Top 9 Adecco benefits and most popular job positions

Last updated: April 12, 2024
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Top 9 Adecco benefits and most popular job positions
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As a job seeker, you should always take some time to research the perks and the pay rate of your potential future employer before applying for any role.

Why go through the entire application and interview process if you need certain benefits that the company doesn’t offer?

If you’re wondering about Adecco benefits, you’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss Adecco’s work culture, perks, and employee benefits information. We’ll also walk you through how you can apply for a job at Adecco.

Why work at Adecco?

Adecco is a leading name in recruitment. It’s one of the country’s top providers of staffing solutions across temp-to-hire, temporary, and permanent placements. It falls under its parent company — Adecco Group — which has around 100,000 clients globally.

With 38,000+ employees across 60 countries, Adecco Group has a great track record in helping thousands of companies recruit top talent. It has also helped millions of individuals build their careers.

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At the heart of its culture is an inclusive and entrepreneurial spirit. The team’s passion and creativity have helped them rank as one of the world’s best multinational working spaces.

At the Adecco Group, every employee’s skills and attributes are respected. They're also committed to employee development and provide tools and opportunities for staff members to unlock their potential and improve their career growth.

To develop the skills of its workforce, the company imparts relevant training to groups of job seekers, such as placing young people into the workforce or providing new opportunities to retired athletes.

Adecco Staffing is an equal opportunity employer committed to seeking qualified candidates regardless of origin, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetics, or veteran status.

When do Adecco’s corporate benefits start?

All employees on the Adecco payroll have access to a range of benefits as soon as they begin a role with the company.

Those who sign up for a temp contract via Adecco will also get access to its fantastic benefits package. These benefits include a preventive medical and dental insurance plan, life and health insurance, and free skills training.

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You'll also receive the following:

  • Vision insurance

  • A prescription drug savings plan

  • 401(k)

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Paid holidays

  • Annual service bonus potential

  • Free career counseling

No matter which business function you work in or your contract type (permanent, contractor, or temporary), you can be assured that you’ll receive the same benefits from day one.

Top 9 Adecco benefits to be aware of

As a top-rated recruiter, Adecco has a generous array of perks for those who the company employs.

The company benefits are designed to keep the employee’s well-being and development at heart, as you’ll see from the list below.

1. Pensions

Every Adecco associate will receive a contribution towards their pension.

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If the employee is between 22 and the state pension age, has worked with the company for three months, and/or earns an income that needs to be taxed, they’ll be automatically enrolled in the company’s pension scheme.

2. Eyecare vouchers

Adecco gets that working for hours at a stretch can strain its employees’ vision. This is why they offer free eye care vouchers to all employees and associates, along with payment toward glasses if required.

3. Employee assistance program

To encourage a healthy work-life balance, all associates can get free, confidential advice from Legal and General over an independent telephone service.

Certified counselors are available 24/7 to discuss matters of stress, grief, or legal advice, as needed by employees. They also have access to 500+ online factsheets and resources.

4. Perks at work discount

To make the most of their lives outside work, discount vouchers that cover fun days out or retail therapy are offered to all employees at any time.

5. Extensive network

Since the Adecco network is spread across many countries and territories and across diverse sectors and specialisms, they have access to a wide network of people and opportunities.

So, whether you want a remote job or a role in a specific location, the company can always connect employees so they can help them find a suitable role that fits what they're looking for.

6. Work from home

Several of Adecco Group’s in-house positions are remote or have the option to work remotely.

Work-from-home jobs often lead to a great work-life balance for employees where they’re able to have a fulfilling career and contribute at home.

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Furthermore, remote job options make it possible for people from around the world to work for this company.

Interested in working from home? Here’s a list of the top 12 highest-paying WFH jobs.

7. Education and skill development

Adecco wants its employees to thrive within their careers. Thus, the company offers training options to many of its workers.

Development opportunities include the HIT program and Adecco Academy, aimed at furthering the skills of Adecco employees.

In some instances, the company may also offer tuition reimbursement when employees pursue education to advance their abilities and expertise for the benefit of the company.

