Top 15 careers for INTP personality types

Last updated: February 27, 2024
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Top 15 careers for INTP personality types
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Some employers may ask you to take a personality test before offering you a job.

The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test is one of the most common. This test groups people into 16 different categories. Knowing which Myers-Briggs personality type you are could help you choose the right career path.

3.3% of the U.S. population has the INTP personality type.

Today, we're going to tell you about INTPs and what they're like at work.

We'll give you a list of the best INTP careers and which to avoid.

Not sure if you're an INTP?

Follow these two steps to find the best job for your personality type:

  1. Find out your personality type for free on 16 Personalities: take the free Personality Test

  2. Return to to visit our resource center and find the best jobs for your personality. It’s a great way to kick off the job search and discover the best match for your personality type!

What is an INTP?

The 16 Myers-Briggs personalities are:

















They are each a mix of the following:

  • Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E)

  • Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)

  • Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

  • Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

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INTP stands for introversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving.

These intuitive personality types are often introverts and focus on the big picture. They're good at problem-solving and enjoy challenges with elements of theory and logic.

They’re quiet and intelligent, and they often have abstract ideas. They can adapt to changing situations and think quickly on their feet.

Sometimes INTP personality types can appear to be critical, and they aren't easily fooled.

The INTP personality is more common among males, with 72% of INTPs being male and 28% being female.

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Three famous INTPs are Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Sir Isaac Newton.

Some of the top characteristics of INTPs include the following:

  • Quiet

  • Intuitive

  • Objective

  • Logical

  • Reflective

  • Rational

  • Curious

  • Strategic

  • Future-oriented

  • Problem solver

  • Critical thinker

  • Fact oriented

What are INTPs like at work?

They’re self-motivated and like to understand how things work. And they like to solve complex problems.

INTPs prefer a flexible work environment. They can find it difficult to follow the rules and thrive when they have the freedom to explore their own ideas. They're inventive and often behind innovation. INTPs need to feel fulfilled at work.

An INTP can accept limited feedback, but it has to be relevant and constructive.

Some INTPs start their own businesses, while others prefer not to deal directly with customers. They can be a good fit for the technology, finance, and construction industries.

What INTPs look for in a career

Here are some of the main things INTPs look for when choosing a career:


The INTP personality is the most independent out of all personality types. Since INTPs are introverted and independent, they love to work alone or in a small team.

Not only does working alone or in small groups give them a chance to explore connections in their heads and get into their analytical flow, but it also allows them to express their ideas to others without feeling judged.

Furthermore, they’ll feel less crowded and micromanaged — causing them to be more creative and productive.


One of the main drivers of INTPs is to have their ideas change the world. Therefore, they find themselves highly motivated and energized when the work they do makes an impact — either in their field or for clients.

They want a job where they are affecting change and encouraging development. These individuals won't be satisfied with a repetitive job.

Creative freedom

They’re great problem solvers and tend to come up with excellent ideas rather quickly. However, those ideas won’t mean a thing if they’re in an environment where they aren’t given a chance or valued.

They may often come up with unique solutions and untested solutions. Thus, they need an environment where they’re allowed to readily experiment.

Mental stimulation

INTPs are known for their intellectual tendencies. They enjoy using their mental muscles to solve complex problems — specifically those that don’t have set-in-stone answers.

As such, they don’t do well in environments where they feel undervalued, controlled, or intellectually limited.

What are the best jobs for INTPs?

If you're an INTP, here are 15 career paths you may like to consider:

Business careers

1. Business analyst

Business analysts are responsible for assessing how businesses are performing and helping them improve their processes to get better results. This job requires great analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to come up with “outside the box” solutions.

INTP personality types have great analytical capabilities they can use as business analysts. This position presents opportunities for innovation and helps INTPs feel like the work they’re doing is making a difference.

Some of the solutions they come up with may include streamlining production, finding ways to keep projects organized, and improving financial management.

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Browse business analyst jobs on our job board.

2. Writer

INTPs can make good writers. They'll usually prefer topics that require logical thinking, so they may look for careers as journalists, authors, ghostwriters, or technical writers.

They work with different communication mediums, including newspapers, the Internet, books, and academic papers. Some writers are employed full-time or part-time, while others are freelancers.

Writers communicate ideas using words. They use computers to write books or articles and often work with publishers.

