What jobs are hiring for remote hourly positions?

Last updated: February 27, 2024
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What jobs are hiring for remote hourly positions?

The move to work from home for hourly jobs has exploded during the #Coronavirus pandemic. With a computer, phone, and internet access, you can join more than 3.3 million people who #workfromhome, and find remote hourly jobs in a number of industries. Hourly remote jobs typically average a pay range between $15 and $20 an hour. Some remote employees undergo paid online training to understand relevant systems and products.

When looking for a remote job, check the post’s requirements and job description. Are you looking for flexibility in hours? Some customer service jobs require employees to work during specific high-volume hours. On the other hand, some administrative tasks can be done any time.

You can find hourly remote work using the Jobcase job search to narrow down results. This 15 second video explains how the remote work filter works.

What employers look for in a remote worker

Employers want at-home employees who can stay focused, self-manage, and work independently with a minimum of oversight. Solid typing, attention to detail, and computer skills are also necessary in most cases, as well as GED or high school diploma. For phone-heavy jobs, a pleasant telephone persona is a must, as well as great communications skills.

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Popular remote jobs that pay hourly

Remote customer service jobs

Dozens of industries, from the medical field to #retail to pet recovery companies, rely on remote workers to fulfill customer service duties. Responsibilities may include:

  • Respond to customer service emails. These could be questions about products, where to purchase, advice on repairs, etc.
  • Resolve customer issues, or routing issues to the proper person
  • Answer customer service phone calls and collect information
  • Coordinate customer communications with other departments
  • Answer chatbot inquiries

Remote data entry jobs

These are compatible jobs if you’re good with documents and spreadsheets. Companies rely on accurate data to serve customers, forecast business, and process work.

  • Survey taker for marketing and research firms
  • Administer paperwork for professional service firms like legal, insurance, real estate, and annuities
  • Transfer data from paper or digital files into a single database
  • Update and audit data for accuracy

Remote sales jobs

Remote sales are a great way to enter the sales field and open up potentially bigger wages, commissions and bonuses with a job well done.

  • Cold call potential customers
  • Provide screen-sharing demonstration of products

Remote reservation agent jobs

Reservation requests may be made on the phone or via internet forms.

  • Schedule appointments
  • Book times at attractions, hotels
  • Book tickets for events

Click here to search hourly remote opportunities

Remote hourly jobs have opened up how workers can earn a living at a time when the jobs landscape is changing rapidly. Consider boosting your career with one of these online remote positions.

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