A new way to observe Memorial Day

Last updated: May 29, 2024
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A new way to observe Memorial Day
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Times are undoubtedly stressful, and the holidays and moments we normally celebrate now feel completely different. Before #Coronavirus, spending time with your family wasn’t considered a luxury, and going to the grocery store didn’t require masks and a bucket of hand sanitizer. This is why NOW is more important than ever to make a little time to take care of yourself.

So, how do you take a holiday when there is nowhere to go?

Ways to observe the holiday while social distancing

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend consists of cookouts, parades, flag ceremonies, and other public celebrations to honor the brave men and women of the Armed Forces. Though the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting a lot of our social endeavors, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful weekend. Here are some ways to celebrate and take the holiday you deserve!

Create your own drive-in theater

Pick a new movie or an old classic to watch, grab an old bedsheet, a projector (like this one from Amazon), some blankets, pillows, and snacks and you’ll have all the necessities for a fantastic cozy movie night!

Run a virtual marathon

If you are one of those motivated individuals who celebrate special occasions by running a race (good for you!), you can complete one on your own! The Virtual Run Challenge is hosting a 21K race this weekend that can be completed wherever you want. Learn more here!

Learn more about our country

Although museums and walking tours are closed to the public right now, many are offering virtual tours and exhibitions! Some include a virtual 360 tour of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Virginia estate, the National Museum of American History and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

Have virtual experiences

Although traveling by plane is not possible right now due to the Coronavirus, Airbnb is now offering a variety of AMAZING and affordable virtual experiences. You can learn and explore new things with others from all over the world, all while never leaving home!

Camp in the backyard

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend like being outdoors! If you’re able to consider pitching a tent in the backyard with some cozy blankets and pillows to create a “staycation.” A change of scenery will do you good! You can even light a small fire in your grill or fire pit to cook dinner and toast marshmallows to make s’mores for dessert!

Remember self care

Want a more laid back way to celebrate? Let’s a look at what members of Jobcase are saying about self-care, how they are doing it, and how important it is!

Angie Williams

It is important to know how to love yourself also. Then is when others feel the care,respect,love you carry in your heart! Being well balanced with yourself and your neighbors and community in general is a goal to be proud of. Here's to love!

Brett Carter

I wake up take a shower, make some breakfast, take my medication to start my day and that makes me feel good about myself.

Jerry Swank

This is far more important then some-(including me) people realize. To trully have that genuine agape love for our brothers & sisters we have to start w/a mutual love & respect for our own lives and bodys. L♡ve is a decision. A daily commitment betd

Ford Simpson

I'm reading books that have nothing to do with this predicament. My getting lost for awhile is very relaxing. I think I will continue this even after the virus is gone. I do miss people smiling as we cover up to keep each other safe, but I will manage and listen to their beautiful laughter. Stay safe and sound good people,many others are depending on you, Ford

How are YOU celebrating this upcoming Memorial Day weekend?



Michael Carvalho
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Owner of Fabriclean Inc.

Taking the time to spend a special day with family. Connecting with each other and finding out how they are holding up? With so much negativity going around with people loosing family and friends, this is something positive you can do also?

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