It's an independent role with long hours spent working alone. This can suit an introverted INTP, and they may enjoy researching new ideas. Writers need typing skills and good time management.

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Some writers have a college degree, while others are self-taught.

You can browse writer positions on our job board.

3. Researcher

Researchers are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data. They often work at academic businesses, laboratories, or medical practices.

The data they find is used to help companies make better decisions regarding their processes and products. It also helps them predict trends and determine the best way to move forward.

For example, researchers may be asked to find data regarding a specific type of medicine and how people are reacting to it. This way, the laboratory can choose whether to incorporate it into its plans.

The job of a researcher revolves around numbers and research strategy — which is ideal for INTPs. They’ll also primarily be working on their own or in a small group.

Browse researcher positions on our job board.

4. Graphic designer

Graphic designers use computer programs and tools to create visual images. They primarily work on software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, CorelDraw, and more.

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While graphic design may not seem like an obvious choice, and some INTPs do have difficulty being creative, following instructions, and dealing with fickle customers, it’s still a great choice.

This is because INTPs are problem-solvers, and design is about finding a solution to a problem.

INTPs will enjoy the varied work, independence, and challenge of creating a finished product they're happy with.

They often enjoy using technology and coming up with new ideas.

Some graphic designers have a bachelor's degree, while others are self-taught.

You can browse graphic designer positions on our job board.

Construction careers

5. Architect

Architects create plans for building construction — either commercial or residential. They use a mixture of creativity and logic to create these plans, making it the ideal position for the INTP personality type.

With the help of their logic, critical thinking, and creativity, they’re able to create buildings that are both beautiful and functional. Other duties of this career include meeting with clients and discussing technical functions and making sure everything is the way the client wants it.

Architects also often work on their own or in small teams — making it the ideal setting for them to explore their creativity and come up with unique solutions. Most architects need a diploma or degree.

Browse architect positions on our job board.

6. Electrician

Electricians work with electricity and its components. They install wiring systems and make repairs. Some electricians run their own businesses.

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Some INTPs like to work with their hands. Electricians often work on job sites with little supervision, making it an ideal career for the independent INTP.

Electricians use different machinery and tools. As such, they need to understand engineering. The problem-solving and repairing faults that come with this career may prove satisfying to an INTP.

Electricians need math skills, and they need to know how to read technical drawings. Some electricians work with new technology, such as solar power and batteries.

Most electricians complete an apprenticeship program. They also need a license.

You can browse electrician positions on our job board.

7. Mechanic

INTPs can have successful careers as mechanics. It's a hands-on role, and most mechanics work independently.

Mechanics repair and maintain vehicles. They use tools and computer programs to diagnose problems.

Mechanics change oil, replace brake pads, and change tires. They perform regular services and emergency repairs.

INTPs who are physically fit and interested in cars will be a good match for this role. They'll need to solve problems and troubleshoot faults. The workday can be varied so the INTP won't get bored.

To become a mechanic, you can complete a post-secondary course or an apprenticeship.

You can browse mechanic positions on our job board.

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Financial careers

8. Financial planner

Financial planners help their clients manage budgets, plan, and invest for the future.

INTPs may enjoy using their analytical skills to examine finances and find profitable solutions.

Most INTPs are introverts, so they may prefer to work for a company rather than chase their own customers.

If the position is repetitive, INTPs can get bored. Those who are interested in working as a financial planner should look for a job with variety. For example, they may like to work with clients who have diverse portfolios and multiple investments.

Most financial planners have a bachelor's degree.

You can search for financial planner positions on our job board. You may also be interested in working as a financial analyst.

Technical careers

9. Computer programmer

Computer programmers create and test programs and applications using code.

Programming is a dream career for many INTPs because they get to use technology and solve complex problems.

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There's very little small talk, and there’s often the freedom to work unsupervised.

Computer programmers can work in small teams with colleagues who have similar skill sets.

The role can be challenging, with no room for error, which is ideal for perfectionist INTPs. While some INTPs aren't interested in computing, most thrive in the tech industry.

Computer programmers generally have a bachelor's degree.

You can browse computer programmer positions on our job board. Alternatively, you can look for a job as a software engineer.

10. Security analyst

INTPs excel in analytical careers. One of the top INTP career matches is for information security analysts.

Security analysts work for companies and keep a lookout for internet security breaches. They make sure sensitive data is protected and maintain any software.

