Everything you need to know about starting a career at Best Buy

Last updated: September 21, 2023
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Everything you need to know about starting a career at Best Buy
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Does your dream career involve working with the latest consumer electronics, helping customers find the perfect technology solutions for their needs, and being part of a constantly innovating and evolving company? If so, then a Best Buy career might be the perfect fit for you!

Best Buy is one of the world’s biggest retailers of consumer electronics, computers, and entertainment products and is always looking for passionate and customer-focused people to join the team. This article will tell you everything you need to know about starting a career at Best Buy, from the types of positions available to the best way to apply.

What is Best Buy?

Best Buy is a major provider of technology products, services, and solutions. First founded in 1966, Best Buy has grown to become one of the world's largest retailers of consumer electronics, with more than 1,100 stores across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The U.S. alone holds 956 of those stores.

In addition to Best Buy's employee perks, the company was included on Forbes’ 2022 Best Employers for Diversity list. This is the fourth consecutive year Best Buy has earned a spot on the list, which recognizes organizations with exceptional workplace diversity and inclusion practices.

The company's mission is to help consumers find the right technology solutions for their needs. To do this, Best Buy offers a wide range of products and services, from the latest consumer electronics and entertainment products to expert services like Geek Squad.

Best Buy also offers a unique shopping experience through its customer-focused approach and knowledgeable sales associates. In addition, the organization is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

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Overall, Best Buy is an excellent company for those just entering the workforce and looking for an exciting and challenging career. The company offers a wide range of positions, from sales associates to store managers, and provides employees with opportunities to grow and enhance their skills.

Individuals with more training or experience can also find a role at Best Buy's corporate offices, which are located in Richfield, Minnesota. Employees work in various departments, including marketing, finance, and human resources.

As a company, Best Buy is constantly innovating and evolving. This means there are always new products and services to learn about and ways to help customers. It's an exciting place to work, with plenty of opportunities for career growth.

Important skills for a Best Buy career

If you're considering applying for a new career at Best Buy, it's important to know what skill set and abilities the company is looking for in its employees.

While each position has specific requirements, some general skills and qualities will help you succeed in any role at Best Buy. It is important to mention that this is a guide to skills needed for Best Buy, but those that are just entering the workforce or without experience may not have all of these skills.

First and foremost, Best Buy is looking for individuals who are passionate about technology and helping others. If you’re not interested in the latest technologies, it's probably not the best fit for you. Next, let's look at some Best Buy skills in more detail.

Customer service: As a customer-focused company, excellent customer service is essential. This means being able to handle customer interactions and confrontations in a patient and friendly manner. Some customer service tasks are challenging and require problem-solving skills.

Product knowledge: Product knowledge is one of the most important skills for any Best Buy employee. You need to be able to understand the features and benefits of the products you're selling and discuss them with customers in a way that is easy to understand. This requires both product knowledge and people skills.

Sales skills: Sales skills are important in any retail position, but they're especially crucial at Best Buy. A successful sales associate can identify customers' needs and recommend the best products to meet those needs. They should also be comfortable with closing techniques and handling objections.

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Communication skills: Communication skills are important in any job, but they're especially important in customer-facing positions. You need to be able to communicate politely with customers, other employees, and managers. This includes verbal and written communication.

Organizational skills: Organizational skills are important in any retail position, as you'll need to keep track of inventory levels and ensure that the store is tidy and organized.

Time management skills: These skills are important in any job, but they're especially important in retail. You must prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively to meet deadlines and keep the store running smoothly.

Computer skills: Computer skills are important in any job, but they're especially important at Best Buy. This is a technology company, so you'll need to be comfortable using a computer and navigating different software programs.

These are just some of the essential skills for a career at Best Buy. If you have these skills, you're well on your way to a new Best Buy career.

If you're still unsure what to do with your career, a job at Best Buy might be a great place to start. You're sure to discover something that sparks your unique interests with so many different departments and opportunities. We've got you covered if you're unsure where to start. Here are a few well-known jobs at Best Buy.

Geek Squad agent

One of the most popular careers at Best Buy is working as a Geek Squad Agent. Geek Squad Agents are the people you go to when you need help with your technology. They provide support and services to customers who need them. Some Geek Squad positions are entry-level, so they're perfect for people who are just starting their careers. If you're interested in customer service and helping people with technology, this job is for you.

Sales associate

If you're interested in sales, working as a Best Buy sales associate is a great place to start. Sales associates help customers find the specific products they need and help them complete their purchases. They also answer questions about products and services. Best Buy sales associates strive to provide excellent customer service. If you're a people person and enjoy assisting others, consider starting your Best Buy career as a sales associate.

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Best Buy warehouse careers

Working in a Best Buy warehouse is a great way to start your career with the company. Best Buy warehouses are responsible for receiving, storing, and shipping products. They play a vital role in keeping Best Buy stores stocked with the latest products. Best Buy warehouse associates must be able to lift heavy objects and work long hours. There are several Best Buy warehouse careers that pay more than minimum wage, though this can vary depending on location and experience.

Best Buy mobile sales consultant

With the rise of mobile technology, there is a growing demand for mobile sales consultants. Mobile sales consultants work with customers to find the perfect mobile device and plan for their needs. They also provide customer service and support. Most mobile sales consultant roles are entry-level, so they're perfect for people who are just starting their careers. If you enjoy the world of sales and customer service, consider becoming a Best Buy mobile sales consultant.