8. Advancement opportunity

Several careers at Adecco Group offer employees the chance to step into senior roles. For example, recruitment consultants can advance to senior recruitment consultant positions — which involve more responsibility and higher pay.

Similarly, employees can step into management positions. For example, HR consultants have the chance to work their way up to HR manager roles.

Advancement is based on several factors, including:

  • Amount of years the employee has been with the company

  • Employee work deliverables

  • Employee experience and skills

9. Competitive pay

On average, Adecco employees earn around $17.50 per hour.

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However, many positions, such as technical recruiters and program managers, can earn close to double the average salary.

Here are some popular Adecco Group jobs you can apply for if you want to become part of its team.

Sales consultant

Sales consultants are responsible for selling the company’s services by creating pitches, talking to clients and candidates, and fostering good relationships.

As a sales consultant, your day will be filled with calls and emails from and to potential clients and candidates. You’ll need to provide them with outstanding service and be adept at communicating the company’s services.

To excel at this position, you’ll need to be great at multitasking and should also be good at research and administration.

Account manager

Account managers are in charge of making sure all departments meet clients’ needs and expectations. Some of their duties include handling customer complaints, finding appropriate solutions, and fostering positive relationships between different parties within the company.

To get this job, you’ll need experience working in recruitment. You’ll also need strong relationship-building skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

In addition to a great salary and additional employee benefits, this position also makes it possible for you to have a long-term career with the company since there are many advancement opportunities.

IT analyst

IT analysts are responsible for taking care of technology requirements for better customer and company experiences. Some of their duties include looking at user requirements, doing system upgrades, and researching new tools.

Some of the top skills for this position include analytical thinking, the ability to understand business needs, research skills, and problem-solving abilities.

To qualify for this position, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. You also need experience working as a technical analyst.

Client delivery supervisor

Client delivery supervisors oversee and facilitate the activities of the delivery team and serve as the primary client contact onsite. Some of their duties include supervising the delivery team, aligning deliverables with client objectives, creating joint partnerships, and more.

Some of the skills that’ll make you stand out as an ideal candidate include organizational, time management, communication, and customer service.

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To qualify for this position, you need a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2–5 years working in the service provider industry.

Business development consultant

Business development consultants are responsible for helping Adecco identify weaknesses and determine solutions.

Some of their duties include sourcing and creating pipelines and generating interest in the candidate market. They also need to look at market trends and deliver business proposals.

The ideal candidate for this position will be able to handle a heavy workload, work well under pressure, and be excellent at time management. They’ll also need to be willing to work extended hours when necessary.


Recruiters are responsible for scoping out top talent and bridging the gap between people and job opportunities. Some of your duties may include taking candidates through the recruitment process, collaborating with managers on recruitment strategies, and more.

To be a great candidate for this position, you need excellent communication, problem-solving, and people skills. You’ll also need a bachelor’s degree and be proficient in Microsoft Office.

There are remote and in-office recruiter positions available. If you get the job, you’ll be equipped with the technology, training, and tools you need to succeed.

How to apply for a job at Adecco?

Applying for a job at Adecco is a simple and hassle-free process.

You have two choices:

1. Apply for a job on Adecco’s website

Head over to the Careers section on the Adecco website to browse through a list of open roles across the various categories and also by location.

You can then register with the company using your email address and simply follow the application process to apply for a chosen open position.

2. Apply on Jobcase’s job board

Simply head to the Jobcase search tool to check out the latest opportunities at Adecco Group. You can also customize your search by distance, experience level, remote and more!

If searching for a job on Jobcase’s job board, you are not limited to searching at just one company. Jobcase makes it easy to search other companies offering similar positions.

For example, if you’re interested in a customer service agent position, you can type it into the search bar alongside your location and find other similar jobs near you.

Ready to apply for a role at Adecco?

We hope you found the information useful and that you’re now in a better position to get started with the application process.

To search and apply for Adecco jobs right away, head here to the job search tool.

Also, have a look at our resource center, where you’ll find useful resume, job search, and workplace information.



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