They test security systems to make sure they're safe and stay up to date with trends. If there’s a data breach, the security analyst will write a report.

Security analysts work with complex systems, and they make sure other team members know how to use the network.

The role requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Security analysts have to work independently, which is ideal for INTPs. Most positions require a bachelor’s degree or industry experience.

You can browse security analyst roles on our job board.

11. Web developer

Web developers are responsible for creating and maintaining websites for clients and companies. Some of their duties may include coding, simplifying navigation for users, and improving the loading speeds of sites.

Thus, they need to know different coding languages and have great technical skills.

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Since web developers work on tasks that include a lot of ideation and technical aspects, it’s ideal for INTPs. This career also means that they’ll be working individually on many projects — giving them the freedom to explore their own ideas.

Most web developers require a bachelor’s degree in web development or computer science, but some are able to land jobs after completing a coding bootcamp or building an impressive portfolio of projects on their own.

Browse web developer jobs on our job board.

12. Database administrator

Another job title in the tech field is database administrator. These workers manage virtual databases and make sure they're secure.

There's a wide range of uses for databases. For example, they can be used to store customer information, financial details, and memberships.

Because businesses store private information, all databases need to be secure with the right permissions. Database administrators design, manage, and back up these systems.

INTPs often like working in technology, and this role will be challenging and flexible.

Database administrators often work unsupervised. Technology is changing all the time, so there's always something new to learn.

Database administrators usually have a college degree or experience in the field.

You can browse database administrator positions on our job board.

Education careers

13. School teacher

INTPs can make good school teachers and college professors. These personality types have a lot to offer, and can enjoy the challenge of teaching a diverse range of students.

The personality type traits that suit teaching include problem-solving and quick thinking. INTPs may prefer to teach subjects like science and math.

(Image Source)

Teachers plan lessons and teach in classrooms. They manage discipline, create lesson plans, and engage students.

They follow a curriculum and update parents on the progress of their children.

Teachers need to stay up to date with administrative duties and may need to supervise students outside of the classroom.

You’ll need a college degree and license to work as a teacher.

You can browse teacher positions on our job board.

Science careers

14. Medical scientist

INTPs often look for career opportunities in science. One option is medical science, where you could work as a medical scientist or a medical examiner.

Medical scientists study diseases. They research treatments and try to find ways to prevent diseases from spreading in the community.

They work with medical samples and test new drugs. Medical scientists work for governments and health departments.

To work in this role, you'll need to use problem-solving skills and analytical skills. It suits quiet INTPs who want to work in a small team with little supervision.

It's a career that can be varied and gives INTPs the freedom to research, analyze, and troubleshoot.

You can browse medical scientist positions on our job board.

Law careers

15. Lawyer

Lawyers are responsible for working with and representing clients in courtrooms or legal meetings. Other duties include communicating with clients, judges, or colleagues to determine the best approaches, doing research, and more.

The logistical and analytical nature of a career in law fits perfectly with an INTP personality. They can do exceptionally well in this career since their critical thinking and problem-solving skills can help clients win their cases.

This career is also very impactful since it can often mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment or massive financial loss vs. no financial loss. Thus, INTPs will feel like they’re making a difference in their clients’ lives.

You’ll need a Juris Doctorate (JD) and to pass the Bar exam to become a lawyer.

Browse legal positions on our job board.

Other career paths for INTPs

If you're an INTP, you may also like to work as a journalist, environmental engineer, biomedical engineer, management analyst, data analyst, software developer, forensic scientist, electrical engineer, or logician.

What jobs should INTPs avoid?

There are some jobs that INTPs should avoid. If you want long-term job satisfaction, these jobs may not be right for you:

  • Hairdresser

  • Sales representative

  • Telemarketer

  • Politician

  • Beautician

  • Musician

  • Fitness trainer

  • Receptionist

Getting a job as an INTP

If you have the personality traits of an INTP, you'll likely be an introvert. You'll also be analytical and enjoy a challenge.

We explained what an INTP is and what they're like at work.

We also told you about some of the best careers for this personality type. Our list included graphic designers, electricians, financial planners, and computer programmers. We went through each position and showed you where to start your job search.

Finally, we gave you a list of jobs you should avoid.

Want more career choices? You can browse our job board for positions in your area. Simply head over to the job board, type in the job you’re looking for alongside your location, and search.

Also, if you want more job tips, make sure you visit our resource center.



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