Appliance delivery/installer

The Appliance Delivery and Installation team is responsible for delivering and installing large appliances in customers' homes. This team works closely with the Appliance Sales team to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. Appliance delivery/installer roles are physically demanding and require a valid driver's license. Additionally, Appliance Delivery and Installation team members must be able to lift heavy objects. If you're interested in manual labor and working with your hands, this job is for you.

Customer service representative

In an entry-level job at Best Buy, customer service representatives support customers through various channels. They may answer customer questions by phone, chat, or email. Customer service representatives also process orders and returns. A customer service representative must be able to handle customer complaints and resolve issues. Many customer service roles are available at Best Buy, so there's sure to be one that's the right fit for you.

Best Buy employee perks and benefits

While working at Best Buy, you'll enjoy a wide variety of perks and benefits. These include competitive pay, employee discounts, and paid time off. Best Buy's comprehensive benefits package includes medical, dental, and vision coverage. You'll also have access to a 401(k) plan and tuition assistance. Let's look at each of these Best Buy benefits in more detail.

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Medical insurance: Best Buy offers medical insurance to all full-time employees, covering a percentage of medical expenses. Obtaining and maintaining health insurance is important to protect yourself and your family financially.

Dental insurance: Best Buy offers dental insurance to all full-time employees, covering a percentage of dental expenses. Dental insurance can help you lower the cost of preventive care, such as teeth cleanings, and necessary treatments, such as fillings or extractions.

Vision insurance: Best Buy offers vision insurance to all full-time employees, covering a percentage of vision expenses. Vision insurance can help you with the cost of annual eye exams as well as necessary eyewear, such as glasses or contact lenses.

401(k) plan: Best Buy offers a 401(k) plan to all full-time employees. This type of retirement savings plan allows members to contribute a portion of their paycheck to an account that is invested and grows over time. When you retire, you can use the money in your 401(k) account to help cover your living expenses.

Tuition assistance: Best Buy offers tuition assistance to all full-time employees. This benefit can help you cover the tuition and fees for courses taken at an accredited college or university. Advancing in your education can help you qualify for higher-paying jobs and positions of responsibility.

Paid time off: Best Buy offers paid time off to all full-time employees. This benefit allows you to take paid time off from work for vacation, personal days, or sick days. Having paid time off is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Employee discounts: Best Buy offers employee discounts on a variety of products and services. This benefit can help you save on items that you purchase for personal use. Employee discounts are just one of the many perks that come with working at Best Buy.

As you can see, the employee benefits at Best Buy are very generous. Numerous companies offer medical and dental insurance, but Best Buy also offers vision insurance, tuition assistance, and paid time off. Additionally, all full-time employees are eligible for the 401(k) plan.

This company strives to provide a balanced and enjoyable work environment for all of its employees. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal time is important for sustaining long-term success in any career. Best Buy is definitely worth considering if you're looking for a company that offers great employee benefits.

Read our guide to learn more about the employee benefits at Best Buy.

Learn the hiring process at Best Buy

Once you decide on pursuing a career at Best Buy, the next step is to begin the job application process. You can apply for any open position on the Best Buy website. To start, you must create an account and profile. Once you complete this, you can search and apply for jobs that match your qualifications.

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Applying for a job at Best Buy is straightforward. The company uses an online application system that allows you to easily apply for multiple positions. On average, you can expect the application to take around 20 minutes to complete. If you run into any issues, you can always reach out to the Best Buy customer service team for assistance.

After submitting your application, a Best Buy recruitment team member will review it to see if you fit the role. You will be contacted to schedule an interview if your application is selected. The interview process at Best Buy typically consists of two or three interviews. The first interview is usually held via phone and is followed by an in-person interview. For some positions, like corporate or store management, you may be asked to participate in a panel interview.

After completing the interview, the Best Buy recruitment team will conduct a background check. Once the check is complete, Best Buy will contact you to discuss the next steps in the process. If there are no issues, you will receive a job offer. It's important to note that in some cases, the background check may be completed before or during the interview process.

The Best Buy background check is not intended to be a credit check; however, the company does verify your identity and employment eligibility. The background check process is important for ensuring that Best Buy hires qualified individuals capable of performing the job.

If you have a criminal record or anything that may appear on a background check, it's important to be up front about it with the Best Buy recruitment team. Being honest and transparent about your background will help the process go more smoothly and increase your chances of joining the Best Buy team.

The hiring process at Best Buy is designed to be fair and transparent. The company values diversity and inclusion and is committed to hiring individuals from all backgrounds. If you have the skill set and qualifications that Best Buy is looking for, you have a good chance of being hired.

By taking the time to understand the hiring process at Best Buy, you can increase your chances of being hired by the company. The more you know about the application process, the better prepared you will be to land the job you want.

Read more on applying for a job at Best Buy in our informative guide.

Start your Best Buy career

Best Buy is a great company to work for thanks to its many employee benefits, such as tuition assistance, paid time off, and the 401(k) plan. The company strives to create a balanced and enjoyable work environment for all of its employees. For those interested in the latest tech and newest gadgets, working at Best Buy is a dream come true. There's always something new to learn with such a wide range of products and services.

If you need help with your job search or starting a Best Buy career, check out the Getting Hired Resource Center. Jobcase's mission is to empower anyone seeking or currently in employment, and that includes job seekers at all levels of experience. You can find resources on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and more. You don't have to go at it alone. With Jobcase by your side, you're sure to find success in your job search.



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