no matter what, and our Jobcase community happens to agree!

"Definitely being part of an incredible team is important. The more experienced I become in my career, the more good communication, morale, and loyalty come into play with my coworkers. That makes or breaks the success of an organization/project/career."
- Jobcase member Megan Jordan

"45 years of working has taught me; It’s not what you do, but who you do it with that makes the difference of a job being joyful, or being miserable."
- Jobcase member Ken Buffie

"A job truly is home away from home & home is where you find comfort, caring, & community."
- Jobcase member Debra Ethan

At the end of the day you just never know how your work-family may support you whether it's today, tomorrow, or 15 years down the road.

We hope this feel-good story puts a smile on your face! Now it's time to share your thoughts!

Would you rather make more money or have wonderful co-workers that feel like family?



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